Masters in Management / MSc in Management courses – top schools

Masters in Management Admissions Masters in Management programs are meant for recent graduates with little/no work experience Masters in Management programs are excellent alternatives to an MBA for people who wish to gain management education right after their bachelor’s. These programs are designed for applicants with little or no work experience, and offer participants the […]

Why an MBA? The true value of an MBA education

Why an MBA? Not very long ago, an MBA used to be considered a quintessential part of one’s education (especially in India and even the larger South Asian region). A bachelor’s degree was a mere formality – an MBA was the education that really decided what you became, how well you did in life, and […]

Top MBA Interview tips

Top MBA Interview Preparation tips MBA interviews for admissions are always important affairs – the candidate knows that a strong performance at this juncture will mean a sure admission, while an unconvincing one will mean the end of the road this time round. Here, then, are five critical errors we have seen candidates make over […]