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If you thought getting a master’s degree abroad is remarkable, what would you think of a person who has signed up for the ride all over again? genius right? Spurthi Joglekar’s story so far is nothing short of inspiring. Her academic caliber, the brilliant work experience and the strong drive to make a difference in this world makes her strive harder. A brief look at her profile allows us a peek into the mind of someone who is not only bright but has been able to use that brilliance to pursue a passion as well. With a keen interest in infrastructure and sustainable businesses, she has always hoped that she can find creative solutions to global problems. While she could have pursued the same interests after a bachelor’s civil engineering degree from VJTI- University of Mumbai, she chose to strengthen her hold over the subject with a master of science- Civil Engineering degree from University of Illinois, USA. And then came the MBA Course ISB PGP second Masters.

Spurthi Joglekar: An unending thirst for knowledge

Sphurti-JoglekarSpurthi had continually impressed with her academics beginning in school where she not only stood second but also picked up awards under the ‘State Talent Search’ as well.

A gut feeling that her interests lay in engineering with a focus on civil infrastructure projects saw her enter VJTI, University of Mumbai. Her experiences in the social and cultural clubs that organized several events were what triggered her interest in this field.

Presenting a paper and winning an award for ‘green buildings’ during a seminar on sustainability was one of the crucial points that decided her future in the field.

Her consistent exceptional performance in academics made her an exceptional candidate for scholarships such as the Ratan Tata Scholarship (all four years) and Rotary Club Scholarship.

Making a mark in your field is critical if you would like to differentiate yourself! Understanding this well, Spurthi applied and got through to one of the best universities in the US for civil engineering- University of Illinois, Urbana, Champaign (Ranked #2 (in Civil Engineering) for the year 2018 as per the

Getting accepted into the school was great news for her as it presented an opportunity to reimagine engineering and come up with ground-breaking ideas that could eventually shape the world.

Getting a different perspective from what she was used is what she looked forward to and she grabbed it with both her hands!

Spurthi worked as a Graduate Research Assistant for Illinois State Water Survey and State Farm during her time at the University of Illinois, and this helped her to gather the necessary understanding of applications and concepts that work in the real world.

A key turning point in her journey was the job with PwC. Spending almost 4 years, lapping up experiences of successfully dealing with large companies as clients, leading teams to victory in creating apps all the while engaging in projects that promote sustainability is what convinced her she was on the right track.

Need to go beyond:

The three plus years that Spurthi spent in PwC was a period where she learned to use the technology she had learned about and she considered this time engaging and fruitful.

As spent her time as a Senior Associate in the Consumer and Industries Products and Services sector of the company, she found that the sector was undergoing immense changes in several areas which included digital transformation, innovative business models, fresh entrants to the market and evolving customer expectations to name just a few.

The big clients that she interfaced with constantly expected unique and creative solutions to the challenges faced by them. She met every challenge with enthusiasm and dedication accomplishing the goals set for her.

While she always felt that she was on the right track to gaining the experiences that are positively bound to shape her future roles, she realized that she seriously lacked the experience of being part of the business world.

Her lack of knowledge of the business side of organizations was holding her back and an MBA degree would be the final piece of the puzzle!


Her work experience at PwC exposed her to the booming economies of India and China through her clients. Apart from collaborating with clients in this area, she led teams that handled complex Data Conversion tasks and Software Development Processes successfully for them.

Business strategy held an attraction as this tied in very well with the knowledge and experience she possessed. Showing an inclination to work in this region, she naturally began to explore the best business schools in the area.

ISB business school has continued to impress with course specializations that are distinct and relevant. Also, ISB has over the years managed to crawl up the rankings with better career progression numbers and a great alumni network all of which seemed immensely attractive to Spurthi.

A degree from here also meant that she could use the experience and skill she had gained to provide sustainable and innovative solutions to the businesses in India.

Spurthi definitely had the academic brilliance and her involvement in several social and cultural clubs displayed her ability to lead and work very well in diverse teams. Bringing people together is a talent and one that Spurthi has developed to ensure that the toughest goals are attained without the slightest hitch.

What was going to be a challenge was to convince the school about the reasons why she would be a great fit for the school, why she needed a second master’s and how it will help her achieve the goals she had set for herself.

GyanOne’s expertise in handling all kinds of ISB applications is what brought her to them. Having a solid background of a bachelor’s and a master’s degree can make things more difficult as it is important that you define your future goals and aspirations as clearly as possible.

Sitting down with the best MBA consultants of GyanOne, she was able to construct an application that not only highlighted all the important aspects of her profile but one that defined her aspirations and the reasons for getting a second master’s degree.

You cannot but be inspired by this lovely story that is nowhere near the end. As she is completing her ISB MBA degree, wishing her tons of success in storming the business world with her creative ideas and being the change that she has always wanted to be!


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