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Like most IITians, Sudeep Reddy is someone who likes to get technical about his work. Very technical. So technical, that his first ISB essay drafts discussed how he had worked on “PBR2 and PP4 plants” to replace electromechanical relays in a large Reliance factory. This was excellent work, but it was too technical. Additionally, this was just ten days before the ISB R2 deadline of Nov 30, 2013. Sudeep’s friend (and a former client of ours, Bhargav Lingamneni), who had successfully made it to ISB with us in R1 of the same cycle, recommended GyanOne to Sudeep to help him bring out the best elements in his profile.

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ISB Admission Process: What Really Matters?

Sudeep is an accomplished student and professional. He finished in the top 1000 of the phenomenally competitive IITJEE, won wide acclaim for his work at Reliance, and was promoted much ahead of others who joined with him.

Yet he felt that he had few differentiated experiences that could help him stand apart from the crowd for ISB.Working with Sudeep, we found that he did have the stories, but struggled at truly highlighting them.

He was also way too technical, focusing on the parametric outcomes of his efforts rather than the big picture. Finally, Sudeep felt that he needed to state his career goals broadly rather than specifically.

We cautioned him against this approach and encouraged him to instead speak about his specific plans for his career ahead and how ISB fit into them.Over the next ten days, Sudeep worked closely with GyanOne in bringing out the best qualities in his profile.

He clearly highlighted his substantial academic successes, and his struggles and outstanding efforts in achieving them. He wrote about his career progression, his achievements at work, and how they led him to envision a larger goal which ISB was best positioned to help him achieve.

He spoke of an outstanding accomplishment at work, bringing out not only his technical acumen, but also the story of how he brought in innovation to accomplish a difficult task well.

This was truly Sudeep’s profile speaking out, and calling to ISB. The rest, as they say, is history. Sudeep is now a proud member of the ISB Class of 2015. We at GyanOne revel in his success, and wish him only the very best for the future. We know that this gutsy IITian will go places!


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