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If you have landed on this page, you certainly have struggled to answer at least one of these questions:

MBA or MiM?

I am an engineer, and don’t understand Finance, will I be able to complete a management degree?

How is an MiM different from an MBA?

What will I learn from an MBA without experience?

Do I work for 2 more years and then get an MBA?

I have never lived abroad, will I be comfortable in an international setting?

Don’t overthink these questions. A simple answer to all of the above is: Yes. An MiM at a top B-school IS YOUR TICKET TO A FAST-TRACK CAREER IN BUSINESS LEADERSHIP. It would provide you a once in a lifetime experience, great work opportunities, wide exposure to technologies and international trends, and (not to be missed), an early kickstart to your career in the world of business. Go and get help with best MBA Essay Writing Consultants!

How do we help you

We do not beat around the bush. We make sure we give you all the help you need (and more) for MiM Essay Editing! You will be working with people who have 10+ years of admissions consulting experience, and 20+ years of overall professional experience, and are graduates of top notch schools such as MIT. We have not only been there, and done that, but we have helped over a thousand applicants to reach their dreams too.

We will begin with a deep assessment of your profile, and move on to detailed brainstorming sessions.
In this first session itself, you will find the insights begin to flow. You will understand what top MiM programs are looking for, and how to make a better fit with it.
Subsequently, you will also understand how to bring out specific elements of your profile to overcome weaknesses, and how to express crystal-clear career goals.
You will get extensive help on creating a recommendation strategy. Your resume is reviewed multiple times to make it one which makes the admissions committee go ‘wow!’.


We at GyanOne, have been pioneers and leader in MiM Essay Editing and Admissions Consulting, helping hundreds of applicants make it to HEC, LBS, ESSEC, ESCP, LSE, St. Gallen, Duke (MMS), and Ross








No matter which domain you are from and what your concern is, we will crack it!

We have helped applicants from different educational backgrounds (Engineering / IT / Commerce / Business / Arts)

We have made applicants overcome weak academics, weak test scores, and weak initial storylines

We have devised the most innovative ways to define fit with the MiM programs, and awesome career goals for all our champs

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A lot of crucial things in life depend on your career and this is one big step to build it right. We look forward to make it a reality!


You are different and so is your story. Lets create awesomeness together


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