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An INSEAD MBA pays off professionally and personally for the rest of your life. The 10-month program cultivates successful, intelligent leaders and businessmen who add value to their organisations and communities. No other business school offers such a multicultural experience, with three completely integrated campuses in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and over 80 different nationalities in the classroom. The university’s alumni frequently state that their time at INSEAD changed their lives forever. On the other hand, pursuing an MBA is a significant time and financial investment that applicants must carefully assess and plan for.

Early in the application process, you should think about your financial and funding choices, including savings, loans, or scholarships. Though you are ultimately responsible for supporting your year at INSEAD, the University’s MBA Financial Assistance Department can help you organise your financing for the course. The tuition fee for the July Class is set each year in December. In June, the costs for the December Session are announced. The cost of tuition for the August 2022 intake is € 91,225. ​​The fees for the intake in January 2023 are € 92,575. The fees must be paid in installments. All printed course materials, access to the INSEAD library, on-campus technology services, language tuition and running tests*, student election cost, gym membership, promotional items, printing, and health insurance are all covered by tuition fees.


INSEAD Scholarships

The mission of INSEAD is to attract the smartest and brightest students, irrespective of their background or financial circumstances. If pursuing a top-ranked MBA program has always been a desire, the university is more than willing to guide you through the process. INSEAD has increased its scholarship money in the last three years, allowing it to award larger grants to more students. There are around 90 different types of scholarships available for both campuses.

You can apply for one of three types of scholarships:

  • Need-based scholarships
  • Non-need based (awarded based on nationality, professional background, leadership abilities, or any combination of these criteria)
  • Spot scholarships are awarded immediately without the need for applications based on exceptional admissions profiles. 


  • Scholarships for Women

INSEAD quality education would help develop gender diversity in the workplace and thus started this particular funding system. The INSEAD MBA Scholarships for Women are designed to encourage female professionals to earn a world-class MBA and boost the proportion of women in management positions. The University is dedicated to providing world-class MBA degrees to outstanding women professionals and increasing female representation in business leadership roles.

  • Leadership Scholarship

The Leadership Scholarships are designed to cultivate and appreciate INSEAD’s mission of training the world’s best and brightest. These scholarships are given to candidates who have proved the quality of their achievements and whose experiences, career orientation, and personal profiles will provide a new and unique perspective to INSEAD and their future communities as INSEAD graduates. INSEAD looks for candidates who can exhibit their leadership potential.

  • Social Impact Scholarship

The Social Impact Scholarships honour applicants who have shown a solid commitment to social entrepreneurship and the capacity to develop ways to benefit society.

  • Scholarships For African Students

These African Student Scholarships give access to education to bright African students. It aspires to bring the top talent from the African continent to INSEAD while maintaining the school’s unique diversity.

  • Merit Scholarships

Merit scholarships are awarded to exceptional candidates who achieve academically and have outstanding leadership characteristics.

  • Financial Need Scholarships

Financial need scholarships are awarded to deserving students who require financial assistance to attend INSEAD’s MBA program and optimise their educational potential. It helps exceptional students with limited financial resources pursue their dream of earning an MBA from one of the world’s top management schools.

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Under this funding, INSEAD offers a lot of options for Global Funding to their applicants:

  • Lendwise

Students in full-time programs who are authorised for a Lendwise loan will be eligible for a time frame during which repayment can begin after graduation. The provided interest rate is moderate, set for the whole term of the loan, and will be determined by the overall application profile. To apply, you must have been offered admission to an INSEAD program. The entire application process takes place online.

  • Brian Capital

Two MBA graduates from the Class of 2017 brought Brain Capital to INSEAD and have helped over 5,000 students in the last decade. Tuition fees are repaid entirely based on your income, giving you the most flexibility in your future job and life choices. Additionally, you will receive individualised career assistance both before and after graduation. It is possible to finance all of your tuition and living expenses.

  • Juno

Juno (previously LeverEdge) is a student loan collective bargaining organisation. They work with lenders to offer a special rate to US citizens and international students. Tuition loans are available, but not accommodation costs. The university does not charge any amount or in-kind compensation.

  • Prodigy Loan

In 2007, three INSEAD MBA grads founded Prodigy Finance. Their novel approach provides loans to overseas postgraduate students at top business institutions. Alumni and other investors profit from their community platform, while students have access to quality education that they could not otherwise finance.

  • MPower Financing

MPower Financing offers students from all around the world no-guarantor loans. MPower, founded by two INSEAD alumni – provides loans based on future career prospects, and students will prove themselves. Non-French students who have been accepted into an INSEAD degree program and need financial support can apply for MPower funding. Candidates must begin their studies at the INSEAD Europe campus. Only tuition loans are available.

  • StepEx

StepEx is the only FCA-regulated issuer of Future Earnings Agreements, or “FEAs,” – it allows the students to defer returning their education costs until they reach a certain income level. Your installments will be calculated as a percentage of your earnings over five years, with a maximum return cap. This type of financing is currently only available to UK and EU passport holders.

  • Edbridg

Edbridg named one of the most attractive student financing options by Forbes magazine in 2020, invests in students’ future success to let them pursue their selected track freely and be safeguarded in an unforeseen professional event. Students pay a defined proportion of their earnings for a set length of time once they are employed in exchange for this investment.


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