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“They say that love is more important than money. Have you ever tried paying your bills with a hug?’ It is true, isn’t it! (Un)fortunately, we live in a world where money matters!

The Poets and Quants list of the 88 top undergraduate business schools with best job placements in the year 2018 has over 50 colleges that report a 90% (or more) success rate in placements (placements within 3 months of graduation). Most other courses such as Arts, History, Design, Architecture or Social Sciences do not come close to these kinds of numbers. For instance, McCombs Business School in Texas reported a 99.6% employment rate for their undergraduate class of 2018.

What differentiates the successful undergraduate programs from those lower in the list is the fact that they have already worked hard to put in a solid career support department. So, strong guidance combined with the right opportunities will ensure that you are well on your way to finding the perfect employment.

One of the things that will work in your favor when you are looking for employment is ‘real-time experience’. This is where internships play a big role. Generally, the colleges that insist on an internship(s) show better promise when it comes to opportunities that are converted into full-time employment positions.

Ranking of business colleges based on their programs

Here’s a list of some reputed business colleges that are ranked by the strength of their business programs.

SnoRank in Business Programs CollegesTuition CostsAverage Salary
11 U Penn$55,584$66,100
32University of California: Berkeley Haas$43,232$64,300
44University of Michigan: Ross$49,350$61,900
55New York University: Stern$51,828$57,400
66Carnegie Mellon University$55,465$71,600
76University of Texas- Austin$37,480$56,800
88University of North Carolina$35,169$49,600
98University of Virginia$48,891$59,600
1010Cornell University$55,188$65,000
1110Indiana University, Bloomington$35,456$49,700
1210University of Notre Dam$53,391$62,700
1310University of Southern California$56,225$58,100

Source: US News

Performance: Undergraduate business schools placements in 2018


  1. University of Pennsylvania, Wharton:  Upenn features quite prominently on the list of undergraduate business schools with best job placements. Wharton hardly needs an introduction as the reputation precedes its name. With 20+ concentrations available, students can pick from Accounting, Finance, Business Analytics, and Marketing or explore areas such as Entrepreneurship Innovation or Multinational Management. Further, Business Economics and Policy is also available as a major. Additionally, students can customize their concentration based on a specific interest too. 90.9% of those who graduated from the 2018 class were fully employed and $ 80,354 was the reported median salary. As regards placements, here’s a quick look at a few relevant numbers:
  • Goldman Sachs employed the highest number of graduates- 20
  • JP Morgan Chase and Co along with Mc Kinsey & Co. come in second by recruiting 17.
  • The industry that topped the list of the number of graduates hired, was Investment Banking at 31.3%.
  • 9% of the graduates received their offer of employment through the Career Services Resources.
  • undergraduate business schools with best job placements


2. MIT: You can choose to major in Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Management or Finance here at MIT. The college is well-known as a hub of innovation and this differentiates the students from other colleges. It has a strong reputation among undergraduate business schools with best job placements.

For instance, the Career Advising and Professional Development Office (CAPD) helps you lap up valuable experience through internships, externships, Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) and numerous counseling sessions for placements.

Companies such as Boston Consulting Group, Accenture, Bain & Company, and JP Morgan feature on the list of recruiters. As a result, 86.9% of the class of 2017 completed internships successfully and 91.9% of them completed the UROP program as well. 34.3% of the undergraduates confirmed that their internships led to full-time job offers.


3. University of California, Berkeley: A Bachelor’s in Business Administration, MET program (Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology) or the Global Management program is sure to prepare you for an illustrious career no matter which one you choose.

For instance, with $77,028 as the average salary, the class of 2018 is proof of the solid start you can get with the top-class placements. 86% percent of the graduates accepted job offers within 3 months of graduation. Of this, 24% of the graduating class was absorbed into the consulting industry. Ernst & Young, The Walt Disney Company, Accenture, Wells Fargo, and numerous other well-known names constantly feature on the recruiter’s list.


4. University of Michigan-Ross: Boasting of impressive names such as PepsiCo, P&G, Google, and Bloomingdales, the graduates are spoilt for choice during placements! For example, 98% of the graduates of the class of 2018 have been accepted into full-time employment.

Out of this, the highest – 40.9% have been picked in the financial sector. The median base salary of the graduates in 2018 was $72,000. They boast of a solid Career Development Office which provides support right from perfecting your resume to accepting the right offer.


5. New York University- Stern: Stern was one of the earliest business schools to offer an undergraduate course in Business Studies. The college is located in a vibrant, diverse and dynamic city and that adds to the experience of the students. An entire semester is devoted to honing your practical skills in a foreign country/company. They attempt to clearly differentiate themselves from the other undergraduate business schools with best job placement.

The office of student engagement works to explore possible career paths while preparing you for a dream career through Stern-talks or professional networking sessions. The graduates of 2018 (98% placed in full-time employment within 6 months of graduation) have been placed in Estee Lauder, Facebook, Loreal, Pfizer, and Blackstone to name a few. Placement numbers for 2018 reveal that the mean annual starting salary was $80,234.


6. Carnegie Mellon: Carnegie constantly features names such as Chevron, Daimler, Apple, Facebook, and Salesforce during placements or recruitment drives. There is a certain recognition for the preparedness of the graduating students and that is reflected in the starting salaries. For instance, the average starting salary of the class of 2018 is $77,481. Out of 125 graduating students, 103 have been placed in full-time employment.


7. University of Texas- Austin, Mc Combs: Texas Mc Combs has a world-class BBA program for business studies. Apart from offering numerous options for majors, this program is well-known for the placements and the opportunities that they create for their graduates. The career services department is ranked number 2 by Business Week. Students part of this program are expected to complete 2-3 internships on an average which leaves them better prepared to take on the corporate world.

A closer look at the numbers reveals that graduates draw impressive salaries on employment. For instance, the Business Honor Program graduates reported an average salary of $76,631 and those with a finance major drew $ 71,042. The same for MIS and Science/Technology Management majors were $72,387 and $65,152 respectively. This university has therefore been gradually climbing the ranks as far as undergraduate business schools with best job placements are concerned.


8. University of North Carolina: It is important to leverage your undergraduate degree to find the start you need in the industry. This is the kind of a start that the Kenan-Flagler business school offers for its students. Extensive, year-around preparatory events such as workshops, fairs and talks provide all the support and coaching you need. In this case, 97% of the job-seeking students were able to find desired full-time employment. The average salary for the class of 2018 was reported as $66,667.


9. University of Virginia, McIntire School of Commerce: A Bachelor’s in Commerce here prepares you well and beyond for a career in today’s competitive marketplace. For instance, 98% of the graduating class of 2018 have been fully employed. The average annual base salary as reported for the same year was $75,068.


10.Indiana University, Bloomington: According to Bloomberg Businessweek, recruiters rank this college number 1. There are many reasons for the same. Firstly, the undergraduate career services host fairs and on-campus recruiting to ensure that every student is provided with the right opportunities. Secondly, P&G; Deloitte; Whirlpool Corporation; Salesforce; Citigroup, Abercrombie & Fitch are just some of the names in the long list of recruiters. As a result, 95% of the graduates from the class of 2018 reported full-time employment.  The total average starting salary for the graduating students (all specializations) of 2018 was $62,849.


11. University of Notre Dame-Mendoza College of Business: The undergraduate program offered by this college is unique as the classes are designed to be small and focused. Also, the Career Services Department works with the students to improve their profile while helping them showcase their skills adequately. Furthermore, students can choose from Accounting, Finance, Business Analytics or Technology, Management Consulting, and Marketing as majors.

As a result, they have great placement numbers to display. The full-time employment is at 81% for the class of 2018 while 12% of the class has signed up for further education. The median starting salary of those successfully employed was $65,000. AIG, Amazon, PwC, Boeing and many other ‘fortune 500’ companies frequently recruit from this college.


12. Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina: A fast-paced, real-world understanding of the business world is promised when you sign up for the undergraduate program here. For instance, Operations and Supply Management; Accounting; International Business; Risk Management and Insurance, are the majors offered. Further, Poets and Quants rank this school at number 6 for Return of Investment. As far as numbers go, the average starting salary for the graduating class of 2018 is $56,089.

How does your college fare when compared to other undergraduate business schools with best job placements?

A dedicated department is bound to be the difference between finding the right breaks and getting stuck in false starts. Therefore, one of the things that graduates must investigate well before they sign up for a program is the career services department of the college.

Above all, it is important to develop personally and professionally. This is only possible when you have the right guidance in the form of counselors and guidance coaches.

Another aspect that indicates a good career service department is the kind of companies that they are able to rope in for the recruitment drives. So, a quick look at the employment numbers of the previous years will give you an idea of how well the college was able to showcase the talents and readiness of the students.

Check out the alumni network to understand the support you can get from this community. A good alumni community boosts the confidence of the students while opening up several possible avenues.

Do your work and find the best college to help you soar!


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