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MBA Scholarships for UAE Students in Europe, US and Asia

The highest proportion of millennial entrepreneurs can be found in the middle east and studies on more than 2800 business owners in this region suggests that this region has the youngest average age for entrepreneurs- 26 years! This is a hungry generation working hard and significantly longer hours than their counterparts in the world to make a mark in the world. MBA Scholarships for UAE Students in Europe, US and Asia does help students aid their studies abroad in top business schools. Several big business schools in Europe are contributing to this trend as MBA continues to remain one of the best ways to forward your career or set up your own business. The demand for innovative organizations and the need for an internal diversification in order to modernize, sustain and prosper, works well for the MBA graduates looking for job opportunities in the Kuwait region says Faisal Al Amro (who also holds an MBA degree from one of the European Business Schools) co-founder of Pioneers Consulting and Technology.

So, how do students pick the right schools for themselves? While ranking plays a part, tuition fees, financial aid and/or scholarships make a big difference in the decision. So, what kind of MBA Scholarships for UAE Students in Europe, US and Asia can be expected ?

As per the financial times ranking of top European schools for the year 2017, here’s a list of the top schools in Europe.


  1. London Business School: Covering more than 90 business schools, the Financial Times has ranked European business schools based on their MBA program and London Business School in right on top of that list. Their emphasis on a flexible, rigorous and global experience makes them quite popular in the UAE region. They have a wonderful and expanding program in Dubai as well and this school which attracts several people from the middle east. Bader Al Kharafi is a strong example of how a business school degree from a reputed school such as LBS can play a vital role in building and shaping your career. Armed with an MBA from LBS, he has progressed from being a board member to becoming the Vice Chairman and Group CEO of the conglomerate ZAIN Group in Kuwait.

Financial constraints and other challenges can be conquered by looking for scholarships. There are several categories and options as far as aid is concerned and the best scholarship options available to those from the Middle Eastern region are

  • London Business School EMBA Dubai Scholarships are open to Dubai nationals and it offers a partial funding and the amount so available is $109,500.
  • Santander Scholarships are awarded for citizens of UAE apart from other mentioned countries. The award can range up to 5,000 £
  1. HEC Paris: The work that the HEC Foundation does has resulted in increased opportunities for students from the developing countries, especially the middle east. Over1,000,000 in € are available in aid through scholarships, grants and fellowships.
  • EIFFEL scholarships are available to all students of Non-French nationalities and it provides a monthly allowance of 1,100 € under this scholarship.
  1. IE Business School:The main draw at this school are students showing an inclination towards entrepreneurship. The school attracts students from several nationalities and this makes it one of the most diverse and global programs in Europe. Ranked number 3, they offer more than 30 scholarships with a total value of 15,000,000 € every year. More than 57% of such scholarships are being offered to women. Their scholarships can be classified as IE scholarships and corporate scholarships which have been initiated in collaboration with corporate partners.
  • The Middle East and Africa Scholarships are offered with an aim to increase representation from such countries.
  1. INSEAD: There are several scholarships that are being offered by INSEAD thanks to the 5 Million plus funds that are available for such scholarships and aid. This includes both need-based and merit-based scholarships awarded by the school every year. The scholarships range from € 10,000 to € 20,000. Watch the clip to know more about INSEAD MBA Program Financing.

Some of the best scholarship options for students coming from the middle eastern region are

  • The INSEAD Jacques Nasser Endowed Leadership Scholarship is offered to candidates from the Middle East. Hoping to promote inspiring leaders in the Middle East, this scholarship provides an amount of € 10,000 for
  • INSEAD Middle East Scholarship Group offers a scholarship to deserving candidates from this region and the value of such an aid can vary between € 10,000 to € 25,000.
  1. IMD, Switzerland: Students from the developing countries can take advantage of the financial support that is offered by schools such as these in terms of both merit and need-based scholarships. While some can be applied for throughout the year, some of them are allocated during admissions. The scholarships range from 10,000 CHF to 50,000 CHF for women and students from developing countries. See how IMD provide scholarships to students from all over the world
  • Diversity scholarships which hold a value of 30,000 CHF will be awarded to applicants from the Middle East region amongst several other mentioned countries.
  • Emerging markets scholarships that range between 20,000-60,000 CHF will be awarded to citizens of a developing country with outstanding academic records and a steady career progression
  1. Cambridge Judge Business School: This business school has a distinctive entrepreneurial culture with a focus on experiential learning. Being one of the oldest institutions in Cambridge London, this school attracts students from all around the world.
  1. Oxford University- Said Business School: With 92% of the 334 students in the 2018 MBA class being international, this diversity combined with their curriculum and the ability to shape individuals into inspiring leaders attracts students from all countries. Several scholarships are offered by them both- financial and need-based.
  • A sum of up to £ 15,000 is available for students coming from the Middle Eastern regions. What is required for approval of such scholarship is candidates who show leadership skills and professional achievement in areas within this region. Also, they should display a commitment to working in the region.

UAE scholarships


The US needs no introduction when it comes to business schools as it has done an incredible job of positioning business schools as the best brands.

The MBA degrees offered by several of these globally known and prestigious institutions promise to catapult careers which makes them popular.

Over 60% of the applicants to business schools in the US are from the international community. However, things seemed a little uncertain from the time Donald Trump has taken over as President of the US.

There have been a few apprehensions about the number of applications to top business schools from the Middle Eastern region, however, things have settled down as a result of some clarity on immigration policies.

Scholarships at the top business schools in the US pertaining to Middle Eastern students:

  1. Harvard: Harvard business school is known as a school with the largest endowment fund with over 65% of the students receiving some form of aid. There are several scholarships that students can qualify for but if you look at scholarships specifically for students from the middle eastern region:
  • The Harvard Arab Alumni Association scholarship fund supports the applicants from the Arab countries. Such applicants should show financial need and must be nominated by the school.
  1. MIT Management Sloan School: A brief look at the alumni can clue you in on the kind of leaders they produce. Their courses focus on shaping leaders who can innovate and change the future. Apart from several merit-based scholarships, they also provide need-based ones for the well-deserved candidates.
  • Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Fellowships offers scholarships towards tuition fees, books, round-trip coach tickets and a monthly stipend towards living expenses. These are available to nationals of 22-member countries of the Arab States


Asia’s economy has been on a roll and with IMF predicting a surge in the growth in 2018 as well, the focus on business education is bound to get stronger.

There is a strong appeal for an MBA in these regions and that is reflecting in the improved standards of the business schools here. If you are planning on pursuing a career or starting a venture in these regions, it makes sense to pursue an MBA from any one of these popular business schools.

Let’s take a look briefly at the best business schools in the Asian region along with what they offer as scholarships for those from the Arab world.


Nanyang: The Nanyang Technological University has steadily climbed up the ranks and staked a claim as one of the top business schools in the Asian region.

  • The Nanyang Middle East Scholarships offers a partial scholarship to those deserving candidates who would like to pursue a leadership role in championing trade between the Middle East and Asia.

Scholarships are definitely a huge funding source for MBA students and they are slowly beginning to replace employer support or even loans for that matter. Business schools also find that scholarships and fellowships are the best way to lure the brightest minds to their schools.

Thanks to the increasing competition between business schools to grab the best candidates, students are in a better position to negotiate better scholarships putting them in the driver’s seat.

Also, have a deep understanding of the top MBA programs that students from UAE have been preferring over the years. Read On

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