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Who is Saptarshi Ghosh?

Saptarshi Ghosh is a highly accomplished professional with a strong business intelligence, analytics, and data science background. He has a track record of driving revenue growth, optimising operations, and leading successful projects in various organisations. These include Viacom18 Media, IDfy, Shop CJ, Stayglad, and Flipkart. Through his dedication, and with the assistance of GyanOne, Vikas was able to successfully crack Wharton MBA!


Saptarshi’s journey started with his Bachelor of Technology degree in Electrical Engineering. Vikas graduated from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Patna. His CGPA of 8.14/10 placed him in the top 40% of his class among 40 students.


After completing his education, Saptarshi joined Flipkart as an Operations Analyst. His crucial creation of an optimization model that increased the average utilisation of delivery vehicles significantly improved last-mile deliveries and reduced lost shipments and shipping time.

Saptarshi then moved on to Stayglad where he played a crucial role as a Senior Operations Manager. His exceptional performance and expertise in the field of analytics and data science caught the attention of Shop CJ. As a Manager of Analytics and Product Management, Saptarshi led several strategic initiatives.

Saptarshi’s next challenge came at IDfy. As a Strategic Process Engineer in Analytics, Strategy, and Product Management, he made significant contributions to the company’s revenue and profitability by developing a groundbreaking product for fraud detection in the life insurance industry, optimising pricing models, improving the efficiency of existing products, and managing crises with large clients.

In 2018, Saptarshi joined Viacom18 Media as a Senior Manager of Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Science. In 2022, Saptarshi was promoted to Director of Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Science at Viacom18 Media. He continued to make significant contributions to the company’s growth and success.

GyanOne helps with the Wharton MBA process

Saptarshi approached GyanOne to seek guidance in selecting, applying and getting into top MBA schools abroad. He was nervous about the process and sought top quality assistance to simplify the process and make his journey easier and give an added surety of getting into the schools that best suited him. We here at GyanOne believe that different MBA schools are suited to different individuals and it is never too difficult or late to start the process. With that mindset, we proceeded on our journey.

Finding the best path forward

Although Saptarshi had a vision, it was difficult for him to finalise the top best colleges that could match his requirements and make his ambitious goals a reality. With an abundance of options comes confusion and uncertainty, and that became our team’s first challenge. Through aptitude tests and analysis, the team asessed that Saptarshi was highly motivated and talented. His passion lay in media and with GyanOne’s expert help, he was able to open up his mindset to new opportunities in different expansive fields.   

GyanOne’s comprehensive knowledge of business schools around the world aided the critical decision-making process. Respecting Saptarshi’s ambition and potential, GyanOne advised him to apply solely to top-tier colleges such as Booth and Wharton. With the colleges finalised, the next step was to familiarise Satarshi with the different cultural expectations and demands of each school.

Presenting Saptarshi as a good fit to these institutions was crucial to his acceptance in these esteemed schools. Preparation and professional expertise was required in such a moment. Although employed in the Media industry, Saptarshi was well acquainted with other fields and had an impressively diverse skill set that made him stand out. With the professional help of team GyanOne, Saptarshi was able to convincingly present his skillset ,and significant experiences in supporting diversity and inclusion initiatives and leading sustainability drives, to establish that he shared the principles and commitment to social causes of these prestigious schools.

Cracking Wharton MBA!

With his grit and perseverance, Saptarshi was able to qualify for interviews at his dream college. They posed another obstacle in Saptarshi’s path. Interviews can often make or break the deal. One has to authentically present themselves to the admission committees to prove that they are a good fit for the respective school. Interviews have to be dealt with with extreme patience, clarity of thought and meticulous preparation. At this juncture, GyanOne assisted Saptarshi through multiple mock interviews that allowed him to form the best responses for frequently asked questions. By analysing the requirements from the perspective of the colleges, GyanOne curated a personalised set of most expected interview questions for their mentee. This ultimately proved to be the shining light for Saptarshi’s applications.

A significant turning point for Saptarshi was the preparation for the Wharton Team-Based Discussion (TBD). Wharton employs TBD, a special interview style, to evaluate applicants’ abilities in resolving issues and working together. The experts at GyanOne offered insightful analysis of this special interview style and guided Saptarshi in practising his pitches successfully. Because of this careful planning and meticulous preparations and trial attempts, Saptarshi was well-prepared for the big day and was able to put his best foot forward in handling the conversation with confidence and grace.

And lo and behold! The results were tremendous. Saptarshi was able to get acceptance offers from the world’s top-tier MBA programs at both Booth and Wharton- his dream colleges! This is another joyous moment for team GyanOne and we cheer for Saptarshi’s amazing feat and are extremely proud of him.

How you can also go for a Wharton MBA

Saptarshi’s feats offer many lessons. Some of the learnings you can inculcate to aim for Wharton MBA are-

Self Motivation > External Motivation

One of them is that ambition and determination are prerequisites for success. Efforts towards your goals need to be supplemented by focus, passion and dedication. Only hard work cannot power the energy required to travel down the path of your life. A self-motivated person can achieve anything and everything.

Clarity of Goals

Secondly, it is very important to be clear and articulate about your goals and plans before going forward into a new phase of your life. Saptarshi knew his career would be boosted by an MBA degree but he was uncertain about his college preferences. He sought assistance when required to figure a clearer path towards these goals. Hence, you should be sure about life goals and be ambitious when it comes down to that. To justify that you deserve a seat in the program, this clarity of thought is much required.

Professional expertise is always beneficial

Another important lesson is that if expert assistance is available, you should always use it. Professional assistance is extremely valuable for a reason. They offer fresh perspectives and help reduce the tensions and stress on the path towards your goals. Saptarshi received assistance and support from Team GyanOne during difficult periods of the application process and interviews, reducing the overwhelming pressure of such phases. 

Experiences and Skillset matter!

Last but not the least, it always pays off to have a diverse skill set. All throughout his college and employment, Saptarshi had worked on himself and his personal growth and had created a dedicated resume full of crucial life experiences. These not only allowed him to explore more options apart from the industry he had worked for, and also present himself in his application and interview as an individual who was much more than great academics and memorised answers. This greatly impressed his interviewees and improved his chances of getting admission.


Saptarshi’s success story is a testament to his exceptional skills, expertise, and dedication to his work. His story proves that hard work, followed up by a little nudge from experts can bring success to seemingly the most difficult ambitions. Saptarshi’s story is just one of the diligent aspirants who have relied on GyanOne as a compass on their path to a superior MBA. To us, this is more than just a transactional experience. Here at GyanOne, we believe in bringing out the best in our mentees and making their dreams a reality. We could not be more proud of Saptarshi and we wish for him the brightest and most radiant future. We encourage all students who wish to study abroad or do an MBA to reach out to team GyanOne.For more information about our services and achievements, find us on https://www.gyanone.com/

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