Around the world, over 118,000 students choose New York as their new destination for higher studies across the world, every year. One of the most attractive prospects of the city is its commercial & cultural clout. Since the US is famous for its Business schools, a large number of the mentioned students enrol in business & management-related programmes. And when we talk about MiM to be specific, there are a large no. of colleges and universities in the state of New York and New York City itself – NY Institute of Technology, Fordham University, Cornell University’s Johnson College of Business, etc. As MiM is getting more popular day by day, there are several reasons to opt for the said programme as your master’s degree.

New York City is a hub for commerce, finance, technology, entertainment & more, students are exposed to a variety of opportunities in different industries while pursuing their respective degrees. This can particularly help with subjects like Accountancy – NYC’s diverse industries prepare students to meet the client’s needs as an accountant. “New York City offers unique advantages. After completing the discussed program, the majority of students begin their careers working in one of the following — Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, E&Y, KPMG, etc,” says Isser Gallogly, associate dean at NYU Stern. NYC also offers ample opportunities and options to the ones who later want to switch from accountants to other fields, therefore, the exploration never ends and one can choose the right for himself in due course of time.

This type of educational background and opportunistic culture provides an environment to improve one’s leadership skills. Because New York is so diverse, students have ample opportunity to gain a variety of perspectives, since the city abounds with corporations, government agencies and non-profit organisations. Nearly all B-schools have a strong and well-connected alumni society to get fresh graduates into well-established companies and get equipped with the business world as professionals. E.g. Stern’s global alumni community includes 110,000 active members in 138 countries, with 70% of alums living in the tri-state area. Often these alums visit the university to deliver lectures, host meetings with the students, and guest speakers, or facilitate access to executives and corporate recruiters for consulting projects.

One of the distinctive features of Manhattan College’s MSc in Organisational Leadership program is a two-term capstone course where students consult a real organisation, working with senior management and professors on a problem or opportunity. The program’s faculty is composed of working professionals and retired executives from across the private, public and entrepreneurial sectors. New York City is renowned for international cuisine too, plus award-winning Broadway shows, and dozens of museums covering art, history, and natural wonders. New York personifies multiculturalism. Students are exposed to different cultures, religions, lifestyles and foods. Additionally, students have access to some of the greatest museums in the world. There are wonderful concerts and a variety of theatre options from community playhouses to Broadway. There is no shortage of cultural experiences for students.


The downside to New York City is the relatively high cost of living — and students may have less living space than in other parts of the United States. In the latest global Cost of Living survey, New York City rose six spots to joint seventh place with Copenhagen, Denmark, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit. Along with Los Angeles, New York City is one of only two US cities in the top ten. According to Manhattan College’s Harrison, in addition to the high cost of living in New York City, its dense population can be overwhelming for some newcomers. Transportation can also be a problem for some newly relocated students. Due to heavy traffic patterns, a lack of available parking, and high parking lot costs, car travel to do errands and attend events will be quickly replaced by public transportation.


However, because the school is in the Bronx’s Riverdale neighbourhood, living costs are lower than in Manhattan, which is only a train ride away. People who love what the city has to offer may believe that the benefits, such as access to corporate recruiters, diverse cultural attractions, and world-class business schools, outweigh any costs. Indeed, New York, along with Boston, is one of only two US cities in the top 30 of QS’s student city rankings. The number of top schools in a city, the local job market, cultural diversity, and quality of life all factor into the ranking. New York City has it all on these fronts.

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