Career Goals essay – the most daunting and essential of all-conquering and defining it with precision is not a one-sitting task; you need to formulate ideas and present a compelling personal statement. This essay is an insight into the futuristic ideas you’ve been preparing for and how well any particular college will be the best fit to achieve those goals. It is an opportunity to answer why you are applying to a particular MBA program and the said B-School in the first place. The key to this answer is passion and the zeal with which you’ll present the story of your professional career. From the admissions committee’s perspective, this question aims to see how you plan to achieve your vision – the path you lay, how effectively you can face the challenges present, and your approach to the possible solutions.


When you start to form this answer, you need to know that the most crucial aspect of your stated plan is that your choice proves you have a passion for a specific field and are dedicated to making significant changes. Much of the MBA is geared toward inviting you to explore new avenues of interest, so not only is it possible for your goal to change throughout your MBA educational experience but it’s expected to. And that’s where you’ll bring the aspects of your chosen B-School into view- which features attract you as a student and you feel would help boost your career, state the attributes that the school offers and ultimately align with your decided plan and how you see it to assist you in. Always circle back to the initial topic of discussion and give a brief conclusion of the addressed ideas and how they can lead to a significant change. Let’s start by learning how to proceed with the answer and which areas to focus on:


The Problem

Here, the problem of issue is not the one you faced in your career until you applied for an MBA. It is about turning the reader’s attention to your content and that the focus of your answer is a particular problem that affects the real world (in business). If you follow this pattern, the initial part of your answer should include establishing the problem statement. Set the scene and keep it dramatic with a little mystery to reveal in the end. It will compel the reader to keep reading the essay and indulge in it. Present the issue so that it would seem that it needs to be solved; it should be addressed. Tell the committee why this particular problem is important to you and matters; present the argument effectively enough to create a crux and connection to it. Whether this connection is personal or professional is not essential; as long as you understand what needs to be done to solve it, half of the concern is achieved.


The Solution and its Features

Your long-term goal is the solution to the problem addressed above. The next steps would include answering what has been done till now to try and provide a solution and how your particular idea(s) are more effective & unique than others. Now, this shall incorporate detailing the industrial attempts (current and past) to remedy the issue and where they failed; hence the problem is persistent in the contemporary time. Suppose you prove the problem is not easy to solve, but you have a clear trajectory formed about how to go about it and enlist the attributes you hold (professionally) to at least form a blueprint. In that case, your argument will be addressed as noted. Use your subject matter expertise and intellect to present your case so that you can be one of the few to venture into this sphere – to prove this, submit strong LORs and make sure your SOP is to the point. Yes, the possibilities of failing and succeeding are endless, so make sure you end your answer by assigning a specific job designation that you see yourself holding in the future post MBA. 


School Specific Content and your Goal

Your career essay must describe your short-term and long-term goals; the short-term goal is the immediate post-MBA job you want to attain, and the long-term goal states where you want to be in the next 15 years. This would provide a transparent view of the intended industry and field, giving the reader reason to engage in reading. An indecisive answer indicates confusion and a lack of clarity in thoughts on your part—state practical and relevant examples to support your answer and exactly how you would proceed with your plan. Though make sure that you do not focus majorly on impressing the admissions committee, your aim here is to express your views on a particular business issue and where they come into the picture as per your requirements. Once you have established why and what you want, explain the pros of the B-School that would help you walk down the decided path, hence answering the part about why that school is your right fit.


Begin with describing the gaps that you are trying to close with an MBA degree. Moving forward, pick specific elements of the school that speak to your gaps: classes, professors, student clubs, immersion or leadership programs, location, and many other factors unique to the school. This would give core meaning to your answer and explain how you will reach great heights. As an applicant, you should appeal to the school in a way that shows how their available quirks & characteristics will help you. E.g., most often than not, applicants tend to turn the direction of their goal towards ‘consultancy,’ thinking it as an easier way out and that any Business School would for sure hold enough support features to assist in this field. Now, this should rather be avoided. The goal is to realise your dream and potential and how well you can mix it with the studies of the selected MBA program. Overall, if you succeed in crafting your argument in alignment with the school’s offerings well enough, you have increased your chances of getting the desired admission.

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