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The UK is a hub for international students pursuing MBAs in various subjects. The B-Schools there cater to every need of the students that help them achieve their future career goals, enhance their skill-set, etc., while providing a generous mix of different ethnicities sharing cultural values from across the world. MBA from the UK gives you opportunities to work in any country of your dream. It will guide you to start your own business or even join an enterprise at the highest grade possible. The UK has some of the best management schools globally when comparing the teaching method, curriculum, recognition of brand name, etc.

Most MBAs offered by English Universities expect their applicants to achieve an upper second class honours degree or equivalent and a minimum of three years of full-time continuous work experience. The study expenses in the UK for MBA, 16,000 GBP, is what comes into view. Some of the most famous and prestigious schools may cost around 60,000 GBP per year. Let’s discuss some of the most sought-after MBAs in the UK:

MBA, London Business School

The LBS MBA, which bills itself as the world’s most flexible, is widely considered one of the most reputable. As a student, you can study for 15, 18, or 21 months as a student. LBS’s MBA is based in Europe’s growing business capital, allowing students to network with successful business leaders and organisations. Key features of an MBA from London Business School include:

  • With more than 80 electives to choose from and multiple changing points to modify your future, you can create your MBA to your specific career goals.
  • Become a part of a close-knit international society of over 47,000 people from 156 countries and various sectors.
  • When you establish a base in London, you’ll have unrivalled access to top global corporations and burgeoning start-ups.
  • LBS’s highly regarded faculty and guest speakers will provide you with the most sophisticated measures of academic excellence.
  • In the college’s career Centre, interact with skilled industry experts and attract the attention of top recruiters.

MBA, Judge Business School (Cambridge)

The university is known to attract brilliant-minded people from around the globe; it has a global impact on business and society. In this highly intellectual environment, you will understand, observe, communicate, follow your passion, and pursue your dreams in a highly flexible and innovative community. Judge’s MBA program:

  • Academically stringent, expansive, and exceedingly pragmatic, with a strong emphasis on teamwork.
  • Conferences, symposiums, masterclasses, group work, online materials, and experiential learning are used to teach the course.
  • Students can choose from various elective subjects, which an establishment of core courses supports.
  • The Concentrations, which roll in the third term, can be tailored to your preferences.

MBA, Said Business School

Said’s MBA program builds on a long history of developing leaders by giving its students a strong foundation in primary business principles while also helping them develop a broader comprehension of business. You will be challenged to immerse yourself in the topics that interest you and gain the strategic skills necessary to lead a successful and meaningful career. You will be exposed to the following issues as part of the program:

  • a network that is globally connected
  • a diverse student body with a wide range of career options
  • leaders of thought
  • a demanding academic environment

The MBA class represents a wide range of experiences, perspectives, and knowledge and an eagerness to share ideologies. The university is looking for professionals in various fields, including finance, advisory services, innovation, and medicine. The foundations of business will be examined in the core courses. The first term comprises modern enterprise – from firm economic theory to investment appraisal & strategy selection and leadership abilities. This MBA is designed to give you a thorough understanding of your need to encounter any company’s operations in various settings with conviction and knowledge.


MBA, Warwick Business School

The 12-month MBA program is demanding, requires a sheer passion for the structure, and is engrossing. Students will grow both personally and academically due to international engagements, public mentoring, in-depth employment with influential organisations, and a peer group from various industry sectors and cultures. You will have the space to become a part of the most creative educational experience available and presentations, training courses, cooperative learning, case studies, and projects.

Warwick’s full-time MBA is an investment for you to achieve the techniques, self-assurance, and sense of direction to leap to the next career level. It is structured for talented individuals who want to impact the community through their knowledge. Students will be given three chances to collaborate on client-based initiatives throughout the year, allowing them to gain hands-on experience in consulting, management processes, and impacting. 

Significant benefits of the program include:

  • Leading academics & professors of practice
  • Engage with the business community
  • Personalized career guidance
  • Join a global community
  • Get ample opportunities to work abroad


An MBA from Imperial, is a highly innovative program for the class of 2022-23, designed in recent times, features a curriculum that allows you to tailor your learning as per your professional growth, receive additional business acumen, and advance your responsible leadership skills. This latest creation will enable you to modify the degree to your specific needs at every interval. It has some newly introduced flexible core modules and electives that will allow you to decide on your subjects from various topics: analytics, business management, or accounting. You will be given guidance from well-known world leading businessmen from time to time.

Your next step will be to select from various electives that will allow you to discover your field desires further. Experiences at Imperial will enable you to manifest your intellect into real-time problem solving, managerial issues, etc. making you an imminent part of the Imperial STEM ecosystem. Course projects allow you to put your knowledge into action, such as creating real business solutions on the Strategic Consulting Project or brainstorming a startup on the Entrepreneurial Journey.

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