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RSM’s MBA program is the right fit for you to have an ambition and drive to succeed. This business education program, with a duration of 12 months, this business education program is home to global diversity, situated in the state of Rotterdam, Netherlands. Erasmus University’s B-School, RSM, has evolved its educational depth and has made the programs more pronounced. With at least three years of intense, relevant, and full of accomplishments experience, you can apply for this MBA. The university’s curriculum focuses on not just the academic upliftment of its students. It builds critical thinking, leadership & communication skills, problem-solving abilities, etc., to help make you more adept at future challenges.

RSM is inclined toward academically excellent candidates and believes in making a difference. The program revolves around the dynamics of management, organisations, leadership, global business, etc. Rotterdam School of Business has 1 compulsory essay question (with choice) and 1 optional essay question. This article will discuss how to proceed:

1. Share how you have already been a force for positive change. Your example can be large or small, global or local, but you must highlight the positive impact you’ve had through your efforts. Tell us your story.


2. Discuss how the RSM MBA will prepare you to become a force of positive change, either in your personal or professional life.


When RSM asks this question to show a positive change in the world through your efforts, they ask you to consider the societal, economic, and ecological challenges humanity is moving towards. With this answer, you need to show the impact you want to create or have created. The university believes that all of you can make a huge difference and that you should be a source of motivation for the coming generation. With one step in the right direction, you can be of enormous help to many. Keeping this thought in mind, you shall proceed with your answer and state instances and examples wherever you think you have shown such courage and made a difference with your work/actions. 

Moving forward with this positive change in mind, RSM has incorporated UN SDGs into the curriculum of undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA courses. The 17 SDGs assisted in defining what positive change is. While they represent an overwhelming complexity of societal challenges, the university believes that this framework will aid in the education and preparation of students and business people to become critical thinkers with a creative and caring mindset. If you choose the first option, you could discuss making a difference in your community, contributing to a CSR cause, or even how you have assisted colleagues in performing better at work. There is no pressure to make this a social cause. All they care about is what you did and how it demonstrates your ability to identify an issue, address it, and work for a reason other than your own. Use examples where you can be seen as the driver of positive change rather than ones where you are simply a cog in the massive wheel of corporate machinery producing the results.

It would be beneficial if you could answer this question in a story format – jotting every detail of your achievements and efforts made to give back to the community or an act towards the preservation of the planet in any way. This is an opportunity to describe any plan of yours that aims at creating or starting a business keeping the benefit of the larger crowd in mind. For E.g. you can discuss a project you did or have in mind to take forward that will act as a platform to change the world bit by bit. With this answer, RSM wishes to look at your sophisticated approach and how concerned you are about such changes in the world.


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