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McCombs MBA Ranking

McCombs MBA, a top 20 US MBA program, is ranked #14 by Forbes and #17 by US News and World Report. GyanOne has helped several applicants gain admission to this top MBA program (with scholarships). Mentioned below are some McCombs MBA success stories made possible by GyanOne.

GyanOne McCombs MBAIshan Agnihotri

Ishan secured an admit in Texas McCombs MBA with USD40000 as a scholarship reward. He also secured an admit to the Johnson Cornell MBA, where he finally decided to go, with a scholarship of again USD40000.

Ishan is a professional with more than 5 number of years in the business development and marketing domain. A BITS Pilani alumnus, Ishan was an active member and founder of many clubs and communities during his engineering days (including a very popular sports league).

He carried with him the zest to go that extra mile at work too (various roles in business development in the infrastructure industry) and was among the youngest achievers in organizations he worked for.

His awesome GMAT score of 760, did contribute towards his scholarships though. So did his excellent focus on his applications.

GyanOne McCombs SuccessDivya Mahankali

Divya had a GMAT score of 680 and is a marketing professional. She had close to 2 years of work experience at National Instruments, when she decided to move on and pursue an MBA from a top business school.

Like most GyanOne clients, Divya secured multiple admits – from ISB Hyderabad and the Red McCombs School of Business, UT Austin. In case you are wondering what worked for Divya, who had just two years of work experience (the average for both ISB and McCombs is 5 years), it was her focus on her unique strengths in her application.

Divya had a sales consulting role (in a technology products firm) and she highlighted not just her unique professional achievements, but also her excellent personal ones – hosting and participating in several debates, and even organizing a TEDx event!

GyanOne McCombs MBA AdmitSimardeep Kochar

Simardeep Kochar, had one thing in common with Ishan Agnihotri, and with many of GyanOne clients – his alma mater. Yes, Simardeep is also a BITS Pilani alumnus. However, he came from a fairly unconventional industry – the merchant navy.

With extensive global exposure of 5 years and the experience of leading multinational teams, Simardeep was sure to go places (no pun intended!).

He made it to WP Carey School of Business with full scholarship, Ohio Fisher with scholarship, and Texas McCombs Business School! A person with many hues (he is a political volunteer too!), Simardeep worked with GyanOne to highlight his strengths and tackle his weaknesses. He ultimately chose Carey.

GyanOne McCombsHarsh Garg

One of most enthusiastic clients of GyanOne, Harsh Garg had a 710 on his GMAT. He was a business analyst and real estate professional with an exceptional work record.

An IITian, Harsh had admits from top MBA programs in the world – Yale School of Management, Kellogg School of Management, and McCombs School of Business.

After evaluating his options carefully with GyanOne over several meetings (post admit – Harsh had a lot to think about as he had some excellent choices), Harsh chose Kellogg. You can check out his success story for Kellogg School of Business here.

GyanOne McCombs MBA Admit SuccessRajeevaksha DV

A reapplicant, an Indian IT Male but with a top of the mark 740 on GMAT. Rajeevaksha had close to 7 years of work experience in Tata Consultancy Services.

He had grown over the ranks and was leading a multi-national team of executives back then when he decided to apply for top MBA programs. Rajeevaksha also had strong community experience backing his candidature.

He had been an eminent part of TCS’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, and had made a strong contribution in helping a dilapidated government school to get back on its feet. Rajeevaksha secured admits from the three of the top IT focused MBA in US – McCombs Business School, Tepper Business School, and Tuck School of Business. Check out Rajeevaksha’s journey to Tuck Business School here.

McCombs MBA Class Profile

The McCombs MBA class has a total of 263 students, 37% of which are women professionals and 27% international applicants. The average number of work experience is 5 years, and average GMAT score being 700.  Maximum number of students are from the Financial services industry at 18%, followed by 15% from Consulting industry and 11% from Technology industry.

McCombs MBA Fees

For international applicants, McCombs MBA has a tution and fees of USD 48,832. Additional expenses related to books and MBA student fee is USD 2,150. Living expenses amount to USD 18,000. One year total expenses amount to close to USD 70,000. For detailed explanation on the same, visit here.

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