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Vrinda LBS

The LBS MiM essays play a critical and highly important role in the admissions process of the LBS Master in Management (MiM) program. The LBS MiM program is considered to be one of the most prestigious master’s programs in management and business, and is meant primarily for applicants with little or no work experience. This is one of the few programs that is highly international in nature, with 96% of the class being drawn from different countries around the world. This is very comparable to the HEC Masters in Management program, which has a similarly global class profile.

LBS MiM Essays and Essay Analysis

LBS MiM Essay 1: In what company and role will you be working in after completing your Masters in Management and how will your academic, professional, and personal achievements allow you to succeed in this position? What challenges do you foresee in pursuing this goal? (500 words)

LBS MiM Essay 2: The MiM study groups will challenge students by testing their ability to work with academically and culturally diverse people and to play different roles within these teams. What strengths will you bring to your team and what qualities will you need to improve in order to be a valued team member? Feel free to use a real example to illustrate your thoughts. (300 words)

LBS MiM Essay 3:  The core values of London Business School challenge individuals to be communal, courageous, ambitious, eclectic, and engaged. Please tell us about a time when you demonstrated one of these values in your personal or professional life. (200 words)

Analysis of these essays: LBS as a school is highly focused on selecting candidates who have not just strong past achievements but also future leadership potential. Knowing the LBS MiM program, clarity in terms of career goals, a strong history of achievements, and evidence of the ability to contribute to and lead teams is highly important. Understanding your future industry is going to be very important, because without that you cannot possibly make a case for why your past profile makes you a good fit with your future industry/role. This is even more difficult when you consider that as an LBS MiM applicant, you have little or no work experience, so you cannot depend on highlighting any experience-related achievements.

The LBS essays go well beyond the essays of most other MiM programs, and explore aspects that are much deeper. They therefore require that much more introspection to create winning stories, and present them in a strong manner.

LBS MiM Class Profile

The LBS MiM (Master of Management) Class had 176 students, with the average GMAT score of successful applicants at 688 (with a range of 600-780). The average GRE score stood at 320, with an average of 163 and 157 respectively for the Quant and Verbal sections on the GRE. 95% of the class was drawn from 40 countries around the world, excluding the UK. Students from Asia accounted for 35% of the class strength, while students from Europe (excluding UK) accounted for 50% of the class.

The fee for the LBS MiM program (including tuition and course material) is GBP 27,500 (approx. US$ 42,000 or INR 270,000).

LBS Masters in Management success stories

Gauri S and Vrinda D come from very different backgrounds, but both of them have something in common – a burning desire to make it to the top MiM program in the world. Both had good GMAT scores, and good internships to speak of. Importantly, both were driven to put in the hard work that is very important for admission to a top tier school. The one area where they felt they could do better was in their MiM essays, and they worked with GyanOne on their LBS applications to ensure that they maximized their potential in the LBS MiM admissions process.

Vrinda LBS

Gauri worked closely with GyanOne in identifying her key strengths and how she could highlight them. In multiple discussions, she explored how the LBS program could help her achieve her ultimate career goal. She had many achievements, but not all were relevant to what LBS wanted in the MiM essays. GyanOne discussed these perspectives with Gauri multiple times, and she matched these focused inputs with an equivalent amount of hard work. Over multiple iterations, she improved her analysis and her final essays and her final application delighted her thoroughly. This was reflected in her email to GyanOne after she received her admit too- “……my essays have been much beyond my expectations. I have received an offer from LBS…..”. Gauri’s hard work, and GyanOne’s inputs and advice helped this excellent candidate make it to the LBS MiM program.

Vrinda, on the other hand, wanted to better understand her target industry, potential roles within it, and how the LBS program could help her achieve them. She had done very well in her internships, and wanted to understand how she could use this experience to strengthen her application. Vrinda had been quite active on the extra-curricular front, and had multiple options to choose from in terms of potential recommenders. She worked with GyanOne to work out excellent answers to each of these. GyanOne’s advice and inputs also helped Vrinda to understand how she could clearly express her own ideas and goals, and highlight her experience in her own way to also cater to LBS’s high quality bar for applicants. Very importantly, when Vrinda submitted her application, she felt she had done justice to her profile, and felt very confident that she would make it.

This is something we at GyanOne always emphasize. Success on top school applications is not a matter of chance. It is the result of introspection, hard work, advice, review, and rework. For us, Gauri and Vrinda’s success was a matter of great satisfaction. We work with hundreds of top applicants like them to help them make it to their dream programs, and savor this success just as much as the applicants themselves.


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