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IESE’s Young Talent Program (YTP) is an extraordinary opportunity for people with remarkable talent and a drive to succeed. It provides young professionals with a one-of-a-kind learning experience. You will broaden your knowledge and global perspective by collaborating with international peers before enrolling in IESE’s MBA programme, which is funded by a €20,000* scholarship. It has been tailored for fresh graduates and young professionals with up to two years of full-time work experience. If you want to be considered for a future spot in IESE Young Talent program gives you early access to distinctive, cross-cultural educational experiences.

This program is quite a latest invention aimed at young talent. It’s designed to accelerate your career, help you develop and train as a leader; it give you the chance to accomplish your goals. You will learn how to effectively manage, change, develop critical & analytical skills, achieve your ambitions and be a catalyst for progress in your organization. You’ll have the opportunity to be part of a unique learning experience that combines real-world business problems with cutting-edge academic knowledge.

This program offers an immersive learning experience that includes:

  • A learning environment built on practicality and relevance for the real world
  • The latest thinking from top researchers in business, economics and social sciences
  • A variety of perspectives from IESE’s more than 50,000 alumni worldwide

IESE’ Young Talent Program is a unique opportunity for young global leaders to be selected for a one-year program of executive education and training. You will be guided by some of the world’s most influential business people, academics, and political leaders.

The program has been designed to develop the leadership skills of these individuals to prepare them to become global leaders in fields such as:

  • Government affairs and public affairs
  • Corporate governance
  • Finance and banking
  • Marketing and consumer behavior
  • Public policy
  • International relations and foreign affairs
  • Media, Internet and technology
  • Entertainment, sports, media and culture

IESE YTP Bootcamp

Selected applicants will be invited to attend the YTP Assessment Boot Camp as part of the application process, in which you will encounter incredibly gifted fellow students from a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds. Your significance to the MBA programme will be factored into the equation at this level. The students will be enlightened by the chance to participate in IESE events across all countries, including the Continuous Education Program and so many more, once you have won a €20,000 scholarship for the IESE MBA programme.

IESE YTP application

The application price for the IESE Young Talent Path is $40, and it is non-refundable. There will be no additional tuition charges if you clear the interview and are also awarded a spot in the programme. YTP includes the academic track, course content, and on-campus 1 time meal. Furthermore, all personal living expenses, such as transportation, lodging, meals, and other personal expenses, will be at the expense and responsibility of each individual. Following are the important points of the program:

  • The required minimum years are determined by the candidates’ work experience at the time of enrollment.
  • Candidates who are not accepted into the YTP can still apply for the MBA through the standard application process.
  • Assessment using the internet.
  • Official transcripts or grades from a university.
  • CV/Resume has been updated.
  • A letter of recommendation from a professor at a university or your current employer.
  • The YTP allows outstanding university graduates to apply to this programme during their undergraduate if you have outstanding GMAT scores, great academic records, and substantial extracurricular accomplishments.
  • Program statistics – Average age: 22.5. Average GPA (on a scale of 10): 8. Average GPA (on a scale of 4): 3.6. Average GMAT: 710. The average number of languages spoken: 3

IESE YTP application process

Online Application & Assessment

Invited to the Boot Camp

A 3-Day Campus Experience in Barcelona which will be organised during mid of the year you apply (Upon invitation)

Pre-admitted to the MBA

A chance to discuss the best year of enrolment after acquiring relevant years of work experience, upon acceptance. The Bootcamp consists of lessons and a group project that will be presented before a committee on the final day. Let’s go in detail on how to apply:


Fill out the MBA application on EMBARK. Please notify us when you begin the application so that we can apply for a fee waiver and you don’t have to pay the fee when you submit it.


You must include all of your personal information in the application and upload all of the relevant documents (Exam results, resume, transcripts, etc.)


Instead of the personal essay, please attach the Acceptance Letter to the YTP that the university has sent you.


Please complete the essay on your career goals. Be descriptive and elaborate on the points you want to stress upon. Remember that this is an early-career MBA, so you need to be very clear on the need for an MBA, and why your goals merit admission to the program.


If your GMAT or GRE equivalent score is 700 or higher, you are qualified for a 20,000 Euro scholarship. Please pick the “Yes” option for the scholarship program and finish the essay if you want to apply for another scholarship.


If your GMAT or GRE score is less than 700, kindly discuss the subject with your regional Admissions Associate Director about your situation, and they will let you know what the ultimate scholarship amount will be.


For the recommendation letters, you don’t need to send them again. Just add the YTP info email as recommender – [email protected]


Please notify your provincial Admissions Associate Director and Sara Foldes once you have submitted your application so that it can invite you to a follow-up interview and present your application to the Admissions Team.

IESE YTP benefits

The benefits of joining YTP are:

  • It links you with a network of other young leaders from around the world, enabling you to get advice from peers who are on the ground in developing countries.
  • It offers a series of workshops and events designed to help you develop your leadership skills.
  • It provides mentor-ship and support from high-ranking development experts in the form of one-on-one coaching sessions, group meetings, and regular check-in calls.
  • It gives you access to both the IESE faculty and alumni network, which includes thousands of alumni across over 100 countries around the world.

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