German B-Schools promise thriving prospects, better living, and even an abundance throughout the country. If you want to work in corporate, an MBA from Germany could be your ticket to success. MBA programs are becoming prevalent and productive, with international students accounting for most of the demand. Today’s date, nearly 400,000 international students are studying in Germany, with the majority intending to pursue their future in the country.

Other metrics of Germany’s growing popularity include:

  • Affordable tuition fee
  • World-class MBA colleges and academic staff
  • MBA in English
  • Innovative Curriculum
  • Chance to learn German (growing as world popularity)
  • Scholarships for MBA Applicants
  • Future Employability
  • Experience of a lifetime

The top five MBA Programs in Germany are:


Mannheim MBA is typically a 12 months program; however, if the students wish to, they can extend the course by three months should they get an opportunity of doing an internship or a job. 

The Social Class Project is a critical element of this MBA. Every class plans and executes its team project in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region, where they organise the entire event and apply management skills directly to the task.

Mannheim received an A+ for return on investment, and it’s easy to see why. Pre-MBA student salaries averaged 38,305 USD, whereas, after MBA, it averaged 105,308 USD. The Mannheim MBA program includes a solid general management education in all functional areas, a diverse set of elective courses, and a three-month Business Master Project at the end. It ranks among the highest for thought leadership in Germany. Mannheim has some amazingly engaging student clubs as well. There are six options to choose from:

Women in Business Club; Consulting Club; Marketing and Sales Club; Technology and Information Technology Club; Financials Club; Startup Club.


Frankfurt’s MBA is a full time 12 months program divided into compulsory subjects (one of which takes place abroad), electives, and a dissertation time scale. The MBA thesis allows students to explore analytical and critical thinking through an intensive project in three ways: Entrepreneurial Business Plan, Group Consultancy Project, and Research Project. The Capstone Course in Entrepreneurial Management at Frankfurt School is a one-week intensive course that prepares students to start and grow their enterprise, whether they are new or established. Hence, the program received the highest score in Germany for employability.

Frankfurt School has nearly 40 student initiatives that engage students in sports, arts and culture, community interactions, and professional growth. Its alumni have established a strong network with the majority of global organisations. The business MBA program at Frankfurt University will allow you access to a global perspective in the corporate field. Frankfurt, located in Europe’s business center, tends to generate thousands of professionals with each passing batch of MBA.


The MBA program at Otto Beisheim lasts 12 months. Its core subjects include-  Global Economy; Business in Society (CSR); New Technologies & Business Trends; Organizational Behaviour, etc. The program also consists of three good study-abroad weeks, two in Asia and one in the United States. 

The Last MBA Project could perhaps be a business plan, academic paper, or story commissioned in collaboration with the company you interned for or are currently working for. The outcome, whether concluded individually or as a group, the effect should illustrate and focus on solving an issue using the methodological approach and managerial skills obtained throughout the program. The project is usually completed during the program’s elective phase and is overseen by a faculty member.  The final project in the particular instance of an internship occurs only when all course components have been completed.


ESMT offers a one year full-time MBA that commences in January. It is a personalised program designed to suit each individual’s needs. It assists you in developing the skills and experiences required in the field of business and management.

You have the following options:

Specialisation tracks:  Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Managerial Analytics; Strategic Leadership.

Summer term:  Industrial and Social Innovation Challenge; Internship; intensive German summer school.

Winter term:  electives at ESMT focused on innovation, technology, analytics, sustainable business development, entrepreneurship, and global strategic management; International exchange.

Through four core principles, the ESMT MBA prepares students to take on leadership roles: leadership and personal development, innovation and entrepreneurship, strategic leadership, and managerial analytics. Students can choose to postpone their degree and engage in other programme additions for extra credit. These engagements include-

  • The Fellowship of Responsible Leaders (RLF)
  • German language intensive courses
  • A rigorous coding Bootcamp
  • Working in a startup accelerator or incubator
  • Career Bootcamp for an ESMT professor
  • Conducting research in a work placement


The three pillars of corporate development necessities are covered in HHL’s 18-month program: Business Administration & Economics, Leadership & Reflection, and Entrepreneurship & Disruption. The general management is followed by deep dives, with students choosing from a variety of deep-dive areas or experiential options. The HHL MBA program unlocks your ability for a successful future in Germany and abroad.

This MBA enables you to quickly establish a career in the European market and also provides a high return on investment in your studies at HHL will provide you with the necessary skills and enhance your capabilities as a young professional to become a highly successful business leader, or if you wish to join an enterprise, an MNC, a consulting firm, or a cutting-edge start-up. HHL alumni serve as academic advisors, who are available to answer professional questions, and mentor the next generation of HHL with their knowledge, expertise, and insider work tips.

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