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NYU Stern




Stanford GSB

What is the first picture that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘sapling’? Perhaps that of a small plant, being nurtured to growth. The growth part is spot on, but in this article, sapling refers not to a plant, but to a company founded by a very dynamic entrepreneur – Swetha GB. Swetha has traveled the world, added tremendous value to clients through SAP consulting, and then came back to India to found her own venture, or should we say to nurture her own SAPling. This is Swetha’s story, and the story of how she made it to two top programs at MIT and Stanford GSB, a story of the relevance of the MBA for entrepreneurs.

Indian Entrepreneur Makes it to Stanford GSB, Rejects MIT

Swetha Stanford


NYU Stern

GyanOne NYU Stern MBA

An NYU Stern MBA Admit with a 650 GMAT ? This might look more like fiction than fact, but wait till you hear of the applicant’s achievements. He not only works for Amazon, one of the world’s leading technology firms, but is also a scholarship winner, a Columbia post-graduate in software, and an SAT teacher for high-school kids in New York City. Yet, a 650 GMAT is, after all, a 650 GMAT. Here is Aniket Phatak’s story of how he overcame his barriers and secured an admit to the NYU Stern Executive MBA program.

NYU Stern MBA Admit with a 650 GMAT Score

NYU Stern


Wharton Lauder

Wharton MBA

Vishal Soam has a vision to change the world and with his attitude, thirst for knowledge and exceptional language skills, he has been sprinting in the right direction ever since. Vishal’s technical background as a result of his bachelor’s and master’s course in Engineering in Japan, along with the experience of leading several clubs and societies prepped him for a wonderful career as a global leader. Winning the Nitori International Scholarship and the MEXT awards motivated him to constantly look above and beyond. Being a natural leader and an exceptional analyst, his career in consulting took off on the right note.

Wharton Lauder MBA: Goldman Sachs Analyst Makes it to Wharton


Divya Siram

Oxford, Cambridge and LBS

Pursuing MBA is one giant leap of faith. A faith that keeps you focused on bettering your future, faith which tells you that you are what it takes to change your life. And when you have the option to choose from Oxford, Cambridge, and LBS, you truly have the world to yourself.

Oxford, Cambridge and LBS – This Googler Cracked All Three!


MIT Sloan Fellow


An IAS Officer’s Story – Made it to MIT with 12 Years of Experience in Civil Services

MIT Sloan is perhaps a dream school for more MBA applicants than any other top business school around the world. True, Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton all have their followers, but there is something very unique and distinct about MIT that makes it irresistible to MBA applicants.

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GyanOne MBA Admission Consultants Interview top MBA Admissions Committees

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