SP Jain PGPM Admissions Application


SP Jain PGPM Admissions Application

The SP Jain PGPM Admissions Application requires shortlisted candidates (after the applicants submit their basic details on the SP Jain PGPM Admissions portal) to create a comprehensive Profile Sheet, containing questions and essays on varied topics. Mentioned below are SP Jain PGPM Admissions Application questions 2016.


The SP Jain PGPM Admissions Application has three sections. 

Section A:

In addition to the personal, family and academic details, the application also asks the candidate to rate yourself on various competencies like Conceptual Skills (e.g. clarity of complex situations or theory; systematic thinking, vision, etc.),

Analytical Skills (e.g. analytical thinking, comfort with data, modeling,etc), Managerial skills (e.g. decision making, dealing with difficult situation etc.), Behavioural skills, Team Handling (e.g. Works effectively and co-operatively with all stakeholders, Anticipates and responds to the needs),

Communication (e.g. good listener, ability to analyze and put into perspective, give and take feedback effectively, Adaptability & collaborative working (e.g. open and receptive to changes, willingness to change,

acceptability of new ideas, keeps the team along, result oriented), Leading, Managing & developing (e.g. lead and show the way, ability to interact will levels with ease, allow & nurture growth of team, groom teammates, succession planning) and, Problem solving & delegation (e.g. quick thinking, proactive, look ahead and plan/delegate).

Section A also includes the below mentioned questions and Essays to be written by the applicant.

Essay: How have your professional experience shaped your current competencies? (please feel free to elaborate )

Question: Post PGPM and with specialization chosen by you, please list below the role that best describes your preferred role. (Kindly Rank your preference with Rank 1 being the most preferred role then Role 2 & 3)

Essay: Briefly state in not more than 50 words:

a. Adversity faced in life

b. Distinct contributions to the society by you or your family members.

c. My formative years

Section B:

In addition to providing detailed year wise progression of career till date, the SP Jain PGPM applicant is also required to answer the below mentioned essays and questions.

(Word limit 200 words)

Essay: Explain a situation when you were a part of a team where the group process and/or intended outcome failed. Essay: What was your role, how did you contribute to the process or outcome, and what did you learn?

Essay: Describe an instance in which you took the strongest stand of your value system. What specific values were violated and what was at stake for you?

Essay: Explain a situation where you have brought about any improvement either in your self, work or society.

Section C: 

Essay: Give a detailed description of the roles, responsibilities and achievements at your current /last place of employment.(in not more than 300 words)

Essay: Please mention any academic or career gaps in your profile along with the reasons for  the same(in not more than 300 words)

Essay: Please mention any International Work Experience in your profile along with the details  for  the same (in not more than 300 words)

The application states all applicants to maintain the following formatting while answering the application questions.  Font – Times New Roman, Size – 11, Spacing – Single Line. Follow the word limit strictly for each question.

Answers exceeding the prescribed word limit WILL NOT be considered for evaluation.

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