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IIM Calcutta or IIMC MBAEx placements are a key area of interest for many potential (and even current) students interested in looking at prospects after the program. The program itself is small – only 50 people in terms of batch size – so the opportunity to attract firms with widely varying roles and offers is anyway limited. In this brief article, we take a look at MBAEx IIMC placements and key trends over the last 2-3 years.

Lateral recruiting expected to dominate – and it does

With a batch strength of 63, and the average experience level hovering around 8.75 years, it is fairly clear that this is a group of experienced executives who are here to hone their skills rather than look for career switches.

They will therefore be recruited by firms based on their prior experience and skills more than anything else. Yes, functional changes would happen (for example, people in IT delivery or software development roles might be able to move to business development or project management) but switches that involve both industry and function are expected to be rare.

Also, with a fairly senior cohort of students for recruiting, firms are expected to offer lateral roles, and this in turn means that the number of offers per firm are going to be limited.

These are recruiters who are recruiting for specific, niche positions rather than picking up a bunch of talented B-school graduates to hone them into future managers.

Looking at the placement statistics, we can see this to be true right away. Recently, nearly 48 firms made around only 47 offers to MBAEx students. But earlier, firms had made 56 offers, and afterwards 51 firms had made 49 offers.

This is in fair contrast to, say, ISB, where 350 firms made 884 offers, or at the IIMC PGP program itself, where around 250 firms made 465 job offers.

General Management and IT Consulting roles dominate

With students of a fairly more senior profile, General Management roles are expected to be offered more. This is true – 10% of the batch was offered such roles in the past years.

Also, other roles, such as those in Information Technology, or Manufacturing, accounted for 43% and 18% respectively of the batch. These statistics are then followed by Energy, Power, Oil & Gas at 12% of the total intake.

The list of recruiters, among the very best who offers jobs – Accenture, Cognizant, McKinsey, AD Little, Ford, RPG, AT Kearney, etc to name the prominent examples.

Pure functional roles, such as those in Marketing and Finance, are barely present, and one would assume this is again a function of the input (not too many professionals from these functions applying or ultimately making it).

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Newer roles and functions starting to make an appearance

In the past years IIMC MBAEx placements process saw recruiters from three new areas – Analytics, BFSI, and Real Estate, and this bodes very well for the program.

The IIMC MBAEx program has a number of excellent quantitative and data-oriented courses geared to help students address managerial issues quantitatively, so Analytics should see growing interest from both a demand and a supply perspective.

Other roles may be more sector-driven and opportunity-driven, but trying to drive a wider base of placements is definitely in the interest of the IIMC MBAEx.

Average salary sees slight dip, continuing the trend since 2012

The average outgoing salary at IIMC MBAEx, recently, was approx. 35 lakhs, increasing from an average of 18.5 lakhs from the previous years.

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