The MiM program offered by ESSEC is a 2-year average flexible full-time multi-campus program providing a gateway to worldwide markets and recognized by the French Government. The university aims that its students define their study and career path by building their academic, professional and international curriculum achieved through the network of academic and corporate partners. ESSEC’s MiM essays and Statement of Purpose are indeed challenging and there is a lot to consider, but it isn’t something that an individual lack before applying to this program. Let’s learn step by step how to proceed with your SOP, which factors to consider, and what to write:


What Matters To You – The Values & Experiences that Have Shaped You

As a writer, if you feel like you don’t have a specific moment, incident, or special quality to mention to build a storyline, focus on small experiences you have had growing up. Some short snippets of your life that have in a way changed & groomed you, and modified your way of seeing the world. The answer can revolve around your newly found perspective (here, specific to your professional career) to education, new interest, and what you did to pursue that curiosity.

This essay is not restricted to your accomplishments or activities. You can include significant high school and undergraduate participation in recognized academic and non-academic activities. You can also talk about your experience in sports and athletics.


Reasons For Applying To ESSEC

You are expected to discuss your future goals and reasons for choosing ESSEC as the pathway. First, you need to put up a very striking display of your willingness to pursue the program. The SOP is a crucial aspect enabling the admissions committee to understand what motivated you to take up a specific career path, your work experience, and what goals you plan to accomplish. It acts as a platform to convey your qualifications and goals in a distinctive yet competitive style. You can begin drafting your SOP by starting with an amusing anecdote from when you finally decided to pursue Management. Or you can briefly introduce yourself and then sequentially discuss your academic skills, work experience, and extra-curricular.

To further enhance your reasons and make your answer compelling and quite college driven, you can give examples and relate to the various internship and apprenticeship opportunities offered by ESSEC. You can also go through ESSEC’s mission statement and values to understand its vision. Mentioning specific and unique features of the college would reflect your diligent school research and increase your chances.


Provide Relevant Additional Information

Formulate your answer giving reasons why you think the program would help your future and career. This is the opportunity to convey further details to elaborate on particular weaknesses of the profile or further bolster the application by highlighting strengths. Deliver more information about your personal life, especially those that did not fit into any other essay. E.g. you might have outlined your research paper’s title and conclusion in your CV, but if conducting the experiments and your inspiration behind the research is something that you would want to elaborate on, go ahead and do that. This essay gives you an idea of your upbringing, personality, and experience.

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