Top Indian B-Schools Accepting GMAT Scores

ISB-campus interview

Top Indian B-schools accepting GMAT scores

ISB Mohali campus The Mohali campus of the Indian School of Business, one of India’s top B-schools

MBA schools accepting GMAT scores in India – the scenario 10 years back

An MBA from India through the GMAT route was, till about a decade back, an exercise in futility.

At that point in time, ISB (Indian School of Business) Hyderabad had just about begun offering its renowned PGP program, and the most popular route for getting an MBA in India was to get one right after graduating from one’s bachelor’s program through the CAT route.

Appropriately, almost all students with GMAT scores in India chose to go abroad.

 The scenario today – vastly different

Today, however, almost all top schools offer admission to MBA programs for experienced professionals through the GMAT route. The ISB PGP is a top choice, and so are the IIM PGPX programs.

The list of top schools doesn’t end there, though, and newer names are being added every year. The programs are win-win propositions for the schools offering them as well as for applicants.

While schools can extend their MBA offerings to cover experienced executives, professionals from different industries can now avail of these offerings to give a boost to their careers and set themselves up for leadership roles around the 5-7 experience level.

A list of top schools in India accepting GMAT scores is as follows:

B-school nameLocationAvg GMAT scoreAdmission requirements (beyond a bachelor’s degree)Web URL
ISBHyderabad7122 years of
IIM-AAhmedabad7137 years of
IIM-BBengaluru7027 years of
IIM-CKolkata7185 years of work-ex, GMAT score not older than 3 yrs
IIM-LLucknow7006 years of work-ex, GMAT score not older than 3.5
SPJIMRMumbai6805 years of
XLRIJamshedpur6605 years of work-ex, GMAT score not older than 3 years/XAT
IIM-IIndore6905 years of work-ex, CAT/GMAT
Great LakesChennai6502 years of work-ex, GMAT/CAT/XAT score

Applying to these schools – points to keep in mind

Some points to note when looking at this list and evaluating these schools:

-The GMAT averages are only indicative – getting a GMAT score that is around the average may not make the      applicant
competitive at the corresponding school. Similarly, getting a score that is somewhat below the average may not
necessarily make the applicant non-competitive at the corresponding school

-The GMAT averages are high for the top 5 schools on this list. Therefore doing well on the GMAT is important. Also, while only
some schools mention this fact, but most on the list above will not look very favorably at GMAT scores that are more than
3 years old.

-When applying to these schools, take all stages of the application process extremely seriously. Some applicants in the
past have assumed (to their dismay) that as they fare well on basic parameters (academics, work experience, GMAT scores),
the application process will be fairly seamless. Nothing could be farther from the truth – having good credentials helps
one clear an initial filter, but creating a strong application and then putting in a correspondingly strong performance
in the admissions interview is absolutely critical

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    I am doing my second year degree currently. i am planning to give my GMAT next year. If I give my GMAT next year and get into some institute will the institute still take me after two years while i work and get my job experience for two years in India? If not, which of the best colleges take students after 16 years of education without job experience ?

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    Im doing my bsc 1st year.planning for gmat in future.if my score is good also is there a compulsory rule that I should have a work experience..??

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    Thanks for sharing this information. My younger sister also wants to pursue MBA form reputed B-school. I am sure this article will be helpful for her to clear her doubts.

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    Thank you for sharing the list of Top Business Schools accepting GMAT. I would like to mention that SDA Bocconi Asia Center formerly MISB Bocconi, can also be added to this list as it accepts GMAT for International Master in Business (IMB), a top postgraduate program in Mumbai. SDA Bocconi Asia Center features a world-renowned international faculty, state-of-the-art classrooms and facilities, and a curriculum that will propel you out in front of all your peers for a successful, exciting and competitive life.

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