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The laughter of friends is the sweetest sound in the world, or the harshest cacophony one can ever hear. When TK spoke for her first JAM speech in high school, the loudest laughter she heard was that of her ‘friends’. They derided her on what her parents had prepared for her speech, her background, and most of all, her accent. But this was the beginning of her story, not the end. TK’s father was a farmer who aspired to be an engineer. He left his family behind and lived in an ‘apartment’ just 20 feet wide and across.

TK’s mother started her career in her late 30s, facing derision, ridicule, and non-cooperation from suppliers, partners, and even tax consultants. Despite all odds, her mother succeeded without a college degree because she was fearless. Her parents’ examples deeply influenced TK as a person. Back in school, TK found a real set of friends who helped her regain her self-confidence. She headed the dance club and the football team, despite her fears, and learned that risk is not a dirty word and that courage is not just bravery but a sustained belief in oneself over time. In college, TK was an ambitious, bright student, but starting in her second year, she faced numerous health challenges, including jaundice, a leg fracture, chickenpox, infections, migraines, and finally fibromyalgia. Though she continued to work hard, by her final year, she also had depression.

At her lowest personal point, she experienced the power of mentors and friends and began following personal growth literature. She became grateful for what she always had but never treasured – her health. Today, a disciplined lifestyle of a gluten-free, anti-inflammatory diet, meditation, and yoga keeps her fully fit. She’s ambitious to achieve more, but her gratitude for what she already has is her fuel and possibly her greatest strength.

As a woman, TK has often faced discrimination and skepticism, but she’s learned to overcome it with competence and courage. She volunteered to lead a $5.5M trade reconciliation project in South East Asia and delivered it successfully. At SAP, she helped Ford achieve 22% indirect procurement savings through digital procurement and saw herself propelled to the elite SAP accelerator program. And yet, TK realizes that despite their initiative, competence, and spirit, women still face an uneven playing field. Her work with the Business Women Network and the diversity and inclusion initiative at SAP fights this very bias. She even designed SAP’s first AI chat app to help employees with mental wellness, deployed across 130 countries now.

Road to the Booth MBA

TK’s journey began with a strong academic foundation in Electronics and Communication Engineering, and she graduated with a decent CGPA. This academic background was the launchpad for her diverse and impactful career. Over the next five years, TK meticulously built a robust career across various organizations, each role showcasing her technical expertise and strategic thinking.

Early in her career, TK excelled as a Product Business Analyst in the custodian market, where she demonstrated her ability to manage complex product ecosystems with unparalleled efficiency. Her role required not just technical acumen but also a keen strategic vision, which she employed to streamline operations and enhance product offerings. This experience was instrumental in honing her analytical skills and ability to navigate intricate financial products.

Transitioning to SAP as a Technology Consultant, TK delved deeper into procurement and supply chain solutions. Here, she expanded her expertise, working on innovative solutions that optimized procurement processes for global clients. Her ability to understand and address the intricate needs of supply chains further solidified her reputation as a technology leader.

TK’s tenure at SAP.iO Berlin was perhaps the most transformative. As a Program Manager, she took on the ambitious role of nurturing start-ups and driving innovation within the accelerator space. This position was not just about managing projects; it was about fostering a culture of innovation and guiding nascent tech companies to success. Her leadership in this space underscored her passion for technology and her dedication to operational excellence and strategic advancements.

However, the challenge of differentiating herself in an overcrowded pool of tech applicants loomed large. TK faced this challenge head-on by leveraging her unique experiences at SAP’s platform for startups. She showcased her leadership in nurturing start-ups and driving innovation, which highlighted her distinctive blend of technical expertise and strategic vision. This ability to stand out was critical in her journey towards securing an MBA at a top-tier institution.

Each role TK undertook was a stepping stone that highlighted her passion for technology and her unwavering drive to leverage it for broader operational and strategic impact. Her journey exemplifies how a combination of technical skills, strategic insight, and a commitment to innovation can set one apart in a competitive field.

GyanOne’s Strategic Influence

TK’s journey to securing an admit at Chicago Booth was a winding road filled with strategic decisions and personal revelations. Recognizing the strengths and unique aspects of her profile, GyanOne helped TK navigate the competitive landscape of MBA applications. GyanOne’s team began by helping TK identify and articulate her unique strengths. They analyzed her extensive professional experiences, leadership in community service, and personal journey of resilience and innovation. TK’s work with SAP’s platform for startups became a focal point, emphasizing her ability to drive innovation and nurture entrepreneurial ventures.

To make her application stand out, GyanOne revamped TK’s resume. They highlighted significant achievements across her roles, ensuring her application demonstrated a blend of technological prowess and strategic business acumen. This included her successful leadership in the $5.5M trade reconciliation project in Jakarta and her pivotal role in developing SAP’s AI chat app, CARA. One of the most challenging aspects of the application process was crafting compelling essays that truly brought out the real TK. GyanOne consultants worked closely with her to develop narratives that resonated with the core values and aspirations of each target school. They focused on her story of driving change, fostering equity, and her unwavering commitment to societal impact. These essays weren’t just about listing achievements; they were about telling a cohesive story that connected her past experiences with her future aspirations.

Interviews were another critical hurdle. Through intensive preparations, GyanOne equipped TK to articulate her experiences, aspirations, and the impact she aims to make post-MBA. They conducted mock interviews, provided feedback, and helped her refine her responses to ensure she could confidently convey her vision of leveraging a Booth education to scale her efforts in creating global societal impacts. The journey wasn’t without its setbacks. TK faced rejections from a few top-tier programs initially, which was disheartening.

However, GyanOne encouraged her to view these as opportunities to refine her applications further. They helped her adapt her strategies, focusing on the unique aspects of her profile that could resonate better with specific schools. GyanOne’s strategic influence extended to applying to multiple schools. TK’s hard work and strategic preparation paid off as she received admits from INSEAD, Kellogg, and Stern. Each of these schools recognized her potential and the unique value she could bring to their programs. Ultimately, TK chose the Chicago Booth MBA for its strong focus on analytical rigor and its vibrant community that aligns with her career aspirations. The decision was influenced by Booth’s emphasis on data-driven decision making and its reputation for fostering a collaborative and innovative environment.

Looking Forward

As TK prepares to embark on her MBA journey at Chicago Booth, she carries a wealth of experiences that span continents, industries, and cultures. The MBA program will not only enhance her analytical and leadership skills but also expand her global network and perspectives, preparing her for larger professional challenges and opportunities.

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