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Planning your MBA Application and studying which Business School is the right fit for you? Thinking about your GMAT score is one of the most critical aspects of your journey! Working towards a strong GMAT score can be pretty daunting for some, but with intelligent learning, the process can be very effective.


  • Work On The Study Plan As Early As Possible-

Since an MBA application requires a lot of time and management with a wide range of components, you wouldn’t want your GMAT to be the last thing on your mind. Plan it before you delve into the application process to have ample time for preparation.


  • Study The Test Sections And Include Them In Your Study Plan-

Practice for the exam smartly and after knowing all the sections. Divide your strong and weak areas and prepare the plan accordingly. The test includes four sections:
– Analytical Writing Assessment
– Integrated Reasoning
– Quantitative Reasoning
– Verbal Reasoning


  • Collate Your Material Wisely And With Deep Consideration-

The internet and libraries are full of study material for GMAT preparation. They follow the GMAT exam algorithm. Use the recommended Official Prep Materials.


  • Identify Your Weakness First – Study Accordingly-

Identifying the critical areas and working towards the preparation in that stream always help an applicant study better. GMAT Official Guide Series is the best source to know your abilities, strong and weak points, and target practice for the exam.


  • Time Management-

In the exam, you get a limited time, and the atmosphere can make some applicants anxious – giving multiple mock tests before the exam is advisable. Always aper for the full-length practice tests and monitor your performance concerning time.


  • Do Not Get Stuck!

Even though there’s a penalty for each section not completed, you must first move ahead with the questions you can answer. Investing more time on a question you are unsure of will make you lose points where you could have scored better.


  • Process Of Elimination On The Exam-

When unsure of the answer and cannot make up your mind, simply rule out the options that cannot be the answer. Select from the remaining choices, which will increase your chances of hitting the correct answer – also called ‘guessing strategy.’


  • Practice Visual Literacy-

Visual Literacy, or the ability to read symbols, charts, and tables. Such questions come mainly in the Quant Section – prepare well! Such questions come primarily in the Quant Section – prepare well! These types of visuals are pretty common in a GMAT exam; learning how to interpret them can give you an upper hand.


  •  Improvise On The Mental Math Section-

Every applicant for the GMAT exam is well versed in mathematics and in the habit of using a calculator. It is a time-saving tool for the Quantitative Reasoning Section. Since you won’t get a calculator for this section, practice solving questions in your head beforehand.


  • Exceed Expectations With Advanced Questions-

Pushing your limits and keeping a precise aim in your mind of securing a seat in your dream B-School, can be an effective practice. Practicing the questions that you feel are above your capabilities, and for doing that, there’s no better resource than GMAT Official Advanced Questions.


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