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The wonderful story of Shubhangini Debi

Shubhangini-Debi“Some women take up law and become good lawyers but some others lay down the law!” Joan Rivers. This is an inspirational story of Shubhangini who chose to pursue law as a profession. The world of law is undergoing substantial changes all over the world, the need for professionals who think beyond the legal aspect alone is on the rise.

Unless lawyers solve legal issues while supporting business development efforts, it will be hard to differentiate yourself in this field. Comes to rescue are specialized courses like Master of Law Emory Law School program.

Shubhangini’s story is one of hard work, grit and sheer willpower. Like a skilled shooter that she is, she trained her eyes on the target of becoming a lawyer. As she progressed with each stage of her education, she realized that she did not want a career that limited her to just India and this meant looking for a school that would give her the right international exposure and the right expertise on a global platform.

The Right School

Emory Law School was the right choice for several reasons. The LLM degree from the Emory Law School is well-known to be the perfect preparatory ground for careers in global corporations or law firms.

Also, considering that businesses are more global than ever before, training here in the US and returning to India with a knowledge of US laws can be a true differentiator on many levels.

Specializations: Basically, students can choose from three broad categories-

  • General law
  • Predesigned concentrations such as Transactional law, law and religion, Child Law and Policy, Human rights law and a few others.
  • A Joint LLM with a focus on International Commercial Law and International Politics which would require the students to spend a semester in Budapest.

The fees: The full-time fees for the LLM course at the Emory Law School is $55,500 apart from which you will incur an additional cost of approx. $28,000 in living and other expenses.

There are several scholarships awarded to highly qualified students (need-based, women-oriented, international students and leadership-based amongst many others) and there is no need for a separate application as students qualifying for the program are automatically considered for the same.

Students can also avail of several external scholarships that are listed on the school’s website as well.

Employment opportunities: The center for professional development & career strategy plays a central role in connecting the student community with the alumni, recruiters and the best legal firms. With umpteen opportunities being presented by the school through on-campus interviews, fellowships, valuable work experience as judicial clerks, the school constantly works to improve the prospects for the students.

15% of the 296 students graduating from the law school were picked by one of the 100 best law firms in the country and as per the statistics published for the year 2017, 96% of the class of 2017 reported successful employment with the rest opting for additional employment. Amongst them, 58% (the largest number) of the students have reported jobs with law firms.

The groundwork

Recognizing that her skill lay in her analytical abilities and logical reasoning of problems, Shubhangini saw that the legal profession was the right way to go.

Joining the University Law College in Guwahati, she knew she had picked the right stage for her learning as this college is well-known amongst the legal circles for producing several teachers and scholars who have received national and international recognition.

Lapping up experiences in various fields of law during this time, she interned in Human Rights Law Network and was able to assist Mukul Rohatgi, the Assistant General for India at the time.

This not only gave her valuable practical experience but exposed her to the different fields in law that she could explore.

A Lawyer, An Entrepreneur!

Another golden opportunity came through Mind Merchants Global Pvt. Ltd where she was learned the intricacies of contracts, extractions and nitty-gritty of business development plans.

Shubhangini co-founded the company called Crostitch where she took charge of the legal work and the operations. She spent over three years here and as she enhanced her abilities, she constantly looked for ways to offer more.

She signed up for a Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Law at the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences during this time. This not only helped her to execute her responsibilities with finesse and precision but this added to her overall mastery in the subject.

As part of her experience, she was increasingly exposed to designing contracts for employees and clients all in collaboration with the legal team.

This is what kindled an interest in the area and the possibilities of a specialization in this field. So, she began the search for a school that can train her in the right aspects of business and transactional law.

Getting there!

One of the signature programs for Emory Law School is transactional law and considering the experience and knowledge she would gain from such a degree, Shubhangini began to train her guns on the next target!

Her profile included tons of practical experience along with a deep and sound understanding of the subject. What impressed her about the school was also the opportunity they created for each of the students to gain from an individualized curriculum.

Also, the fact that through the course she would have multiple opportunities for experiential learning through clinics, simulations and externships. This excited her and she began her preparations to gain admission in this school.

GyanOne’s expertise is not limited to just a few areas and this was visible in the successful application of Shubhangini to the Emory Law School. Getting admitted to a top Law school for a master’s degree cannot be done without intense preparations.

Here, Shubhangini’s experience with getting into the nucleus of things before acting combined with the steadfast team of professionals from GyanOne is what worked like magic.

Hours spent over the application fine-tuning every minute detail is what resulted in her acceptance.

Her career is moving in the right direction as she spent 9 months as the treasury of the Emory LLM Society successfully chartering and registering their society with the Student bar association, organizing events and drafting a constitution for the LLM society.

Currently working as a legal intern with the Mercury Digital Assets Exchange, cryptocurrency, its rules and regulations seem to be ruling her world right now.

Here’s hoping that she continues to break the mold and reach new heights!

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