The fundamental courses at IESE MiM lay a strong foundation in business management. Practical experiences and complementing activities help students understand how different functional areas work together to create financial and non-economic value in businesses. Marketing and finance are among the issues. Out-of-class academic involvements, like projects, help & guide you to put what you’ve learned together, connect it, and execute the theory.

In addition to academic learning and development work, you’ll participate in a unique program that will engage you with the most pressing and trending topics in the corporate world. You’ll learn the real-world skills to solve complicated situations through this. IESE’s MiM application process is also time-consuming and requires specific thinking in writing the resume, especially in answering the essay questions in the application. IESE has 3 critical essays and 2 optional questions.

This article is focused on giving an analysis and expert point of view on the required essays, how to answer these questions, and what to keep in mind-


Essay 1:

How will the Master in Management help you achieve your academic and professional goals?


While writing this answer, you shall express your immediate and long-term goals and show how IESE MiM will help you achieve them by supporting and strengthening your academic abilities – share your vision of the future and how IESE would make an impact on your education. Make your plans as precise but straightforward as possible. You should be able to answer questions like –  Do you have any specific career ambitions in mind, such as desired roles or industries? What abilities and acquired skills do you have, and how does IESE help you achieve your stated objectives? What impact do you want to have on possible institutions or sectors in the coming periods if these goals align with your values?

In an expert’s opinion, it is recommended to make action plans, such as selecting appropriate program offers that might be suitable for learning advanced skills or obtaining trending knowledge about the field. Some applicants hope to use the MiM as an opportunity to try other professional paths. And if this is the case, your essay can maintain a broad viewpoint while clearly defining your preferences and areas of expertise. Talk about the advancement you will bring and how much knowledge you will acquire to land yourself the best career option. 


Essay 2:

Describe a situation where you had to work to build connections with people you had little in common with․ How did you demonstrate that you valued their input?


These questions have many potential solutions and necessitate a lot of thought, making them far more challenging to comprehend and thus write about too strongly. Ultimately, it’s up to you to figure out precisely what the admissions committee is looking for so you can prioritise your response and include all necessary parts. Use the STAR Method to help you – this is a great approach to ensure that your answer is well-structured and contains all of the information the admissions team seeks. Situation → Task → Action/Course –? Result/Achievement.

Being in a position of authority isn’t always an enjoyable or comfortable state to be in. To show that you value the work and opinions of your team members and subordinates, you must incorporate their ideas and show a practical approach when they wish to add their inputs. This can be taken care of in many ways –

  • Within the company projects and small activities, the responsibility can be handed over to your juniors or those who showcase practical ideas.
  • Client-based projects and meetings require a critical representation of the topic and task, and you share the suggestions of your teammates, hence encouraging their participation.
  • CSR can be another example of such a situation where you can involve eager volunteers and your colleagues- subtly give instructions while keeping their point of view intact. This shows true professionalism and inclusion.


Essay 3:

Describe the most significant challenge you have faced recently․. How did you feel when asked to take it on?


The institution is keen to grasp better who you are with each inquiry. They wish to delve much deeper into this subject in particular. As a result, try to paint a picture of a time when you faced a complex issue and overcame it using subject matter expertise, etc. What is your instinctual reaction to feeling overburdened, and how do you conquer pressuring situations? Your answer should reflect enough evidence to state – What is your natural response to stress, and how do you overcome pressure?  You can be sincere here; no one is perfect, and you should not simply discuss what you feel the admissions committee wants to hear. Everyone is confronted with difficulties and is under pressure. Consider a period in your life that exemplifies who you are and your desire to keep moving ahead. Colleges use this question to understand how you deal with issues and hardship. They’re also curious about your level of motivation.

You can keep the following factors in mind while writing this answer:

  • Be honest and real
  • Focus on challenges you have conquered
  • Try to show that you are a suitable applicant for this course through actual examples and instances from your experience

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