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Phenomenal Success for GyanOne on ESSEC MIM

ESSEC MIM is an exemplary program which is ranked 5th in the world and provides extensive international exposure to students, among other experiences, with its two campuses in Paris and Singapore. The cost of the program is in the vicinity of € 40,000 for Non-European citizens. The RoI is a good bet as an average salary for a decent ESSEC MIM graduate could range from € 65,000. As per Financial Times report, placement at ESSEC MIM is 93% which is a walloping figure.

At GyanOne, we have been the poineers in MiM Admissions Consulting and have had a phenomenal success rate for ESSEC MiM Admissions. We have helped students to work on their weknesses, right from low GMAT scores of 620 to weak grades during college time, to create strong applications. Below are few of the profiles to provide you with detailed insights into the same.


Poojitha CHLSPoojitha Bhardwaj is a computer science engineer with a work experience in the consulting domain. She provides business solutions to her clients and is adept at high-level programming languages. Her aim was to get into one of the top B schools overseas for a management program.

Even though her work credentials weren’t an issue, the GMAT score of 620 was far too low to get into the top 5 bschools. However, with our consolidated efforts, Poojitha managed to secure an admission with ESSEC Paris for a Masters in Management program. She wanted to propel her career growth and MIM at ESSEC was the best one could get given the resources at her disposal.

How GyanOne helped Poojitha in her MiM Journey

At GyanOne, we examine our candidates thoroughly and ask as many questions as we can in order to ascertain what are they looking for and what will be best suited for them. When Poojitha came to us, she had a management degree on her mind. We examined her GMAT score, assessed her financial resources and had a few sittings with her to know the options she had in mind. After looking at several options, we proposed her with ESSEC MIM which she really liked. After a couple of weeks of strenuous efforts, Poojitha managed to secure an admission at the ESSEC MIM. She was very pleased with the offer and we were equally pleased to see a happy candidate getting ready for an exciting journey ahead.


Abhinav RajputAbhinav Rajput is an engineering graduate from SRM University. He has had a great academic time over there and a GPA of 8.5+ is an evidence of that. He has entrepreneurial bent and his stints so far as Co-Founder of a retail start up, and assuming leadership roles already at ESSEC proves it beyond doubt. He had 2 years of professional work experience and that too in a leadership role. His ambitions were clear that he wanted to lead and he is living it at ESSEC MIM. We hope that at the end of his program, he turns out to be what he wants to be.




Arpita kulkarni ESSEC

Another candidate who was placed at ESSEC MIM is Arpita Kulkarni. Like Abhinav, she too is an engineering graduate but from the prestigious Vellore Institute of Technology. Arpita was very good with academics and actively participated in debating societies and has won many accolades for her debates. She also has a couple of years of professional work experience. She is all set to join the ESSEC MIM program and given her prowess at indulging in active debates, we expect her to enlighten the Parisian campus too.



The next two candidates are similar yet slightly different from the above two.

Vishal Sanduja

Vishal Sanduja ESSEC

Vishal Sanduja is an IIT Graduate with a solid academic background. Though he is low on work experience, IIT experiences often include many professional projects where the students gain a lot of acumen. Vishal too was interested in a management program and opted to go with MIM. He has been selected with the renowned HEC, Paris. It’s only a matter of time when this IITian does himself and us very proud at and after HEC.



Sonali Brodiya

Sonali Brodiya ESSEC

Moving onto our youngest candidate and fresh engineer graduate, Sonali Brodiya, one will clearly see why MiM is becoming a course of choice for many.  She is an exceptionally active student at the National Institute of Technlogy Kurukshetra. Besides being a versatiel singer, Sonali has led various teams and initiatives during her graduation, ranging from dance to debatics to theatre, which makes her profile worth considering by the top Masters in Management programs.  Sonali doesn’t have any work experience and she is taking a direct leap into ESSEC MIM program where she will develop and hone her management and leadership skills, to kickstart her career early on.


GyanOne has been able to get numerous deserving and bright candidates through to ESSEC MIM program regardless of their work experiences. GyanOne has a past and present of enriching the experience of our candidates and guide them to the best possible outcomes of their selection journey and we shall continue to do so. We wish Poojitha, Abhinav, Arpita, Vishal and Sonali a great future ahead and invite all the people who are willing to take that little stride in their lives and make a good future out of it.

At GyanOne, we are ever present to help you make your career choices through academic institutions. Our aim is to ensure you are at the right B school in the right place where you do not have to worry about post-program measures. We are committed to building your growth chart while seeking what is best for you, in principle as well as in the long run.



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