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The SAT exam is the first phase toward realising a high school student’s dream of studying in the United States.  The College Board’s Scholastic Assessment Test, or SAT, is a compulsory entrance exam for American university/college admission. It assesses a student’s zeal and scholarly curiosity, allowing colleges to compare applicants for the chosen course. Your high school grades and predicted scores, choice of subjects, extracurricular engagements, personal essays, and letters of recommendation are all evaluated as part of the application process and your SAT scores.

Always cross-check the no. of slots remaining in the test centre before registering for the exam. In case there isn’t a centre near your residence or in your city, you can select the ‘Let the College Board find a seat near me’ feature. On short notice, the test centre may lessen or withdraw exam applications of some students from their location. Students will be notified about the availability of the seats through email. After completing your 12th grade, you can take the SAT exam if you apply to an undergraduate program at a US university. The SAT exam lasts three hours, excluding the essay question, which is no longer in process.

In India, the SAT Exam has a compulsory registration fee that must be paid, just like other competitive exams. For those planning to take the test, here is a breakdown of the examination fee for this test:

The cost of the SAT exam is $55 [INR 4,081]. In addition, Indian candidates must pay a $49 [INR 3600] non-US regional fee, bringing the total exam fee for Indian nationals to $104 [INR 7700].

The SAT exam cancellation fees can be pretty disturbing because you do not get a refund five days before the exam, or the amount is only $10. Instead of rejecting to appear for the exam, we recommend you request to postpone/reschedule the date. But you must pay an additional $30 fee for rescheduling – bizarre, isn’t it?

The following are the rescheduling fees:

Change Test Center           $ 30
Late Registration Fee           $ 30
Registering by Phone           $ 15
Wait list Fee           $ 53


Applicants can check their SAT results on the College Board’s official website within three weeks of the exam date. Step by step, here’s how to get your SAT performance and score online:

  • Sign in to the College’s official website using your user ID and password.
  • Go to the ‘My Organizer’ tab.
  • Select ‘SAT scores.’
  • You will be taken to another page where you must select ‘Assess my scores.’
  • The candidate must re-enter their user credentials before proceeding to the “my test scores” section.
  • On the screen, the SAT assessment sheet will appear. Your final score, sectional score, sub-score, and percentile score will be displayed on this scorecard.

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