How To Apply To Undergraduate Programs in Singapore Colleges – Singapore is a country that provides excellent education and is regarded as one of Asia’s most outstanding educational options. Some of Singapore’s greatest universities, including the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, and Singapore Management University, are among the top 100 in Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings. Indians are one of Singapore’s major ethnic groups. Therefore applicants from India will have a few issues adjusting to the country’s culture and language. International applicants must meet additional requirements to be admitted to Singapore universities.

The details of how to master your application process to Singapore universities are discussed below. There is no unified admission portal in Singapore; hence admission to institutions should always be carried through the websites of the specific universities. Most of Singapore’s public universities have two intakes, one in August and one in January. But private universities have a large number of admissions happening throughout the year. Begin your registration process by researching whatever courses are available in Singapore that matches your interest and passion.

With a wide range of courses available, you must select the proper one. Choose the course you want to pursue and begin by completing the application form. Candidates must first pick the program & college they wish to apply to and then research the criteria on the university’s official website: Undergraduate applicants are classified into six groups based on their prior educational qualifications:

  • Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level’
  • Polytechnic Diploma from Singapore
  • NUS High School Diploma
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma
  • Singapore Citizens
  • International Qualifications

Singapore International Qualifications for most Indian students fall into the last group. Indian families consider Singapore one of the easiest ways to study abroad. Compared to UK, USA, or Canadian education, the fee structure and living expenses are significantly lower, and it gives the student a sense of being around similar ethnicities – parents are glad that the travel time isn’t hectic. Let’s figure out which criteria are most appropriate for you-

  • Upload your application (or, in some situations, a postal application) to the specific university you wish to apply to.
  • You must complete the international student form, accessible on the university’s website.
  • Pay the application cost, which varies depending on the university.
  • Upload or deliver the necessary documents before the deadline.

For Indian students, the Standard Grade XII mark sheet qualifies admittance into undergraduate programs, regardless of whether it is from CBSE, ISCE, or a state board. Academic merit, as well as competitiveness among all eligible applicants, are used to determine enrollment. In addition to meeting the admission standards for overseas students, Indian students must meet the technical qualifications for the courses they apply to.

E.g., if you want to study BBA ( business admin), you must have studied Mathematics in 12th grade or at a higher level. Alternatively, if you are interested in civil engineering, you must have completed Calculus, Physics, and Chemistry in high school. 

The SOP introduces you to the particular university and admissions team where you have applied. The SOP must always be drafted in 1st person narration as it explains why you are applying to a specific college – what does the institution have to offer, and how will the degree be of great support in the future. It should emphasize why you are an excellent fit for the said university and why they should admit you. The writing style can range from official to casual, but it is necessary to remember that the SOP is also a reflection of your personality.

A prospective student is also required to submit essays. Essays are a critical component of your entire admission process. Students may be asked to write multiple essays and a few optional pieces. 

Because most university programs are in English, applicants must demonstrate sufficient fluency in the language at the time of admission. Say you have attended 12 years of English-medium schooling in India, then you are free from taking tests. You will be obliged to take one of these examinations if you do not.

  • IELTS- 6.5 average
  • TOEFL results- 85-100 overall.
  • Malaysian University English Test (MUET)- Band 3, and the score is valid for up to five years.
  • PTE – 56-66.

Following are some of the most important documents which, as an applicant, you must keep ready.

  • Relevant academic transcripts
  • Purpose Statement (SOP)
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Validity of a passport
  • Medical coverage
  • Test results
  • A thorough financial strategy

Prospective students must properly study the timetables of the admission process to ensure that they do not miss any important milestones. A candidate’s previous conduct and social behaviour are scrutinized during the interview process. Those with poor conduct certificates or who have been convicted of a crime are less likely to be approved by either the academic institutions or the immigration authorities. Different colleges require different documentation, so if you want to apply to NUS, NTU, or even SMU, make sure to go through all the requirements and what the form entails at the beginning of the process.


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