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IIMC PGPEX interview questions

The IIMC PGPEX is one of the most sought-after MBA-equivalent programs in India for experienced professionals. After a thorough initial process involving multiple essays, the admissions process moves on to the IIMC PGPEX interview. As would be expected of a premium program, IIMC keeps the interview very selective. We present here a debrief of the interview and a brief analysis.

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IIMC PGPEX interview questions

IIMC PGPEX interview questions largely center on the candidate’s core skills, but also sometimes go into aspects covering general awareness and specific skills (related to the candidate’s background).

Some specific questions from a recent IIMC PGPEX interview include:

– Why MBA?


– Questions on numerical ability (converting Indian units like lakhs into Western units like billions quickly)

– Questions on issues of general awareness (at the time, these covered interest rates, disruptions in Parliament, the GST bill, and reservations for women)

– Why not a master’s in some other field?

– An understanding of one’s career goals/questions on whether they make sense for the applicant (followed by significant counter-questions on candidate responses)

What is different about IIMC PGPEX interviews?

IIMC PGPEX interviews (and IIM experienced MBA interviews in general) involve significant questioning on current affairs and career goals. Short questions involving calculations or quick conversions are possible too.

Some guesstimates may occasionally be asked as well. In some rare cases, candidates may be asked to explain the meaning of technical terms connected to their profession.

Interview panels are usually small (1-3 people) and almost invariably involve at least one IIMC faculty member.

In this sense, the IIMC PGPEX interview is much more probing of a candidate’s skills and awareness too, and not just one’s career plans and fit with the school, as may be the case with several other schools.

The objective, of course, is not to be dismissive of the candidate’s skills, but to ensure that the candidate possesses high analytical potential and ability as professed in the application.

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Preparing for the IIMC PGPEX interview

Preparation for the IIMC PGPEX interview starts with, but does not end with, one’s own profile. It is imperative to understand one’s core domain in-depth, and also have at least some familiarity with adjacent areas.

An awareness of one’s industry, and of the latest news, is important too, but that may not be enough – one must have a perspective on issues too, and be able to present that perspective in turn.

Similarly, one may find one’s answers inviting only tepid responses from the interview panel. In some cases, a few responses may even elicit outright rejection from the panel.

Again, IIMC is interested in understanding how candidates behave under pressure, so think of this as a challenge than as a completely accurate depiction of the panel’s views on different responses.

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