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Rotman Soccer team

Deloitte Consultant’s Roller Coaster Ride to Top MBA in Canada

If you are planning to pursue an MBA in Canada, mentioned below is a guide to preparing well for your journey ahead. Tushare Khare, a soccer player by passion and a Consultant at Deloitte by profession and of course, now a student at Rotman, one of the top MBA  in Canada, answers questions, most Indian have on their mind, before plunging into the process of studying in Canada. In a very candid discussion, mentioned below are your MBA in Canada life hacks.

Rotman Soccer team

Question: What is the most exciting aspect of being an Indian student in Canada?

Tushar: Being able to live among so many cultures in the most exciting aspect. Canada, as a nation welcomes all cultures and therefore, it is always exciting to know about different cultures, languages and experiences.

Above everything, it is a great conversation starter and ice-breaker!

Question: What would you suggest Indian students aiming to settle in Canada be cautious about, related to the below mentioned aspects.

1. Taking your spouse abroad

Tushar: There are many job opportunities, but it depends on what your spouse wants to pursue. I would personally recommend everyone to not worry about jobs.

Within a timeline of 6 months, you spouses will work. Most get jobs of their preferred role and choice within 3 months.

2. Financials

Tushar: There is of course a factor of 50 (roughly, given the exchange rate), but once you settle in, things aren’t as expensive as back in India. A very general advice – DO NOT keep converting CAD to INR. It is better to keep at least an year’s expense at hand if you are single, and maybe 6 months expense, if you are married. With especially an MBA program, part time work is not possible until the first year since it is very demanding.

3. Language / culture

Tushar: Keep an open mind. Be curious. Be ready to learn about different cultures. Very importantly, do not just mingle among your own Indian group. We tend to do that a lot and it hampers not only our learning, but also our relations. Make friends and try to learn about different cultures.

4. Legal Policies

Tushar: If you want to settle in Canada, please read about the application process of applying for a PR (through Express Entry). A whole bunch of documents are required and the checklist can be found online.

Question: Do you intend to make a career switch post an MBA? If yes, which industry do you intend to target?

Tushar: I have always been passionate about technology but I wanted to know about the various aspects of business. Thus, I wanted to learn about the business of technology.

Also, having worked in consulting firms before Rotman, I am very interested in the financial industry mainly because it is undergoing a lot of disruption due to technology. My aim is to be a business consultant in the financial industry.

Question: How are the job opportunities for Indians in Canada?

Tushar: Canada has a smaller market than India. That being said, there are a lot of job opportunities. But it is limited to Toronto and Vancouver. For people interested in the Energy industry, Alberta is a great option.

There is no bias based on nationality; however, people with IT experience might have an easier time getting a job in their previous experience. This is just a personal opinion based on the number of jobs available.

Question: Would you recommend Indian applicants from the IT industry to pursue an MBA for career growth?

Tushar: I would. At the end of the day, it depends on what you want. If you want to remain with technology and like to code, an MBA will not help you. If you want to learn about the business of technology and eventually have an accelerated growth and learning, MBA is important.

Question: How do you think studying abroad is different than studying in India?

Tushar: It is VERY different. Courses here are based not only on final exams, but assignments, presentations and research which accounts for 60% of the grade. The final exam is just 20-30% of the grade.

The course also always keeps you on your toes where one slip in an assignment can cost you a grade, especially if it’s GPA(relative grading).

Apart from that, there is huge emphasis on class participation, which ranges from 10-20% of the grade, sometimes more. You are expected to read up cases, think about them and then contribute and discuss them in class.

Question: How do you think you have grown both personally and professionally, since your journey at Rotman started?

Tushar: I have grown a lot – more personally than professionally. Professionally, the concept of networking has finally dawned on me and the principles of making relations, contacts and networks has been the most important learning of my Rotman curriculum so far.

I have also learnt about so many subjects and concepts, financial accounting, etc. which a usual IT person is never exposed to nor he/she has any knowledge about. This is important if you want to become a future leader.

Personally, managing multiple tasks – coffee chats, classes, networking sessions, industry events, soccer matches has been a  roller coaster ride, but at the end of the first year, I believe I have done all these efficiently(you all learn to do it) and am ready to go on the ride once more and enjoy the thrills of my second year!

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