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As MBA applicants begin preparing their materials for the 2024-2025 admissions cycle, top business schools around the world are releasing their deadlines for the upcoming year. While some elite U.S. programs like Harvard Business School are still finalizing their dates, many leading international institutions have already announced their application cutoffs.

For candidates interested in pursuing an MBA in Europe, schools like ESMT Berlin, HEC Paris, and INSEAD have provided an early look at their 2024-2025 deadlines. ESMT Berlin has set November 6th as the round 6 deadline for its January 2025 intake, with interview notifications going out between November 14-21 and final decisions released on November 28th. The prestigious French program HEC Paris has multiple rounds, including an August 19th round 1 deadline for its September 2025 intake and rolling admissions decisions after that date.

Perennial global MBA power INSEAD has confirmed its four rounds spanning all the way from August 2024 to March 2025. Applicants for INSEAD’s January 2025 intake have an early round 4 deadline of August 6th, with decisions announced on October 11th. For those targeting the August 2025 class, application cutoffs range from September 10th for round 1 to March 4th for the final round 4.

Canadian applicants will want to note the several rounds at Western University’s Ivey Business School. Ivey has set a September 23rd deadline for round 4 applicants seeking to begin the program in March 2025, with rounds 5 and 6 following in November and January for the same intake.

No matter which top MBA program applicants pursue, preparing high-quality applications takes substantial time and effort. As these early deadline dates illustrate, the 2024-2025 admissions cycle is already underway at many leading business schools globally. Prospective students are wise to start exploring their options and developing strong applications as soon as possible.

Round 1 2024-2025 MBA Application Deadlines

School Deadline Interview Notification Decision Essay Release
INSEAD Aug. 6, 2024 (R4-Jan. 2025 intake) Sept. 6, 2024 Oct. 11, 2024 Yes
IMD August 15, 2024 (R5-Jan. 2025 Intake) Rolling Rolling Yes
HEC Paris Aug. 19, 2024 (R5) Jan. 2025 Intake) Rolling Sept. 20, 2024 Yes
HEC Paris Aug. 19, 2024 (R1-Sept. 2025 Intake) Rolling TBD Yes
Cambridge (Judge) Aug. 27, 2024 (R1) Sept. 30-Oct. 14, 2024 Rolling Yes
Harvard Business School Sept. 4, 2024 (R1) TBD Dec. 10, 2024 Yes
Yale SOM Sept. 10, 2024 (R1) Rolling Rolling Yes
INSEAD Sept. 10, 2024 (R1-Aug. 2025 intake) Oct. 11, 2024 Nov. 15, 2024 Yes
ESMT Berlin Sept. 11, 2024 (R5-Jan. 2025 intake) Sept. 19-26, 2024 Oct. 2, 2024 Yes
Texas-Austin (McCombs) Oct. 15, 2024 (R1) Rolling Dec. 17, 2024 Yes
UC-Berkeley (Haas) Sept. 12, 2024 By rolling invitation Dec. 12, 2024 Yes
IMD Sept. 15, 2024 (R6-Jan. 2025 Intake) Rolling Rolling Yes
Western (Ivey) Sept. 23, 2024 (R4-March 2025 Intake) Rolling 4 to 6 Weeks From Applying Yes
HEC Paris Sept. 16, 2024 (R5-Jan. 2025 Intake) Rolling Oct. 18, 2024 Yes
UCLA (Anderson) Oct. 1, 2024 (R1) Rolling Dec. 13, 2024 Yes
Georgia Tech (Scheller) Oct. 4, 2024 (R1) Dec. 13-15, 2024 Nov. 22, 2024 Yes
Michigan State (Broad) Oct. 7, 2024 (R1) Rolling Nov. 11, 2024 Yes
IMD Oct. 15, 2024 (R7-Jan. 2025 Intake) Rolling Rolling Yes
ESMT Berlin Nov. 6, 2024 (R6-Jan. 2025 intake) Nov. 14-21, 2024 Nov. 28, 2024 Yes
Brigham Young (Marriott) Dec. 1, 2024 (R1) Rolling Rolling Yes

Round 2 2024-2025 MBA Application Deadlines

School Deadline Interview Notification Decision Essay Release
INSEAD Nov. 5, 2024 (R2-Aug. 2025 intake) Dec. 6, 2024 Jan. 10, 2025 Yes
HEC Paris Nov. 12, 2024 (R7-Jan. 2025 Intake) Rolling Dec. 13, 2024 Yes
Western (Ivey) Nov. 18, 2024 (R5-March 2025 Intake) Rolling 4 to 6 Weeks From Applying Yes
Michigan State (Broad) Nov. 25, 2024 (R2) Rolling Jan. 31, 2025 Yes
Harvard Business School Jan. 6, 2025 (R2) TBD March 26, 2025 Yes
UCLA (Anderson) Jan. 6, 2025 (R2) Rolling March 27, 2025 Yes
Yale SOM Jan. 7, 2025 (R2) Rolling Rolling Yes
UC-Berkeley (Haas) Jan. 9, 2025 (R2) By rolling invitation March 27, 2025 Yes
Georgia Tech (Scheller) Jan. 10, 2025 (R2) Feb. 19-21, 2025 Feb. 28, 2025 Yes
Western (Ivey) Jan. 10, 2025 (R6-March 2025 Intake) Rolling 4 to 6 Weeks From Applying Yes
Texas-Austin (McCombs) Jan. 15, 2025 (R2) Rolling March 27, 2025 Yes
Brigham Young (Marriott) Jan. 15, 2025 (R2) Rolling Rolling Yes

Round 3 & Final 2024-2025 MBA Application Deadlines

School Deadline Interview Notification Decision Essay Release
INSEAD Jan. 14, 2025 (R3-Aug. 2025 intake) Feb. 14, 2025 March 21, 2025 Yes
Michigan State (Broad) Feb. 17, 2025 (R3–Final International) Rolling March 28, 2025 Yes
Brigham Young (Marriott) March 1, 2025 (R3-Final International) Rolling Rolling Yes
INSEAD March 4, 2025 (R4-Aug. 2025 intake) April 4, 2025 May 2, 2025 Yes
Georgia Tech (Scheller) March 7, 2025 (R3) April 10-11, 2025 April 18, 2025 Yes
Cambridge (Judge) March 31, 2025 (R4) April 28-May 12, 2025 Rolling Yes
Texas-Austin (McCombs) April 1, 2025 (R3-Final International) Rolling April 29, 2025 Yes
UC-Berkeley (Haas) April 3, 2025 (R3) By rolling invitation May 8, 2025 Yes
Michigan State (Broad) April 7, 2025 (R4) Rolling May 16, 2025 Yes
Yale SOM April 8, 2025 (R3) Rolling Rolling Yes
UCLA (Anderson) April 14, 2025 (R3) Rolling May 6, 2025

As the tables above make clear, top MBA programs have application deadlines spread throughout the 2024-2025 admissions cycle. Regardless of whether you’re targeting the early rounds in August and September or holding out for the final rounds next spring, crafting a standout application requires meticulous preparation.

Competition for seats at elite business schools continues to intensify each year. Securing admission demands flawless execution across all components of your candidacy – from faithfully representing your professional achievements and leadership experience to articulating a compelling vision for how an MBA advances your career goals. Even slight missteps can prove costly in such an ultra-competitive applicant pool.

If you are looking to apply to any of these elite MBA programs in the early or final rounds of the 2024-2025 admissions cycle, the time to begin preparing is now. Get in touch with our top admissions consultants immediately and take advantage of a free premium profile evaluation. Simply send your request to [email protected], and we’ll provide a candid assessment of your candidacy along with a comprehensive game plan for your applications. With over a decade of experience helping applicants gain admission to the world’s most selective MBA programs, GyanOne has the proven expertise to make your dream MBA a reality. Don’t leave your future to chance – contact us today to get started!


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