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Founded in 1898, the University of Chicago – Booth School of Business is the second-oldest business school globally. Led by the Univ. of Chicago, its primary focus points are analytics and enhancing the latest trends in the business community. The Univ. of Chicago approach shows Booth graduates a well-planned, strategic, and analytic framework for a successful career.


This school is very selective and accepts students with (GMAT avg score) highly experienced. Booth has prestigious, and vast Executive MBA programs that help hundreds of students earn their EMBA degrees with promising, highly successful futures. The school has three campuses worldwide – Chicago, London, Hong Kong, with award-winning faculty and a global, collaborative community to guide and motivate you throughout your professional life. Booth believes in creating strong leaders with expert analytical skills, focusing on the management side of the business, and encouraging its students to become well-renowned entrepreneurs.

Chicago Booth is the only American business school with multiple campuses on three continents. The school provides lifelong access to global industry expertise, individualized coaching, and strong career support. The program is specifically designed for professionals and executives, keeping in mind the unique and latest market trends in business and management.



You should apply for the Booth EMBA as early as possible to gain the full advantage of scholarships, financial aid, increased chances of admittance, etc. The following are the critical requirements of applying to this prestigious program:

  • Evidence of logical and robust career progression 
  • Career advancement potential 
  • Strength of academic record 
  • Commitment to the program
  • Appreciation for Chicago Booth’s approach to management education
  • Contribution to classmates and their experience
  • Test scores (Executive Assessment, GMAT, or GRE)

Booth School of Business takes a holistic approach to accepting students in its Executive MBA program. The application looks for clarity on career goals, and an excellent fit with Booth culture and values. The Booth EMBA values leaders, and the application captures deep details on one’s past achievements and experience. The entire procedure is highly advanced and helps every applicant to understand and determine if they are the fit for the program and vice versa.


The students can apply for the program starting from the 3rd week of November till the 1st week of June each year. The deadlines, of course, vary depending on the month of intake:


1 First Deadline Nov 29, 2021
2 Second Deadline Feb 14, 2022
3 Third Deadline April 4, 2022
4 Final Deadline June 6, 2022



Booth’s Executive MBA has a logical progression of courses that is impactful in workplaces and understanding the latest innovations in the field of Business and Management. The curriculum focuses on making you prone to solving every day business-related problems, developing solutions leadership skills, and honing these concepts to become a better professional.

This EMBA program will strengthen your ability to lead with confidence from finance to marketing to operations, etc. Some of the most important aspects that make the Booth EMBA exclusive are:

  1. Booth follows the Chicago approach, a unique multi-disciplinary framework to sharpen your awareness, methdology, and problem solving skills. At Booth, you will not just solve business problems. You will also learn about research and theories related to social psychology to understand certain concepts like interpersonal influence, commitment, group decision making, etc. These aspects, resultantly, help you become a better and more effective leader.
  2. The Booth EMBA has a wide range of electives, and integrated projects that bring together concepts from across the program. While other EMBA programs have electives too, Booth’s depth of electives is higher, and the real-world projects it offers helps the program to stand above other EMBA programs. 
  3. The Booth EMBA is much more global than even other top MBA programs. You get to study in 3 international locations, and with a global cohort of peers.  


The Booth EMBA offers a supportive cultural community that inspires you and makes you an empowered professional. It helps you form strong relationships and build a robust network of highly qualified professionals. The significant factors that make a student’s life at Booth most beautiful and full of intellectual experiences are:

  1. Collaborative Learning Environment
  2. Not just the regular classes, Booth also gives its students a dose of study groups, internal sessions, and in-class debates to enrich their minds and help them become their best selves.
  3. Benefits of Booth’s Global Cohort Society – your understanding of international business and other cultures automatically grows when you study with a global peer group. 
  4. The EMBA class draws students from across the world. The global and diverse class provides a deep richness of diversity – the teaching faculty, students, extracurricular activities, etc. 
  5. An Empowering Alumni Network – Booth alumni are known to go above and beyond in helping students truly and remain intricately connected with the school long after the graduate. 
  6. With Booth’s vast alumni network, every student has the opportunity to connect with highly qualified leaders and entrepreneurs. Campus events, alumni clubs, elective weeks, etc., all are designed to provide a colossal bracket of communication to all the graduates.


As an aspiring leader, development is one of the most crucial factors to be considered – adapting to the latest trends, catering to the new demands, and learning about different types of businesses – it all gives rise to a more holistically driven leadership. The Booth EMBA Program is structured to provide students ample opportunity and learning space to experiment with their ideas and teach new skills through group discussions, fraternities, Leadership Exploration and Development course (LEAD), etc.

LEAD is designed specifically for the students pursuing Executive MBA who aim to become renowned leaders and entrepreneurs. It is a complex combination of workshops, network opportunities, industry insight sessions, one-on-one coaching, and a lot more. Though leadership development is a lifelong process, it must begin from the fundamentals and the zeal to take it forward without the fear of failure. The program has three crucial components of learning, which are:

  1. Executive Marketplace Knowledge
  2. Executive leadership Skills
  3. Executive Coaching


BOOTH EMBA success – a GyanOne client case study

Fayaaz Ghouse is a highly qualified working professional in the field of Management and Engineering. His self-made career is an excellent example of motivation – a history enthusiast leading his life as a Production Manager. Fayaaz has been working since 2012, post the completion of his Undergrad from KCG College of Technology in Aeronautical Engineering. He joined L&T Technology Services Ltd. (Chicago Office) in November 2012 as a full-time Design Engineer. Working there for four years, he gained the industrial and management experience that later helped him earn a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Starting on a new venture, Fayaaz began the second phase of his career with ITW, Chicago Area, as a Project Manager. He studied alongside working and gained ample experience and opportunities to showcase his expertise and enhance his management skills.

Fayaaz was responsible for multiple projects at ITW that required his engineering skills to launch new designs, end-to-end managing of the products, identifying customer needs, managing internal resources, etc. At ITW, he worked closely with General Motors, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Audi. Fayaaz earned a well-deserved promotion at the firm once he completed his post-graduation. Since October 2019, he has worked as the Production Manager (Chicago). He is directly responsible for plant operations, leading multiple teams to the success of the projects at hand, and improvising the plant’s performance using LEAN methodology. The analytical and strategic aspects have indeed been polished, and currently, he is regarded as one of the most sincere employees at ITW. 



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