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HEC MiM interview questions

HEC MiM interview questions | HEC MiM interviews

The HEC Master in Management (MiM) program is among the most prestigious around the world, ranked as the second best in the world by Financial Times currently. It is also a very selective and prestigious program. Applicants who are therefore selected for the HEC MiM interview have already made it through the rigorous written application process, which includes several essays. HEC is selective in terms of sending out interview invites, with the selection ratio well below 50%. The fact that you are even going to deal with HEC MiM interview questions therefore means that you have already made it through part of a gruelling process.

HEC MiM interviews – things to keep in mind

Before they even begin preparing for the HEC MiM interview, applicants should keep in mind the structure and form of the interview. HEC is very particular about ensuring that each successful applicant is a good fit with the program and what it offers. Therefore one should ensure familiarity with the following aspects:

Be thorough with your career goals. There is no substitute for knowing why you are pursuing the program and what you hope to accomplish through it.

-Be aware of general news and current affairs. While HEC MiM interviews are not meant to test your quizzing skills, you should be aware of the latest happenings around the world.

-Be passionate. That can happen only when you know yourself and the program well. Even if your answers are good, a lack of passion can get your rejected.

-Be professional and prepared. Dress formally. Know how to greet your interviewers.

Interviewing with HEC?

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HEC MiM interview questions – from real interviews

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of HEC MiM interview questions. However, they are representative of real questions you can expect. Some questions, of course, will be tailored to the applicant’s profile.

– Tell us about yourself

– Why (engineering/commerce/arts)?

– What are your career goals?

– Tell me about a failure you faced and what you learnt from it

– That is not a real failure. Please tell me about a real failure you faced. Please answer again.

– What is your biggest weakness?

– How did you prepare for the interview?

– What are the challenges in your industry?

– Why HEC?

– Why France?

– Why not (your own country)?


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