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  • You’ve taken the SAT/ACT and are aiming for the best undergraduate programs in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, or Singapore. We provide customized, personalized, and professional college counseling and admissions consulting for top programs abroad. Right after you have taken the SAT/ACT, we advise on the kind of programs, and the universities that you can look at. Then, we work closely with the student to develop your profile for top programs, creating a sold plan to target the earliest deadlines, and win not just admits, but also scholarships.
  • Every college application has multiple elements – school selection, Common App essays / UCAS essays / university-specific additional essays, and multiple columns to be filled on each application. School counselors need to be sounded out and worked with as well, and there are multiple documents to be collected. Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew all of this was being handled the best way it can ever be?
  • You may also wonder or even worry if you have the profile that top universities look for, or if you can create compelling stories that can capture the attention of top admissions committees. We work with you to bring out the best from your profile, advise you on activities to take up, and piece it all together into solid applications. If you are planning to retake the SAT/ACT, we will work with you to create a plan for your applications around your next date. We will also advise on SAT subject tests, and where they can help. You may be aspiring for any career – engineering, business, the arts, economics, or mathematics (among others) . We have the experience to help you get there!

How Does the Process Work?

Complete overview of the student's profile for college admissions, according to geographies

Before we work with you, we need to know you, in and out. Every student who approaches us at this stage will have an SAT/ACT score, and some idea of what he/she wants to do. Through initial discussions, we discover the student’s interest in certain areas, and identify his/her readiness for that area. We look at the student’s academic performance (CBSE/ICSE/IB) and suggest next steps accordingly.

An initial list of universities that can be targeted per the overall student profile is created

 Each university selected is discussed with the student, and the overall list is classified into different categories (dream/reach/target/safe universities). If an SAT/ACT improvement is needed, we will advise at this stage on that too. Depending on the time left, we will advise on suitable extra-curricular and leadership activities to be taken up too.

Reviewing our custom plan on managing deadlines, and ensuring that it is met.

Create a coherent strategy to obtain counselor and teacher recommendations, term mark sheets and projected marks statements, and other documents that would be needed. Are we on track for Early Action (EA)/Early Decision (ED)? What applications have an upcoming deadline? We manage this and more, without any stress. So the student can manage applications, test prep (if needed), and school studies all together, without any complications or any pressure.

Create a great application for top universities

Do you know what differentiates a Harvard app from a Stanford app? How can different kinds of stories from your profile help you to differentiate yourself among a competitive pool of applicants? How does one address Common App essays and school supplement essays to avoid repetition, but maximize interest? Can one UCAS statement of purpose be enough, and if so, how do we crack it? Expect to get into the nitty-gritty of each essay for every university on a word-by-word level.

Final selection of universities and expert advice

You have won the admits, but you still need to decide where to go. Some university may have offered you a scholarship, while another may not have but may be much higher ranked. Is New York City better for Computer Science, or are only Silicon Valley universities going to help? Which university is best for Finance or business? We work through various factors to help you decide the best for you!

AppOne(TM) for college applications - Features

The service covers everything from counseling to university selection, essays, applications, and (if required) interviews. It is completely end-to-end
Help on bringing out your unique story and fit with the school – all custom and bespoke – no templates!
Creation of a comprehensive strategy to ensure that your essays, resume, recommendation, and goals are all in sync with your target school
You work ONLY with top MBA graduates (MIT/Kellogg/INSEAD/LBS/ISB) who have helped 500+ top college applicants EACH!
Get insights and advice on information sessions, video essays, and alumni connections, and join our top MBA network!

Whether it is meeting a close deadline, or transforming a ‘weak’ profile to one that gets considered by multiple top universities, we have done it all. Speak to us and know how!

Admits in Best Universities

Some of the questions/aspects we address

Examples of Some Questions We Tackle regularly (actual questions from successful applicants before they applied)

“I don’t have stellar extra-curricular achievements. How do I tackle questions on hobbies or interests?”

“I missed a couple of exams due to ill health, and my grades dropped. How do I manage this now?”

“I am not good at writing creatively or with impact. What do I do?”

“My SAT/ACT did not work out as planned. How should I plan my applications?”

“Do I apply in EA/ED with lower grades, or Regular Decision with higher grades?”

“I’ve never led teams or student clubs. How do I detail leadership experience in my essays?”

“Will it help to visit the school once before applying? When should I go?”

All these questions (and others not listed here) are valid. All of them also have a solution. Trust us to find it for you! 


Q. How exactly does GyanOne help me with my essays / recommendations?

The GyanOne MBA Essay Editing , AppOne™, offers the following benefits:

Essay Editing guidance: We help you draft and write your essays in a manner that conveys all your strengths in the best way possible. Often, the difference between a great essay and a poor one lies in which thoughts you choose to express, and how you choose to structure them. Our review ensures that your essays are brief, yet expressive; professional, yet interesting.

We leave no stone unturned when we review your essays. Our service is thorough, organized, and best-in-class. Our reviewers, besides being top MBA (all of them!) and US college graduates, are also highly experienced in evaluating B-school applications. We also have a high success rate in getting our candidates the coveted interview call from top-notch institutions around the world.

Recommendation help: Your recommendation must be written and endorsed by your recommender. However, we do realize that the entire process – from deciding on who to ask for a recommendation, to having the person write your recommendation and send it to the university, is difficult. We work with you in making this process smooth – from helping you to identify who to ask, to helping you structure your thoughts in asking the person for a recommendation. The conversation requesting someone for a recommendation can often be awkward. We help you to prepare for that conversation so you can request the recommendation in the most effective manner possible. Thereafter, we encourage you to leave the rest of the process to your recommender(s)

Q. Why are essays important? How do they influence the admission decision?

The single most important factor (after academic considerations) that contributes to application success at top college applications is the impression created by the essays you write. As a mandatory part of their admission process, all universities require you to submit the Common App/UCAS essays, and  write two to three supplemental essays on pre-defined topics given by them. Essays are therefore very important for the following reasons:

They help universities evaluate your thinking and views through the opinions you express

They help universities to view your application through your eyes – how you view yourself, what your goals are, how an MBA helps you achieve your goals, and how you can be an asset to the school as an alumnus

They help YOU to refine your thinking – the essays force you to take a closer look at yourself, your application, and your reasons for applying to the particular school

They can help clarify matters left unsaid or incomplete in the rest of the application – some candidates smartly use the essays to convey extraordinary achievements, extra-curricular skills, or family hardships that the rest of the application does not capture. This can often help the university Admissions Committee form a more favorable view of your application

Do Better Than Your Best

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