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Meet Admissions Officers from America’s best business schools in India

Researching top MBA programs can be difficult to do, despite the multiple options for information available online. As an MBA applicant, you may also have specific questions custom to your profile and career ambitions that can only be answered by the business schools that you are applying to. Contacting admissions officers or current students over email may not always work out as they are busy, and have several queries to respond to. While several schools also hold information sessions in India, sometimes, these sessions happen very late in the admissions season (on occasion, after Round 1 deadlines are gone).

What if you could speak to all top admissions officers from US schools at one place, in India? That is exactly what the QS World MBA Tour is making possible this year, in no less than 4 cities across India.

QS Quacquarelli Symonds Limited Tour

The QS MBA Tour in India is a unique opportunity for applicants across 4 cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, to be able to understand the admissions process, and meet admissions officials from top US MBA programs together. Some of the top names, including many schools regularly ranked in the US top 20 MBA programs, will be there.

This includes names such as Berkeley Haas, Duke Fuqua, Michigan Ross, Johnson Cornell, Vanderbilt Owen, Washington Olin, MSU Broad, ASU Carey, and Boston Questrom, among others.

Now, you may be targeting programs in different American business school segments; maybe schools ranked in the top 10, or those between 10-20, or even those ranked below that, depending on your profile and ambitions. The good thing with the QS MBA World Tour in India is that they will have schools across each segment in this event. That means, you can not only visit the schools of your interest, but also have a chat with admissions officers of schools that are ranked adjacent, and get their perspectives.



Advantages of attending the QS World Tour in India MBA events

The biggest advantage of attending the event is the chance to meet and discuss your profile and ambitions with admissions officers from top US MBA programs. These are the very people who will make decisions on your application after you submit them, so getting their first-hand opinion can be a huge advantage. They may also be able to advise you on things to watch out for, and weaknesses to address. Be dressed sharply, and make the most of the opportunity.

Apart from this, there are also several other reasons to attend this event:

– GMAC (the company that made the GMAT) is conducting GMAT workshops. These will help me you shatter myths around taking the test. They will also help you understand how to approach test preparation, and make you aware of the resources available.

– Expert sessions and discussions, with presentations by different business schools on their programs. This is an excellent opportunity to know the programs well.

– There is even a free CV evaluation workshop. While this may not be all that you need to create the perfect CV, you could get great directional advice on how your CV matches up.

– For those with concerns on the US visa post-MBA, there is the opportunity to speak to US consulate officials as well.


Tips on networking and learning at the QS MBA World Tour in India

For those who are attending an event such as this for the first time, here is some quick advice on how to make the most of the event without coming across as over-eager or uninterested:

  • Be dressed sharply. Yes, you will find people at the fair who are very casually attired, but this is your chance to make an impression in front of admissions officers you meet.
  • Carry business cards with you, and be ready to make a quick, sharp introduction. Remember, multiple people will be demanding attention and time from the admissions officers; don’t waste the opportunity you get.
  • Take (multiple) copies of your CV along with you, not just for the evaluation, but also to discuss your profile with admissions officers.
  • Ask only relevant questions during the discussions and presentations; avoid questions too specific to your profile. Also research the programs well (online) before you go.
  • Respect others’ time and space. Often, applicants will jostle around the stalls of the most popular business schools, and refuse to give space to others. Give others time to ask questions as well (this may seem obvious, but wait till you get there).


You can register for the QS World MBA Tour in India here: http://topmba.com/gyanone


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