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The IIMB EPGP Interview questions vary across topics and feilds. We have covered a lot of them in one of our earlier articles. However, in an attempt to keep our readers up-to-date with the ever changing questions every year, and to provide hem with maximum possible exposure to the IIM Bangalore EPGP interview experience, mentioned below are more IIMB EPGP Interview questions, that have been asked to our clientele in 2015-16.


Q) 6 years in Infosys. Why is that?

Q) Can you explain what are the right opportunities you just spoke about?

Q) Why development project is good for you?

Q) But you are just a fresher. How much can you see in a development project?

Q) But I think you can learn more from a support project?

Q) What change have you seen in Infosys in Six years? Changes that you felt around you or your work ?

Q) If you think training should be stronger, Why is that, the training was made by the same people who made training for you?

Q) So you are saying Narayan Murthy did not do well in his second stint?

Q) So why did NRN not do a good job?

Q) So how is the future for infy now?

Q) You are not married. What are the qualities you are looking for in your wife?

Q) What will you do straight after mba?

Q) If you don’t get into EPGP will it obstruct your growth?

Q) Does your company provide sabbatical?

Q) So EPGP is you way to get out of Infosys?

Q) Since you are from NTPC, a reputed company, what does NTPC do as compared to other PSUs which makes it a Maharatna company?

Q) What is the future of nuclear power in india?

Q) What was so fuss about US Nuclear deal? Why so important?

Q) What is the cost of nuclear power? Will it decrease? Why it will decrease?

Q) What the PLF of NTPC?

Q) Why does it vary from plant to plant?

Q) What is the role of managers in future in NTPC?

Q) What is process innovation? What type of innovation have you done?

Q) What is product innovation?

Q) Favourite subject in college? Why?

Q) What does factor of safety depend on? (Subject specific question)

Q) Any question for us?



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