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The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University is renowned for its rigorous MBA program, which fosters leaders adept at navigating complex challenges in both professional and community settings. Each year, applicants are required to articulate their motivations, goals, and experiences through a series of essays. For 2024, Kellogg has posed two main essay questions along with a re-applicant essay and an additional information section. This article delves into each essay prompt, offering an in-depth analysis to help prospective students craft compelling responses.

Kellogg MBA Essay 1

Intentionality is a key aspect of what makes our graduates successful Kellogg leaders. Help us understand your journey by articulating your motivations for pursuing an MBA, the specific goals you aim to achieve, and why you believe now is the right moment. Moreover, share why you feel Kellogg is best suited to serve as a catalyst for your career aspirations and what you will contribute to our community of lifelong learners during your time here. (450 words)


This essay seeks to understand the applicant’s career trajectory and their strategic decision to pursue an MBA at this juncture. Key components to address include:

  1. Motivations for Pursuing an MBA:Discuss personal and professional experiences that have led to the decision to pursue an MBA. Highlight key moments that have shaped your career aspirations.
  2. Specific Goals:Clearly articulate short-term and long-term career goals. Explain how an MBA will bridge the gap between your current skill set and the competencies needed to achieve these goals.
  3. Timing:Justify why now is the right time to pursue an MBA. This could relate to industry trends, personal readiness, or professional experiences that have culminated at this point.
  4. Why Kellogg:Demonstrate a strong understanding of Kellogg’s unique offerings. Discuss specific programs, courses, faculty, or extracurricular activities that align with your goals.
  5. Contributions to the Community:Reflect on what you will bring to Kellogg’s diverse and collaborative environment. This could include professional expertise, leadership skills, cultural perspectives, or extracurricular interests.

Kellogg MBA Essay 2

Kellogg leaders are primed to tackle challenges everywhere, from the boardroom to their neighborhoods. Describe a specific professional experience where you had to make a difficult decision. Reflecting on this experience, identify the values that guided your decision-making process and how it impacted your leadership style. (450 words)


This essay requires a detailed narrative of a challenging professional experience, emphasizing decision-making and leadership.

  1. Situation Description:Set the context by explaining the scenario, stakeholders involved, and the challenges faced.
  2. Decision-Making Process:Detail the decision you had to make. Highlight the complexity of the situation and the factors that influenced your choice.
  3. Guiding Values:Reflect on the core values that guided your decision. These could be integrity, teamwork, innovation, or any other principles that are central to your leadership style.
  4. Impact on Leadership:Discuss the outcomes of your decision and its impact on your team, organization, or community. Reflect on how this experience shaped your leadership approach and what you learned.

Re-applicant Essay

How have you grown or changed personally and professionally since you previously applied and what steps have you taken to become the strongest candidate you can be? (250 word limit)


Re-applicants must show significant growth and improvement since their last application.

  1. Personal and Professional Growth:Highlight key areas of development. This could include new responsibilities, skills acquired, or personal milestones.
  2. Proactive Steps:Detail specific actions taken to strengthen your candidacy. This could involve further education, certifications, leadership roles, or community involvement.
  3. Reflection:Demonstrate self-awareness and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Additional Information

We know that life is full of extenuating circumstances. Whether you want to explain gaps in work experience, your choice of recommenders, inconsistent or questionable academic performance or something else, you can use this section to briefly tell us anything we need to know about your application. (280 words)


Use this section to address any potential red flags in your application.

  1. Context and Explanation:Provide context for any inconsistencies or gaps without making excuses. Be honest and straightforward.
  2. Positive Spin:Highlight other aspects of your candidacy that compensate for the weaknesses mentioned.
  3. Brevity:Keep it concise and to the point.

Detailed Guidance on Crafting Each Essay

To craft compelling responses to each essay, it is crucial to understand the underlying intentions behind the questions. Kellogg seeks candidates who are introspective, strategic, and capable of contributing positively to the community.

Essay 1: Intentionality and Career Goals

Start by reflecting on your career journey, identifying pivotal moments that inspired your decision to pursue an MBA. Detail your career goals with precision, distinguishing between short-term objectives immediately post-MBA and long-term aspirations. For instance, if you aim to transition from a mid-level management role in finance to a senior strategic role in a tech company, explain how an MBA will equip you with the necessary skills and networks.

Emphasize the timing of your application. Perhaps the industry you are in is undergoing significant transformation, and an MBA will help you stay ahead of the curve. Or maybe you’ve reached a plateau in your current role and need the advanced knowledge and leadership training that an MBA offers.

When discussing why Kellogg is the ideal fit, be specific. Mention particular courses, such as “Entrepreneurial Finance” or “Digital Marketing Strategies,” that are directly aligned with your goals. Highlight unique programs like Kellogg’s MMM program or its focus on experiential learning through initiatives like Global Lab. Also, discuss how you plan to contribute to Kellogg’s community. This could involve joining or leading clubs, organizing events, or participating in community service projects.

Essay 2: Leadership and Decision-Making

The STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) framework is particularly useful for structuring this essay. Begin by setting the scene – describe a challenging situation in your professional life, the key players involved, and the stakes.

Next, outline the task at hand. What was the difficult decision you needed to make? Was it related to project management, team leadership, client relations, or another critical area?

Detail the actions you took. This is where you should elaborate on your thought process, the alternatives considered, and the values that influenced your decision. For instance, if you had to choose between two suppliers, explain how your commitment to ethical sourcing guided your decision.

Finally, discuss the results. What was the outcome of your decision? How did it impact your team, the project, or the organization? Reflect on how this experience influenced your leadership style. Did it make you more decisive, empathetic, or strategic? Conclude with how these lessons will help you contribute to the Kellogg community.

Kellogg MBA Class Profile

The following table presents the Kellogg MBA class profile for 2023, representing the class of 2025:

Attribute Value
Class Size 529
Acceptance Rate 31%
GMAT Average 731
GPA Average 3.7
Diversity (Women) 48%
Diversity (International) 39%
Average Years of Work Experience 5
Pre-MBA Industries
– Consulting 26%
– Technology 19%
– Financial Services 19%
– Healthcare / Biopharma 8%
– Consumer Products 5%
– Media & Entertainment 4%
– Gov’t / Edu / Nonprofit 4%
– Military 3%
– Manufacturing 3%
– Energy 1%
– Other 9%
Undergraduate Majors
– Economics / Business 50%
– STEM 38%
– Humanities 25%

Kellogg MBA Employment Report & Careers

The following table summarizes the employment statistics for Kellogg MBA graduates:

Salary Average $193,163
Offers Upon Graduation 94%
Offers At 3 Months



Post-MBA Industries
– Consulting 38%
– Technology 24%
– Financial Services 17%
– Consumer Packaged Goods 8%
– Healthcare 4%
– Manufacturing 2%
– Real Estate 2%
– Retail 2%
– Media/Entertainment 1%
– Nonprofit 1%
– Energy 0.49%









Post-MBA Locations
– United States 94.50%
– Mid-Atlantic 4.12%
– Midwest 29.04%
– Northeast 17.53%
– South 4.30%
– Southwest 6.53%
– West 32.99%
– International 5.50%
– Asia 2.75%
– Central America and the Caribbean 0.52%
– Europe-Free Trade Zone 0.52%
– Middle East and North Africa 0.34%
– North America (Non-US States) 0.34%
– South America 1.03%




Post-MBA Companies
– McKinsey & Company
– The Boston Consulting Group
– Bain & Company
– Amazon
– Google
– Nike, Inc.
– PwC Strategy&
– Adobe Systems
– Meta
– EY-Parthenon
– J.P. Morgan
– Lincoln International LLC
– L.E.K. Consulting
– VISA Inc.
– Wayfair
– Apple Inc.
– C3.ai
– Cisco Systems
– Intuit Inc.
– Microsoft Corporation
– Deloitte Consulting LLP
– PepsiCo, Inc.
– Bank of America
– Optum
– Danaher Corporation
– Kearney
– The Kraft Heinz Company
– Procter & Gamble
– Tyson Foods
– Capital One Financial Corporation
– JPMorgan Chase & Co.
– Periscope Equity LLC
– Oak Street Health
– Walmart, Inc.


Crafting a Compelling Application

To craft a successful application for Kellogg’s MBA program, it is essential to be introspective, strategic, and articulate. Applicants must thoroughly address each essay prompt, providing detailed and reflective responses that demonstrate their readiness for Kellogg’s rigorous program and their potential to contribute to its vibrant community. Leveraging the class profile and employment statistics can also help candidates align their aspirations with Kellogg’s strengths, thereby strengthening their applications.

Leveraging Kellogg’s Resources

Understanding and leveraging Kellogg’s resources is crucial. Engage with alumni, current students, and faculty to gain insights into the program. Attend Kellogg’s information sessions and webinars, and actively participate in discussions. These interactions will not only provide valuable information but also help you articulate why Kellogg is the right fit for you.

Consider how Kellogg’s unique resources can help you achieve your goals. For example, if you are interested in entrepreneurship, Kellogg’s Zell Fellows Program provides a comprehensive platform for entrepreneurial development. Similarly, if your interest lies in social impact, the Kellogg Board Fellows program offers hands-on experience with nonprofit boards.


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