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Strategy for ISB Reapplicants

Applying to ISB once again? It’s not simply a matter of rearranging the essays, or ‘giving it another shot’. Successful ISB reapplicant(s) take a hard look at what they could not succeed in doing the previous year, and try and fix the problems.

When an applicant does not get through in his/her first attempt, it can be a blow to one’s confidence. The fact that the application is not making it through despite having met the criteria set by the school can be disheartening. However, this should not deter you from reapplying. Reapplying gives you the opportunity to revisit your application and improve on the areas that were lacking earlier. Here are 4 things that ISB PGP reapplicants should keep in mind to improve their applications in the second attempt:

Redo Your Essays

For most applicants, essays are an afterthought and they leave it for last. A lot of applicants spend a large amount of time on their resumes but do not spend enough effort on their essays. Don’t fall into this trap! It is important to give equal importance to both your resume and your essays. Additionally, do not just do a spell check on your essays and submit them as-is. They need to be fresh and reflect the progress you have made over the past year.

Prepare For Interviews Strategically

If you did not make it through interviews in your first attempt, make sure you prepare for them for your second attempt. This is a great way to convince the admissions committee that you found out more about the school, understood your fit with it, and are ready to put your best foot forward this time. Do not assume that your interview performance was ‘great’ the last time, and still you got rejected. It is usually hard for applicants to gauge the real impact of their performance on their own. Take this as a point of improvement and act on it.

Document and Learn from your Mistakes

This is very important. You will never be able to improve in any field if you don’t analyse your mistakes and shortcomings. Do a rigorous analysis of your application, essays, recommendations and interviews. In case you were rejected on the basis of interview, talk to people who know you well, your friends or colleagues and understand what went wrong at the interview stage. Also talk to people who have taken interviews so that you get an idea about how an interview is conducted at ISB.

Improve your overall Profile

It is not necessary that you need to change your job or get promoted in order to apply again for ISB. But do work on improving yourself as a person and as a professional during this period. For example, if you had changed your jobs recently, and did not have enough exposure to the domain you wanted to enter post-PGP, then you might want to get some experience there. If you lacked business experience or team management experience, then you might want to use this time to supplement those aspects.

Understanding ISB and one’s own profile is critical, but so is making sure that the quality of your next application leaves nothing to doubt. Here are the stories of some applicants who surmounted the reapplication challenge successfully.



Working in the banking sector, Tripesh was a reapplicant to ISB in 2015. He had a work experience of two years at The Smart Cube as an analyst and two years at American Express, as a manager, before he decided to pursue management education.

After not being able to make it to ISB once, Tripesh spent time understanding the factors on which he could improve further. He volunteered for and was selected for a prestigious assignment.

He sought feedback from ISB, and worked with GyanOne to interpret it and ensure that his next application reflected his considerable strengths.

He improved his GMAT score in his retake and submitted a strong application to ISB in R1, though right towards the fag end. Tripesh is finally now studying at ISB and is enjoying every bit of it.

Priyankar Basu


Priyankar, a bright engineer from the Indian Navratna company, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), also made it to ISB as a reapplicant.

A graduate from Jadavpur University, Priyankar had a strong academic background, and also had various leadership experiences under his belt. However, Priyankar needed a deeper understanding of ISB and how the school could help him achieve his dreams.

An MBA is not always the most obvious career option for public sector professionals, and post-MBA options are somewhat specialised for them too.

This is where GyanOne brainstorming sessions helped Priyankar see how the tremendous value he had added for his employer could be an asset for him too. At the same time, Priyankar researched his target industry thoroughly, mapping his skills to future expectations and ISB, and created a much stronger application.

He then prepared for his interview with GyanOne, and ensured that his interview left nothing to chance. Finally, the email which Priyankar had waited for, for two years, arrived, and he was admitted into ISB.


Udit Thamman had close to 4 years of experience in Bechtel India, managing Petrochemical, Power, and Infrastructural projects. However, while his professional profile was excellent, his extra-curricular activities were not.

Yet, Udit had enough leadership and achievements in his profile that they weren’t needed! Sometimes, what reapplicants require is simply the faith to believe in themselves, and motivation to work towards submitting a stronger application.

Working with GyanOne, Udit saw how his strengths by far outnumbered his weaknesses, and how he could this time focus on them to build a better application. The interview call received, Udit left no stone unturned to prepare for the interview.

This is a hallmark of all top applicants, not just successful reapplicants – they are always prepared. It is this preparation that led Udit to his final goal.

And so are so many more stories…we will continue this series soon.


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