What is a Good SAT Score?
The SAT test assesses pupils’ overall preparation while also allowing for forecasts of college results. It is a standardised test required for undergraduate educational programs in the USA. Writing & Language, Math, and Reading are the three mandatory portions of the SAT exam for Indian students and others. Writing & Language, Math, and Reading are the three mandatory portions of the SAT exam for Indian students and others. The composite SAT score is the sum of the results in the reading and Writing (200-800) and maths (200-800) components (200-800). The test takes three hours to complete in total.

It is conducted roughly five times a year in India – March, August, May, December, and October. While there are no particular requirements, anyone interested in applying for a UG degree must have a high school diploma/certificate. Students between the ages of 17 and 19 are among the most test-takers. The Reading section has a total of 52 questions and 5 paragraphs. The Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section of the SAT comprises four passages and 44 multiple-choice questions. The SAT Maths section is divided into two sub-sections: Maths Test-Calculator requires you to answer 38 questions, whereas Maths Test-No Calculator requires you to answer 20 questions.


A decent SAT score will help you get into the college of your choice. The average SAT score in 2019 was 1050. Any score higher than that is above average and acceptable. A score of 1350 would place you in the top 10% of test-takers, boosting your chances of being accepted to more selective schools. To determine your SAT score, look into various colleges that can provide you with the mix of experiences you desire. Then, as a target, compare the average SAT score for a freshman admitted to college. If you scored less than expected and your dream college would probably accept, you always have the option of appearing for it the second time—especially if you only took it as a junior.

You can improve your score significantly by studying with reputable educational resources. The sum of your two section scores, Math and Evidence-Based Reading (EBRW) and Writing, determines your SAT score, ranging from 400 to 1600. Every section uses a 10-point scale ranging from 200 to 800. A good Math or EBRW score is around 600 points.

Percentiles can be used to compare your performance to that of other test-takers. Look at the percentile charts below to see what makes a good SAT score.


99+ 780-800 1560-1600
99 800 760-770 1520-1550
95 740-750 710 1430-1440
90 690 670-680 1350
85 660 650 1290
80 620-630 630 1240-1250
75 (good) 600 610 1200-1210
50 (median) 520 530 1040-1050


Aim for an SAT score similar to the average enrolled applicant to increase your chances of being accepted to a specific college. Your target score should be in the 75th percentile for your school. Put another way; if the average first-year student received a 1300, you should aim for 1300 at the minimum. Find the middle 50% of scores for every college or university you’re applying to determine what you should target. The middle half of the population falls between the 25th and 75th percentiles.

Considering the colleges, you apply to, you should aim for a specific SAT score. Less selective institutions accept applicants with SAT scores close to the national median. In contrast, highly selective academic institutions frequently prefer applicants with SAT scores between 1400-1600, higher than the national median. 

The distribution of SAT scores is normal. Far fewer test-takers takers score at the extremes of the scale. As a result, student achievement appears to be more common in the middle of the scale (1000 is the halfway point between the minimum score of 400 and the maximum score of 1600). Here’s an abbreviated SAT score chart with percentiles for 2021 SAT composite scores so you can check out the score distribution for yourself:


SAT Composite Score (Out of 1600) Percentile (2021)
1600 99+
1550 99
1500 98
1450 96
1400 93
1350 90
1300 86
1250 81
1200 74
1150 67
1100 59
1050 51
1000 42
950 34
900 26
850 19
800 12
750 7
700 3
650 1
600 and below 1-


The percentiles and corresponding scores show that more students score in the middle of the spectrum than at the top or bottom. According to the table above, it can be said that 1050 is an average score, so anything above that is an above-average score. A score of 1250 places you in the 81st percentile, or the top fifth percentile of test-takers, takers, which is excellent. A score of 1350 puts you in the top 10% of all test takers, indicating that you have a strong score. A score of 1400 places you in the 93rd percentile, or the top 7% of all test takers. And a score of 1500 or higher places you in the prestigious top 2%!


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