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What does an IVEY and Oxford MBA entail?

In contemporary times, MBA is the new favourite degree for higher education. Most go for a Master in Business Administration to open up new levels and pedestals employment opportunities. An MBA degree is a favoured route to C-suite positions at big businesses and is beneficial for aspiring entrepreneurs. Indian students have started aiming for an MBA in UK, USA and Germany as they offer top-notch education and lucrative income growths. An IVEY or Oxford MBA could certainly be a major milestone in your career journey.

University of Oxford, UK offers a relatively new but extremely useful and practical 1 year MBA degree. The name of the university is in itself a brand- one that speaks for itself. Any Oxford graduate is automatically sought after by the top employers of the UK as well as the world. The contemporary and world-class nature of the cohorts are unique in their own rights and offer great benefits. 

IVEY Business School– Western University is one of the top higher education institutes in Canada. It is popular for its comprehensive and practical MBA Program. Ivey is recognised for its case method approach. Here, classes primarily consist of case discussions. Individuals are presented with a practical business scenario and challenged to come up with decisions as if they were the decision-maker. This is opposed to studying theory or learning from textbooks. With over 13 nationalities represented in its cohorts, it is truly a diverse global experience. Compared to other Canadian business schools, Ivey has produced the most C-level executives among its alumni.

Getting admission in either of these prestigious MBA programs is a feat in itself. Hence, the efforts and success of Vikas Choudhary must be acknowledged.

How an IIT graduate cracked MBA at Oxford Business School, UK

Vikas is an enterprising and intelligent person, with a rich 10 year background in Engineering and data science. Vikas graduated meritoriously with a 8.0 CGPA in B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, from IIT Kharagpur. His hard work and urgeto better himself encouraged him to pursue a career path in Business analysis and data science. 

Immediately after graduation, Vikas joined EXL Service and began his work in the arena of consulting. His 3.5 year liaison with the company saw a steady promotion and immense experience in the field. 

His analytical journey progressed when he started as a full time Analyst at Gartner in 2019.. Vikas finally joined in December, 2020. He progressed steadily from an analyst of the Talent Insights and Analytics team to its Lead in 2 years. This work experience made Vikas a top contender for an MBA degree.

During this period, Vikas also achieved certifications to improve his skills. These include Core Statistics – I from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries; AINS 23 – Commercial Insurance and AINS 21 – Property and Liability Insurance Principles from The Institutes CPCU Society.

His 10 year work experience in international corporations based on data analytics, management and consulting provided Vikas with much needed expertise and an edge over other applicants. These experiences motivated Vikas to go forth and prepare his MBA applications UK and hence the journey began.

Beginning the journey with GyanOne

Challenges Galore!

Vikas’ dream college had always been Oxford. However, when he finally decided to apply for the degree in Oxford and other prestigious colleges- it was late Autumn (2022). This period is usually for late admissions or Round 3 (R3) applications at Oxford- not the most optimal time. It was then that he sought the assistance and guidance of GyanOne to reach his goal of a pursuing MBA in UK. Through their tips and combined efforts, Vikas was able to curate a specialised and focused application that presented him as something different and unique even in the late, not so optimal application time. 

Because of the broad spheres of Tech and Consulting, Vikas was also extremely conflicted between the career choices. GyanOne’s professional teams helped Vikas break down his goals and needs so as to make the choice much easier and less complex. By analysing his primary requirements and inclination towards each role, GyanOne converted a seemingly mammoth task into a simplistic, binary decision.

GyanOne to the rescue!

Gyanone not only helped Vikas figure out a clear career path for receiving his MBA degree, but also guided him in the admission process.

The team guided Vikas step by step in his application process, solving any queries that arose. To qualify for an MBA in UK, one has to tackle a unique set of requirements and obstacles. By helping him prepare for the daunting interviews held for each university, professionals at GyanOne helped weed out a stressful situation from its roots.

Despite all delays and obstacles, Vikas persevered. He relied not only on the guidance from GyanOne but also on working hard himself. He achieved a fantastic 720 score in GMAT, displaying his commendable academic prowess. Along with that, he was also in regular touch with alumni and the admission committee and created lasting impressions and forged strong connections. This gave him an added edge against all other applicants, so much so that despite being late to his Oxford interview- he left such an impact on the interviewee that impressed them immensely.

Fruits of the Labour

Hard work always pays off, and Vikas emerged victorious with successful results. It was a moment of immense joy and pride for both Vikas and Gyanone as he was able to secure a place in MBA Programs at University of Oxford and IVEY Business School. MBA at Oxford had been his dream. Through the backing, encouragement and advice from the team at GyanOne- Vikas was able to conquer all the challenges that seemed to deter him from reaching his ultimate goal. He has also been offered scholarships by both the institutions, adding to the immense moment of glory and joy for Vikas and team GyanOne.

With two humongous opportunities presented before him, Vikas is taking his time to consider all factors before opting for the course that suits his needs and requirements perfectly. In his efforts, we at GyanOne support and laud his perseverance, patience, determination and most of all, his hard work in making the application process a success. 


How you can also go for an Oxford MBA

Vikas’ story is not just unique but also special in its own way. It reminds us of multiple things- that aspiring students should take into serious consideration and implement it well in their own professional setup.

1. Do not let fear overtake your efforts

The most important lesson is that you should not be scared of the situation that surrounds you. Every applicants’ story and situation is unique, and whether it be a late application or different financial background or even the social and performance anxiety of the interview- every situation is conquerable if seen through the correct perspective. A well crafted application can always be curated and scholarships are always achievable- as vikas has exceptionally demonstrated.

2. Set your goals judiciously

Another very important point is that your goals should be clear and set. This does not mean they should be static. However, clear and convincing articulation of your goals is crucial in your application, especially when you’re in between the decision. An aim is required before you shoot the arrow.

3. Professional Guidance is always beneficial

The third lesson is that if you require additional expert assistance, and it is available, then you should grab the opportunity by the horns and take full advantage of it. Through GyanOne’s support, Vikas was able to challenge his biggest deterrents and it played a major turning point in clarifying his focus and playing to his advantage. Professional guidance can provide you with the essential insights, clarity, and confidence that may be lacking when you venture into the application process all by yourself.

4. Connections!

Building connections goes a very long way. When you meet and interact with alumni and admissions committees, it not only allows you to learn from their mistakes and experiences, but also instills a positive view in the community regarding your efforts and dedication towards your goals. This can often be crucial in tipping the favour towards you in the final selection.

5. Aim for safety colleges too

Last but not the least, you should remember to keep your options and apply in schools other than your dream college. Your safety college may turn out to be a better fit for you in the end. The main goal isn’t getting into your dream college, but acquiring the required skills and education to advance your career and personal growth.

Through his hard work, perseverance and dedication, Vikas has proved that anything is achievable. We, at GyanOne, are extremely proud of him and can’t wait to see where his path takes him next.



Vikas’ success story exemplifies GyanOne’s function in fostering goals, negotiating difficulties, and ultimately assisting applicants in achieving their ambitions. It also serves as a monument to Vikas’s tenacity. His story is just one amongst the thousands of students that have been assisted and guided by the experienced professionals at  GyanOne to achieve their highest aim in foreign education. With a specially customised program for each individual, suited to their own needs and pace- we work hard to bring out the best in you. 

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