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What HEC Paris Looks For In Its Applicants

HEC is looking for ambitious career objectives and backgrounds in addition to strong academic performance and GMAT scores. You should think about how HEC’s global reach, academic rigor, program structure, and access to a global network align with your aims and aspirations. HEC Paris looks for three things in particular:

  1. A Well-Defined Global Vision

HEC has become a very worldwide MBA program, and candidates joining the program, especially those who have global experience, is both crucial and a true differentiation,  and it encourages applicants with a broad viewpoint to apply, with the goal of achieving a global position. HEC is interested in learning what you’ve learnt from overseas experience, how you’ve evolved, and how this relates to your professional and personal goals.

  1. Know How HEC Is Unique

HEC differs from many of its European equivalents, like many US schools, it offers an MBA program alongside a broader community of college-aged business students. To discuss the university’s distinctive features, you should be aware of the following facts: a lot of professors teach in both the MBA and Grande Ecole program, as well as inviting notable speakers, recruiters, and other professionals to campus. HEC has also made a name for itself by hosting the annual MBA Tournament (MBAT), a months-long, class-wide initiative including volunteers, committees, resource gathering, etc. These are some of the distinctive characteristics and bonding exercises that distinguish the HEC MBA.

  1. Connect Your Vision & Goals Written In Your Essay With HEC’s Values

Though HEC is looking for very specific skills and accomplishments in candidates, it is still not entirely in your ability to get into and succeed in the program. As a prospective student, you’re selling your goals and existing talents & achievements, GMAT scores, and work experience, so it’s critical to understand how your professional ambitions interact with the school’s principles and link them throughout your story about why you want to get an MBA. When you arrive, the school will be happy to highlight this, illustrating the long-term value and impact that HEC MBA can have on you.

HEC Paris MBA Ranking and Success

HEC Paris MBA Ranking

The HEC Paris executive MBA is ranked #15 in Global MBA rankings 2016 and is currently among the top MBA programs in Europe. HEC also offers a Masters in Management (MiM) degree to professionals with less or no work experience considering management education. The HEC MiM is ranked #2 by Financial Times Ranking in 2016. GyanOne MBA Admissions Consultants has a stellar success rate for HEC MBA Admissions. Mentioned below are some of the HEC Paris MBA success stories.



Himanshu had close to five years of experience when he decide to apply for an MBA at HEC, one of the top business schools in Europe. With a GMAT of 700, Himanshu is an Oil and Gas industry professional who has previously worked for Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions.

Himanshu started working with GyanOne towards the last admission rounds of HEC.

He was working in the European region and had some excellent international experience that he could leverage in his applications, and that is exactly what he did. From discussing his work in large plants, to his contributions to risk management and teamwork in them, Himanshu created a fantastic application that helped him find favor with HEC.



Chandan was working for a Navratna company (as large Indian Public Sector Units are classified) – NTPC Ltd – and had extensive seven years of work experience in the Power/Mining and Metals sector.

He had a 690 on his GMAT, and like most Indian applicants, was contemplating retaking the GMAT before putting in his best foot forward.

With comprehensive brainstorming sessions, GyanOne helped Chandan understand the resources available at HEC and how he could connect with them better.

Chandan in turn discussed his passion for the Energy sector, and brought out a vast array of information on his achievements within it. From talking about his work in managing public sector processes, to his work in leading large, diverse teams, Chandan worked hard and ensured that he submitted a strong application.

He also worked with GyanOne to address perceived weaknesses such as lack of international experience, and how he could use other experiences he had to make up for what he lacked.

When he did finally receive the admit from HEC, Chandan was overjoyed, though as he looks back at his application process and efforts, he will find that he thoroughly deserved this admit.

GyanOne Ivey MBA Admit


One more successful Oil and Gas professional HEC Paris admit, Manveer, to begin applied to a diverse set of top MBA programs. And, he made it to all of them :).

A highly adventurous individual, Manveer had a mix of corporate and entrepreneurial experience backing his profile. With dreams of working as a consultant in the operations domain, Manveer started his journey towards polishing his managerial skills and to gain international exposure to widen his horizons.

For HEC, he leveraged his experience at Indian Oil Corporation, and his vast entrepreneurial abilities (he has been an entrepreneur in an unconventional domain – rock mining!) to showcase why he would be an excellent applicant. HEC fully agreed!

He did make it to Ivey MBA as well and that too with scholarship!



One more of our BITS Pilani associates, Nikhil is and was an absolute pleasure to work with. With a stellar 730 on the GMAT, Nikhil had worked for firms like EMC and Accenture for only 2 plus years, when he started working with GyanOne on his HEC MBA application.

An ardent football player and follower, Nikhil was a high performer at work. He had also used his professional skills to contribute to an unconventional area – non profits.

These are exactly the skills and achievements that Nikhil used to create a stellar HEC application. Later, he worked with GyanOne on HEC interview preparation as well (which involves presentations and is fairly different from traditional MBA interviews), and cracked the interview too.

Finally, after he gained an admit, Nikhil’s professional opportunities looked up. He received a professional offer he ‘just could not refuse’. Nikhil decided not to join HEC. He is now aiming for higher vistas still!



An IIT Kharagpur engineer, GMAT score of 700, and a telecom professional from Ericsson. A bright individual working as an expert for a new project management technique, Varun was struggling to select the right b schools to apply to. He was sure to get his management education from one of the best B-schools in Europe though.

He prepared extensively for his applications and all the more for the HEC interview process. Varun is a very prepared and thorough individual. He has not just studied lean management and scrum for professional purposes, but also for personal ones.

Varun worked hard not just on his HEC application, but also on his presentation and interviewing skills and followed every little advice we provided him.

And finally, he received that well deserved admit from HEC.


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