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The Indian School of Business (ISB) is renowned not just for its rigorous academic programs but also for its vibrant campus life, driven by a multitude of clubs and activities. The academic year 2023-2024 at ISB Hyderabad has been a transformative journey, marked by a balance of intense learning, professional development, and community engagement.

Academic and Professional Development

Orientation and LEAD Program

The year commenced with Orientation and the Leadership Development (LEAD) program, setting the foundation for personal and professional growth. This initial phase is crucial for acclimating students to the demanding yet rewarding environment of ISB.

Term Structure

  • Term 1 (April – June): Focuses on core courses and essential business skills. The weekly schedule is packed with lectures, project work, and opportunities for self-care over the weekends.
  • Term 2 (June – July): Combines rigorous coursework with assessments, fostering a collaborative learning environment.
  • Term 3 (August – September): Integrates practical learning experiences, including the Experiential Learning Program (ELP) in October, where students engage in real-world projects.

Key Events and Conferences

Charcha ’23

ISB co-hosted Charcha ’23 with The/Nudge Institute, a significant event focusing on creating resilient livelihoods. It featured inspiring talks and influential partnerships, emphasizing ISB’s role in societal impact.

ISB Leadership Summit (ILS)

A flagship event of the Graduate Student Association, ILS brings together business leaders and students for debates and discussions on leadership and innovation. It’s a platform for students to network with industry experts and gain insights into the latest business trends.


An inter b-school competition event held at both ISB Hyderabad and Mohali campuses. This event fosters collaboration among professional clubs and enhances learning through competitive spirit.


The annual finance conclave at ISB, ARTHA, connects finance leaders with students, encouraging interactive discussions on current financial trends and challenges.


An initiative held on Independence Day, Bandhan invites over 500 children from low-income neighborhoods to the ISB campuses, fostering community engagement and social responsibility among students.

ISB Sports League (ISL)

Inspired by the IPL format, ISL is a student-run tournament where teams compete across multiple sports. This event spans several months and promotes teamwork, strategic thinking, and physical fitness.

Shadow a CEO

During Daan Utsav (Joy of Giving Week), students get the chance to shadow prominent CEOs, gaining firsthand insights into executive leadership and corporate decision-making.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

ISB Hyderabad boasts a variety of special interest groups catering to diverse areas of interest:

  • Debate SIG: Focuses on enhancing critical thinking and persuasive communication.
  • Human Capital & Leadership SIG: Explores topics related to human resources and organizational behavior.
  • Women at Work and Entrepreneurship (WAWE): Supports female entrepreneurship and leadership development.

International Exchange Programs

ISB’s international exchange programs foster a global perspective among students. With partnerships with over 50 prestigious institutions worldwide, students have the opportunity to study abroad, enriching their educational experience and expanding their professional network.

Cultural and Social Life

The cultural life at ISB is vibrant, marked by celebrations, webinars, and networking events. The SEAL (Student Engagement and Applied Learning) team plays a crucial role in organizing activities that ensure a holistic development experience. Events like the SEAL L&D Career Perspectives Session, GSB elections, and various workshops contribute to a well-rounded campus life.

Is the ISB MBA Fee Justified?

A common question prospective students ask is whether the fees for an ISB MBA are justified. The answer lies in the extensive value that ISB provides. The fee encompasses a world-class education delivered by a globally renowned faculty, access to state-of-the-art facilities, and a robust alumni network. Moreover, the exposure to real-world business problems through programs like ELP, opportunities to participate in international exchange programs, and a multitude of networking events significantly enhance the return on investment.

ISB’s rigorous academic curriculum is complemented by various professional development programs, ensuring that students are well-prepared to take on leadership roles in their careers. The school’s commitment to experiential learning and its strong placement support further underline the worth of the investment. Graduates from ISB often find themselves in high-demand roles across top-tier companies, justifying the cost of the program through substantial career advancements and opportunities.


Life at ISB Hyderabad in 2023-2024 has been a blend of academic rigor, professional development, and community engagement. The clubs and activities at ISB not only enhance learning but also foster personal growth, cultural understanding, and a strong sense of community. As students navigate through the dynamic environment, they build lifelong connections and prepare to become future leaders in the global business arena.

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