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Imperial College MiM’s Essay Answers and SOP – Launch your career in management & business with Imperial College’s (London) MSc Management programme – 1 yr full-time Master’s degree that educates fresh undergraduates from various academic disciplines for different organisational positions in the corporate world, including business consulting and technical services. Imperial’s MSc in Management is consistently recognised among the world’s top global programmes, and graduating from IC, London, will distinguish you from the many no. post-graduates around the world. Graduates from IC, London, do well in corporate, consulting, and enterprising environments. Students are motivated by the importance of innovation & ideas and environmentally accountable thinking, and they use the diversity of their teams to generate ideas that promote innovation, financial success, and long-term business viability.

The program is designed to give students a mix of in-depth study and hands-on practice. It provides full-time modern-day business opportunities for learners. Students have a choice of 40 electives from which to choose. Aside from the academic classes, there are Global Immersion field trips that assist students in integrating theory into practice to solve real-time problems, a fundamental business skill in great demand. Three long essays and a few short response questions make up the Imperial MSc application. Imperial takes writing questions quite seriously and uses them to learn about potential students’ skills and weaknesses. It also allows them to understand the student’s profile better. Lastly, ensure that your long essays as a candidate are of the highest quality with actual instances and examples to highlight your skills and achievements.



  • List Your Target Organisation(s) and Goals (200 characters)

Analysis: This question points toward your long-term goals and where you expect to see yourself after completing your Master’s degree. By ‘goal’, to be specific, it means you can share your thoughts about your future and reason to pursue MSc in Management from Imperial – hence, answering ‘Why Imperial?’ You can name 2-3 of the esteemed and desirable organisation’s names you wish to work at and what other technical professions attract you.


  • What skills gaps will you need to develop to prepare for this career? (800 characters)

Analysis: Here, you can enlist a few shortcomings you have encountered in the past, hence, giving you space to share your thoughts about MSc in Management and how this course would assist you in improvising those specific skills. Share examples of the abilities you would like to enhance and improve upon, and then how specific modules in this course will act as catalysts for your future career. Since the word limit is quite condensed, provide enough evidence of your interest in the course to help you achieve better professional development.


  • Please use this section to provide any additional information, such as extenuating circumstances or gaps in your CV, which is not covered elsewhere in your application. (Max. 500 characters)

Analysis: This is your opportunity to provide information and elaborate on points you couldn’t give an accurate description of in your CV, or any missing part from your LOR’s, activity list, etc. Share examples to highlight the areas that show significant improvement and accomplishments it led to. You can also state your interest in co-curricular activities and hobbies that you still perform. Sports and community service can also be of reasonable consideration here. Pain a picture of your personality from the perspective of your seniors and family members to give a holistic view of your profile.



It can be challenging to put together a personal statement. Every year, we talk to many applicants about what we anticipate from the finished piece and what the college is looking for – something that is inquired about a lot. For example, 

‘In my statement, what should I talk about?’

‘How can I stand out in my statement?’

‘Can you tell me how long my statement should be?’

Don’t be concerned! The SOP section of your application is divided into four questions so that you can make thoughtful responses that provide the college insight into the qualities they want! Although all application areas are critical, many are accurate and to the point. The SOP allows you to inform the college further about yourself and your objectives for enrolling. Because Imperial’s programs are so competitive, the admissions committee frequently relies on the SOP provided by you to assist them in grasping your profile and filling up any gaps in their evaluation.

Please share your motivation for undertaking the program. You’ll be asked to answer four mandatory questions and an additional information section where you can elaborate on anything else you didn’t address in your application before. Following are the questions with a brief understanding of each:

  • Please share your motivation for undertaking the program-

Analysis: Make this question your highest priority. If your CV and academic background have already given the admin team a decent indication of your accomplishments to date, explain why you are considering a master’s degree and why you have selected this particular program. You should be able to connect your prior encounters to your readiness for the program and expound on any other pertinent information.


  • What is your proudest achievement?

Analysis: You can see these questions as either academic or extracurricular, but the college is interested in learning about your most significant accomplishment in life and how it has shaped you into the individual you are. The admissions committee enjoys hearing about all the amazing things prospective students have accomplished, and this is a fantastic way to set yourself apart from other applicants.


  • Why would you contribute to the cohort and the Imperial Community?

Analysis: This is your chance to show the admissions team how you’ll improve the university experience of your fellow college mates around you and benefit from your time at Imperial by answering this question. Consider how you can contribute to the betterment of the campus community, whether through leisure activities or contacts with faculty and students throughout campus.


  • How would you use your degree to make a positive impact?

Analysis: The university would be interested to hear how the curriculum of this degree will assist you in the long run and during your studies. Perhaps you could use this section to explain how this degree fits into your desired ambitions or any long-term aims you have for your chosen field of study.


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