Ivey MBA Essays 2013-2014 and Application Deadlines

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The Ivey MBA essays for 2013-14

These are valid for Ivey MBA essays for programs beginning in Spring 2014.

Ivey MBA essay 1: What are your short-term career plans immediately post-MBA, and why is an Ivey MBA essential to those plans? (250 word limit)

Ivey MBA essay 2: Why will your Ivey MBA classmates want to work with you on team projects? (250 word limit)

Ivey MBA essay 3: Imagine that you received an early morning call from your office telling you that due to a technical issue, the office wouldn’t be open that day: how would you spend your ‘found time?’ (250 word limit)

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A brief analysis of the Ivey MBA essays 2013-14 by GyanOne

The first Ivey MBA essay remains the same from previous year’s applications. The second one too remains essentially the same, thought the perspective from which it has been asked has been changed a little bit.

The third essay is completely new, and highlights a focus on experiences outside work/academics – something that had been missing from the Ivey application last year.

Ivey MBA essay 1 analysis: This essay is all about your career goals and how Ivey can help you achieve them. Since the essay focuses on short-term goals, the focus at Ivey is clear – determining the fit between your professional experience, the Ivey MBA, and what you hope to achieve.

Notice the emphasis on the word ‘essential’ in the essay question, and you also realize that not only do you need to show how you plan to achieve your career goals, but you also need to show why Ivey is absolutely essential to your plans.

Ivey MBA essay 2 analysis: This essay focuses on your skills, knowledge, and experiences. Why are they important? How will they help your classmates? The other perspective that this essay explores is determining how much of a team player you are.

Are you popular, affable, or merely tolerable? The answer might well determine whether your classmates see you as a guiding light or someone best avoided. 

Ivey MBA essay 3 analysis: A refreshing new essay from Ivey to fill this lot for this year. The third essay slot is typically used by Ivey to always introduce a new and interesting topic.

Last year, Ivey had asked students to name their own biography written 30 years later and explain why they chose that title. This year, Ivey asks you about your interests outside work.

It also tries to explore your creative side – what you mention may not necessarily be something you do every day. On the other hand, it could be something you love doing but just don’t find enough time for otherwise.

Get your memory cells jogging and creative juices flowing, and give this one your very best!


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3 Responses to “Ivey MBA Essays 2013-2014 and Application Deadlines”

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    rumjhum / / Reply

    In the third essay, can I mention my hobbies even if i dont have any awards in them like reading. Will it be more impressive if i write i spend my time contributing to society, NGO work, charity event participation etc.

  • Avatar
    EshaMH / / Reply

    @rumjhum: I think you should mention about reading and related details, what stuff do you read, who are your favourite authors, how has reading helped you develop your personality etc. Apart from that mention NGO experience only if you are really involved.
    Hope that helps

  • Avatar
    Tim Tredwell / / Reply

    Thank you. Your analysis of the Ivey essays is very good. I have a question – is Ivey a good school for consulting?

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