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The acceptance rate for Indian students at top universities such as Harvard, MIT, and Stanford is just 3-4%. Yet, every year, a select cohort of students who opt for undergrad counseling from different countries do make it to even these institutions. Their secret? Starting early, and planning well.

You are in grade 9/10/11/even 12, and you are wondering how you should make the most of your time and plan the path ahead. You may be confused about which career options would be the best. Or, you could be wondering which countries should you be applying to. You could also have questions on which universities within each country are the best, or you could be puzzled by which universities you can get at your SAT/ACT score. Relax. Each one of these questions has easy answers, which this service has been designed to give you.

However, knowing which universities you can target is one thing. Building your profile to ensure that you can give them your best shot is quite another. Bring together career advice + university selection + the creation of a solid game plan + monitoring of that plan over 4/3/2/1 year(s),  and you are on your way to your dream university!

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Features - The Undergrad Counseling Process for school students

Detailed undergrad counseling and study abroad planning sessions, covering every aspect of your profile in-depth

Which career options can you go for and why? What are the future career prospects in each?

What countries can you target? What will be the associated average cost of pursuing a program in each?

What are your profile's strengths and weaknesses? What can you do in school now to improve your profile?

Learn how you can overcome weak grades or which extra curricular activities to take up, to target specific universities and major.

When should you take SAT or ACT? Can you do without them? Do you need the TOEFL? What is the PSAT or the PreACT?

Can summer school or extra workshops help? Which ones should you take? How do you get more volunteering experience?

Undergrad counseling sessions can be held online (phone/Skype) or in-person at our office. Parents have the option to sit-in during discussions.

How Does the Process Work?

We understand the student and what his/her motivations have been

Undergrad counseling involves complete evaluation that spans grades, extra-curricular activities, key experiences, and overall personality. We then evaluate the student’s strengths in different areas, and create a solid, step-by-step plan on activities to be done in each grade to reach the final target university(ies).

Your complete guide to Test preparation and academic profiling

We help students decide which tests would be best for them (SAT/ACT) and then get them an early start on these through PSAT or pre-ACT classes. On the academic evaluation front, we monitor school grades, and suggest extra effort in specific areas as needed. We will also suggest what subjects or streams need to be taken up, at the right time.

Overall profile evaluation and suggestion of needed activities

In our regular monitoring sessions, we advise students on extra-curricular activities and initiatives to be taken up. We also suggest summer school options, and the best ones that would suit the students. Support in applying to summer school programs is available as well. Further, we will suggest internships or short-term projects to be done to bolster the student’s profile and credentials.

Test Preparation and Advising on career building through our extensive network

Once the student is in high school, we help in test preparation for the SAT/ACT. We evaluate the results and suggest if a retake is needed, and when it should be planned. A final plan in terms of a final university list, detailed plan on deadlines, and comprehensive application help is then put into action. We stay with the student till the coveted admit is obtained.

Get everything done on time and with the highest quality

In the last leg of undergrad counseling, we work with you from scratch in identifying the right universities, prioritizing them, establishing our work towards deadlines, and then creating winning applications end-to-end. In this stage, we work with you to do all the heavy work – storylining, essays, recommendations, and online application questions.

What Happens Once I Register for Undergrad Counseling?

Undergrad Counselling gets started immediately with an initial discussion session, in which we discuss the student’s and parent’s objectives and aims. Thereafter, we deep-dive into sessions to determine career paths, profile building, test preparation, and admissions targeting keeping our long-term objectives in mind.

Questions and Answers on Undergrad Counseling

Q. Do I REALLY need a professional counselor for my journey to top universities abroad?

Yes, you do, if you are aiming to absolutely maximize your potential. Top universities have selection rates that are well below 5% for foreign (including Indian candidates), and differentiating yourself in this competitive pool takes a lot. These universities look at your profile holistically – not just academics or test scores (though those are important too) – but your overall story, goals, and fit with the university. You need to ensure that you get started early and that you put all the components that will go into this journey (school grades, extra-curriculars, summer school, leadership experience, SAT/ACT scores, and winning stories, essays, and applications) in their best shape possible. We have been doing this for years, and we understand what works, why, and when. We are not just confident, but CERTAIN that we will help you do better than your best.

Q.Having decided that I want to go abroad, when should I get started? When is too early/too late?

Generally, grade 9 onwards is when you should start getting serious. Yes, your foreign journey is still 4 years away, but there are a number of things to be done in these years that can TREMENDOUSLY boost your chances. If you are in Grade 10/11/12, we can still help, by telling you how you can make the most of what you have NOW. Before Grade 9 may be too early, but it is never too late, even if you are now about to graduate from Class 12.

Q. How can parents be involved in the process?

We understand that parents are an integral part of this process. While we will work directly with only you (the student), if your parents have key questions on financing, activities etc., they are welcome to pose their queries.

Q. Do you have tie-ups with universities? Do you get paid if I go to a certain university?

No, we don’t. We work with you only to develop your merit, and your profile, and then build winning applications to top universities. This helps you in two ways. First, by focusing on building your profile, we ensure that you are building your candidature for multiple top universities. Second, by ensuring that we have no admissions partnership with any university, we ensure that we always have your best interests at hand, trying to get you into better than the best place you could go to otherwise.

Q. What are your charges?

As these will vary depending on what stage you are in, please get in touch with us directly by filling the form below.

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