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Yale SOM

Yale Silver Scholars – Early MBA option

Talk about selectivity! While tomes have already been written about how selective Stanford, Harvard, and Haas are (see this article from Businessweek and this one from Poets&Quants), few look at the Yale Silver Scholars program which has an acceptance rate that is as low as – if not lower – than Stanford’s 6.8%. Around 200 applicants from around the globe apply for the program every year, and only around 10 make it. If one considers that these applicants must vie for admission to the competitive Yale program without any work experience, the odds are even tougher.

Yale SOM

Early Career MBA applicants – options galore

Yale is not the only school that admits college seniors for an MBA. Till very recently, Harvard and Stanford were the other prominent schools that were willing to look at applicants without work experience.

Now, a host of other programs have been added to that list. While Stanford is open to college seniors, and Harvard offers its 2+2 program, Chicago Booth says it is open to Early Career candidates (including college seniors), Stern says that post-college work experience is not required for applying and also .

Columbia states that it is open to applications from college seniors on its website. MIT Sloan too is open to college seniors and even offers a fee waiver to college seniors who have graduated from U.S. institutions. Indian School of Business in India too has its popular YLP program for college seniors. Given this wide variety of choice, why is the Silver Scholars program so special?

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Pretty much the only MBA program of its kind

The one exception that differentiates the Yale program from all others is that while other schools offer direct admissions with certain pre-conditions to their regular MBA programs, Yale offers its Silver Scholars a different path.

Successful applicants spend three years at the Yale MBA (against the normal two), the second of which is spent in a full-time internship. Not only does this provide valuable exposure to a professional environment in one’s area of choice, but also acts as a great way to explore the career path that one wishes to ultimately take on later.

There are other, arguably more minor, points too. Students in this program spend the first year at Yale SOM with one MBA Class, and their third year with another. This will lead to more networking opportunities.

Nor are Silver Scholars wanting in terms of professional opportunities. The Yale website lists top-notch firms that hire these students for internships. The big names include BCG, Motorola, Time Inc., and Coca-Cola

Career paths for Silver Scholars

Yale started the program to groom exceptional individuals who would take up leadership positions in their careers later. While quite a few students do go on to full-time post-MBA positions with top corporate recruiters across industries, an increasing number are choosing entrepreneurship.

Some have even managed to raise money while still at Yale for their fledgling ventures. This is what Yale SOM can do – one of the most connected schools out there and a powerful name to have on your resume.

Ashok’s path to Yale SS – a Yale Silver Scholar from India

Yale Silver Scholars programOne of our clients, Ashok P, demonstrates the abilities and the potential that Yale values. From outstanding grades and test scores to an exceptional record of community involvement and student leadership, Ashok has it all.

He worked with GyanOne to perfect the expression of his career goals and translate his vision of the future into a realistic statement of aspirations.

What Ashok lacked in work experience, he made up through his initiative and analytical acumen. He truly deserves to be, and is a great example of, a SS already.

Ashok engaged with GyanOne for his SS application through our admissions consulting service and later through our interview preparation service.

Both helped him significantly sharpen his story, gain strong clarity on his career goals, and gain deep insight into how Yale could help him accomplish them.

This clarity showed through on his final Yale Silver Scholars application as well as on his subsequent interview, on which he excelled.

Siddharth Jain – another GyanOne client makes it to Yale SS

Siddharth Yale Silver ScholarsFollowing closely after Ashok, another brilliant student to make it to the Yale Silver Scholars from India is Siddharth Jain. Siddharth, who has some excellent mathematical achievements to his credit, worked with GyanOne to understand how he could reach his career goals (connected to mathematics and analytics) through the Yale Silver Scholars program.

Through multiple discussions, he sharpened his application, highlighting how he hoped to use his expertise to help small businesses in India. Siddharth’s hard work, and his achievements across spheres, helped him to show the Yale admissions committee that he had capabilities that extended from academics to sports and community events.

No wonder, he is one of only three applicants ever from India (including Ashok) who have made it to the Yale Silver Scholars program. Kudos Siddharth!


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  • Deepak Kalra / / Reply

    Wow! Great to know this. I guess Ashok is the second or third Indian to be selected for this program. Yale Silver Scholars is my dream MBA program too. Would want to know more about your services for this.

  • Preeti Shukla / / Reply

    Wow! Such a proud moment for Ashok! This is truly remarkable achievement…top bschool at such an early age..please post more on how did Ashok made this happen…

  • Anna Ewing / / Reply

    Excellent information on Yale Silver Scholars. What are the kind of GMAT scores that you think candidates need for being competitive for Yale Silver Scholars?

    • Anna, there are no absolute minimum GMAT scores that Yale puts out for Silver Scholars. However, as a general rule of thumb, we would say that a score of below 720 may merit a retake. Again, this is not an absolute, but only a guideline.

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