ISB PGP Class Profile and Admission Success – MBA Admission Consultant

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ISB PGP Class Profile and Admissions Success – India’s top ISB Admissions Consultant

ISB PGP Class Profile

The ISB PGP PGP class profile is diverse, with students from varied backgrounds, industries and even nationalities. The PGP class size has increased to a total of 908, with 623 students in the Hyderabad campus and 285 in the Mohali campus. On an average 30% of the class at both the campuses is made up of female candidates and the average GMAT score of the class is 704.

Minimum work experience of students at ISB PGP program is 2 years, with the average being 5 years. Good news for engineers, as more than 70% of the ISB PGP class is made up of engineering graduates. With such a diverse peer group, students at ISB PGP are sure to build strong networks across industries, and polish their leadership skills with umpteen opportunities to work in extensive team environments.

As India’s top ISB Admissions Consultant, we not only closely monitor the ISB PGP class profile every year, but also look at key factors like test score averages, interview experiences, and professional experience that ISB values.

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ISB PGP essay topics

ISB essay 1: There will be 900 students in the class of 2021. Why should you be one of them? (400 words)

ISB essay 2: What will you be doing in 2025 and 2030? How will the ISB PGP programme help you to achieve these goals? (400 words)

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