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RSM EMBA (Executive MBA) essay 1: 

How do you see your career developing and how will RSM EMBA programme help you achieve your goals?

Analysis: Unlike other Executive MBA programs, the RSM EMBA requires just 4 years of experience before applicants are eligible to apply. RSM looks for leadership, communication skills, and team skills in its EMBA cohort, and so your RSM EMBA essays must reflect these qualities. If you are one the lower side of the work-experience spectrum (say, 4-8 years for the EMBA), it is important to note why you are considering the EMBA rather than the full-time MBA. Provide a clear description of what the EMBA would help you achieve that you could otherwise not get in your career.Focus on leadership as the program too heavily emphasizes that, and highlight the kind of teams you lead and the ones you hope to lead. Have a clear mission statement as well, and highlight not just your professional or personal objectives, but also how you hope to make a mark in society. RSM looks to groom future leaders who will create value for both business and society.

RSM EMBA(Executive MBA) essay 2: 

Describe how the socio-economic environment in which you live/work impacts your business decisions. Please explain your answer and use examples from your own experience whenever possible.

Analysis: This one has no standard answer. It is all about the ecosystem you live and work in, the kind of people you interact with, and life and lives around you. The key here is to use the right examples.

How has your environment moulded you (in a positive way)? What are the constraints you faced that have led you to solutions (or at least envisioning them)? What can you bring to the table that can demonstrate a that you will bring lessons and be a good fit in an international environment?

A quick word of advice here – there is no standard template to approach this. Use your originality and your life journey. If biking excites you, talk about that. If it is watching movies instead, go with that.

A recent applicant used examples of how pottery and artistic work made him a more creative and tolerant person. Another spoke about how he realized what a big mistake (yes, mistake) he had made by choosing engineering over his love for journalism, and how he spent years trying to correct it.

RSM EMBA (Executive MBA) essay 3: 

Describe the most difficult decision you have made and its effect on you.

Analysis: The title says it all. This is the most difficult decision you made. Did you make a leap of faith in trusting a new employee to deliver the goods? Did you give away a large part of your salary to a social cause?

How about deciding to jump into a freezing swimming pool to save a young child (not yours) when you didn’t know how to swim yourself? Some difficult decisions will be long drawn-out ones, and some others, quick and impulsive.

Some will have life-changing impact, while others will bring more transient change. Just make sure you convey why the decision was difficult for you, how you made it, and what lessons you got.


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