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Our MBA Essay Editing service helps top applicants realize their potential, create stunning, stellar applications, and build outstanding careers. Thousands of people use our MBA Essay Editing service to make it to top MBA programs around the world, including USA (all programs in the top 50, including Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, MIT, et al), European (Oxford, Cambridge, INSEAD, LBS, HEC, and others), Asian (ISB, NUS, NTU, HKUST, and others), and Australian (AGSM and Melbourne) programs. Our blog features select stories from some of these people.

Just 6% of applicants who apply to Stanford make it. Among those, Indians selected are only about 6 or 7 (in a class of 400+).

The numbers for Wharton are not much higher, at 11%. Asian or European schools are not different either.

Top applicants who apply to these schools know that they are competing with the best. Low selection ratios just make that harder. It is just like racing against the world’s best runners.

MBA Essay Editing Process


How Does the Process Work?

Great consulting is borne out of great relationships and a warm environment.

Before we work on your application, we will get to know you – what makes you tick? We send you a very detailed form that covers each and every aspect of not just your profile or your profession, but indeed, your life. Every person has a story, and we want to know yours. In fact, so thorough and detailed is our form, that some people have even told us that they developed a better understanding of themselves and their ambitions just by filling it in!

This form is our avenue to know you, your achievements, your failures, your motivations, and even your fears and apprehensions. You give us as much detail as you can in this stage.

Reveal your inner self, be ready for those ‘aha’ moments.

They were invariably times when you challenges yourself to think, and came out with your deepest feelings and objectives. That is what an MBA Essay Editing brainstorming session is like. Our most experienced consultants have literally helped thousands (yes, 1000+, and for some, more) candidates achieve their dreams at top-20 MBA programs, and more. They lend their expertise to help you shine. Brainstorming sessions are much more than discussions – they involve a deep dive into every aspect of your application. Be ready to have your assumptions challenged, your stories questioned, and your goals thoroughly scrutinized.

These sessions also involve plenty of inputs on your target MBA program and improving your resume and essays.

Which authors are your favorite? Why?

As you think about these questions, you will find that most people (including you) are drawn to great content, expressed in a way that makes you go ‘wow!’. After the brainstorming sessions, you already have a very clear idea of the content that goes into your application. Now is the time to express it. In this stage, we review your essays over multiple rounds. From stress-testing ideas to checking for clarity in goals, fit with the school, and of course grammar, content, and presentation, MBA Essay Editing takes your essays from decent to outstanding.

So that when the admissions committee reads them, they go ‘wow!’ too.

Even the best archers sometimes miss!

As an accomplished applicant, you have done a great job in creating stellar essays by now, with our guidance in the MBA Essay Editing process. However, like the parts of a well-oiled machine, everything needs to work well together. Are your essays creating impact? Are they addressing the question asked? Are they of the same quality (or higher) as that of previous applicants?

Quality checks ensure everything is in sync and is error-free

Guess which part of your application is seen first, even before your essays? Your resume.

As a summary of your profile, it is a handy reference for any admissions officer to understand you first. Is it a boring list of points, or does it create interest with every bullet? Is the format okay, and are the points powerful? More than simply being a career and education summary, though, the resume should be an indication of your responsibilities, achievements, and importantly, your potential.

That is what we ensure through multiple resume reviews, scanning each letter of the document to ensure that it is as good as it can be. This stage runs in parallel with everything else.

Ever asked someone to put in a good word for you to someone else?

It’s not the most comfortable feeling in the world. As humans, we find asking for a favor difficult, and asking for praise even more difficult! Yet, that is exactly what you must do when asking your bosses for MBA recommendations.

We guide you through the process of selecting the right recommenders, approaching them, and securing winning recommendations. This stage too runs in parallel with the resume and essay reviews.

Students Admitted this year

Applying for an MBA? Here is a Service That Will Help You Reach Your DREAM B-school!

MBA Essay Editing Features

Comprehensive service offering, covering everything from brainstorming to essays, resume, recommendations, and scholarship application
Help on bringing out your unique story and fit with the school – all custom and bespoke – no templates!
Creation of a comprehensive strategy to ensure that your essays, resume, recommendation, and goals are all in sync with your target school
You work ONLY with top MBA graduates (MIT/Kellogg/INSEAD/LBS/ISB) who have helped 1000+ top MBA applicants EACH!
Get insights and advice on information sessions, video essays, and alumni connections, and join our top MBA network!

We are very familiar with the traps and falls that a typical applicant encounters in his/her MBA journey. Over the last decade, we have mentored over 5000 successful applicants for admissions to various top MBA programs around the world. As part of this service, you don't just get MBA essay editing - you get comprehensive advice, guidance, and insight to convert your candidature to an admit!

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All these questions (and others not listed here) are valid. All of them also have a solution. Trust us to find you a solution that is unique and workable, and that works!

One more thing. When you work with us, distance is not a criterion – we work with people across the world through emails/Skype conversations/phone calls. We also maintain full-time offices (no ‘virtual only’ models for us), as a serious, top firm, and you can come and visit us. If you are still evaluating whether an MBA is right for you or which programs you should look at, consider our Premium MBA Profile Evaluation service first. If you are ready, scroll down, and let’s get going!

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