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CEIBS MBA program overview

CEIBS has developed one of the top MBA programs in Asia and it is ranked 17th in the world, according to the Financial Times (2015 edition). The 67-credit full-time programme is designed to lay a solid foundation of management fundamentals while providing the flexibility of tailored programmes to fit individual interests and career ambitions. Students can choose to focus on general business management, or select one of three concentrations in Finance, Marketing, or Entrepreneurship. Furthermore, students have the option to take part in the school’s impressive international exchange programme with the world’s top-tier business schools, and/or to gather experience during a summer internship.

Basic Chinese language competency is compulsory for foreign students in order to improve their marketability in China’s dramatically growing economy. Those who do not speak Chinese when applying for admission will be required to attend a Chinese pre-course in the summer before MBA classes begin.


CEIBS MBA Interview Questions and Tips

In our attempt to provide candidates with deep insights into the extensive CEIBS MBA interview preparation, mentioned below is an updated list of questions asked to our clientele during this year CEIBS MBA admission cycle.

For our guide on CEIBS MBA Interview questions of last year. The CEIBS MBA interviews are very specific and focus immensely on your understanding of the Chinese and Indian economies and political scenarios.

In addition, it also focusses on your professional experiences and your plans regarding contributing to these economies post MBA. They generally have interviews who specializes in the candidate’s field or industry.

1) You don’t seem to have experience/specialisation in any industry. How do you compensate for it?

2) Take us through your work profile

3) Tell us about one challenging project you have worked on? What were the challenges and the outcome?

4) How did your advice benefit the client from Indian tax regulatory perspective (for clients from the finance industry).

5) What is your immediate goal?

6) You don’t speak Chinese, how will you survive in China?

7) At time of interview, 90 per cent candidates say that they would want to stay in China. But upon graduation only 50 per cent stay. Which category will you belong to and why?

8) How will you make a career in China?

9) If a Chinese company sets up an operation in India, will you join that Company and move back to India?

10) How should we view your graduation marks – upper side /lower side since it’s not a GPA

11) What is one thing you are passionate about?

12) Chinese economy is far more progressed than Indian economy. Do you agree and why?

13) How is the standard of living in India? Do you see any change?

14) India is a democracy. China is on the other hand has a more authoritative govt. What’s your take on this?

15) How has Modi Government impacted India?

16) Any other questions for the School.

We would keep updating our readers on top MBA programs interview processes and questions asked every year. Till then, Happy Interviewing!

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CEIBS China MBA Interview Questions


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